River Thames: A Heaven for Adventure Seekers

London may not have the reputation of Amazon Jungle, but when it comes to court adventure seekers, the city has a lot in store. Mere fact that it is located on the banks of Thames makes it an alluring option. Thames, the whirling waterway offers a lot do on and around it. From boating to camping, adventure lovers can try a lot of things near Thames. It would be wise to book a riverside hotel in London, so you can relax and unwind after all your exertions.  Here is our pick of five of the best things to do near this beautiful river.


Nothing is better than exploring the hidden treasures of the river way on a Thames skiff (a wooden rowing boat). It’s the ideal solution to your outdoor leisure activities anytime in the year.  Propel the boat with a pair of oars and enjoy the beauty of the city at your own pace. And if the weather is kind and the sun is showering its refreshing rays on you, nothing is better than that. After your exertions, sip your favourite refreshing cocktail at a nearby bar or relax on a bench beside the twirling waves.


How about hiring a canoe for a day and enjoy cruising down Thames without causing any harm to the environs. Paddle along the waterway on a canoe winding its way through miles of city, with plenty of pubs, hotels, restaurants, and shopping stops in the way. The scenery, wildlife, and the views of the city offer a treat to the eyes. Try your hand at Canoeing on Thames to see London as you have seen never before. Kayaking is also similar to canoeing but the in the former you propel yourself with a double blade paddle and in the latter, with a single blade paddle.

RIB Boating

Feeling energetic? Along the tranquil waterway, there are luxury speed boats waiting to drift away your stresses. You will never forget the adventurous experience of cutting through Thames on a RIB boat just like James Bond did in “the World Is Not Enough”.  There isn’t a better way to see the London landmarks than on a speed boat.

Eat and Relax
Whether you want a quick bite or a hearty meal, the River Thames has plenty of restaurants with awe-inspiring views of the water. If the weather is kind, enjoy an afternoon tea at a rooftop bistro. If the wind starts to bite, drop in a cozy English pub to have a pint by the fireplace. The Tattershall Castle is a wonderful boat bar moored on Thames where you can enjoy views of London Eye whilst having a drink. Aqua River Brasserie is another waterside bistro with floor-to-ceiling windows framing views of London landmarks. It houses a horse-shoe shaped bar too.

Keep your eyes wide open and you will find London to be a land of adventures. Thames is truly one of the best waterways in the world for adventure seekers.
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