Royal Baby Fever Overtakes the World

Few things are grabbing more eyeballs these days than the bump of Kate Middleton and the arrival of royal baby this summer in London. Since the news of Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy broke, the whole world has set its earnest eyes on the eventful day when this baby takes birth. As everyone wants to be at this momentous event, flight bookings to London have soared like nothing else. In fact, has reported a 17% increase in the flight bookings to London this season.

If you are one of them wanting to be at this royal moment, then it is high time you book a hotel in Central London. Sales of hotel rooms in London have increased by 30% this year and is expected to rise as the D-day approaches.

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How to Celebrate the Arrival of Royal Baby?
Celebrate the occasion by paying a visit to the royal monuments of the city. Even if you cannot be in the thick of the action, a royal tour of the city will provide you an opportunity to grasp the royalty of this city as the celebrations are going to be long-drawn. Visit the following places to get the feel of royalty while in London:

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle holds the distinction of being the largest and oldest permanently inhabited castle in the world. The architecture and its grounds, in particular are a treat to watch. Along with this, there are plenty of fine art exhibitions which include drawings gallery, state apartments and St Georges Chapel.

Westminster Abbey
This monumental building has been a witness of over 16 royal weddings including that of Kate and Prince Williams. Apart from being a royal wedding venue, Westminster Abbey is renowned for its abundant engravings, stained glass windows and its impeccable architecture.

Poet’s Corner at this church is one of its most visited sections. Here numerous luminaries from various fields are either entombed or enshrined, prominent among them are Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Williams Wordsworth and others. In addition to this, many previous British monarchs are buried here as well.

Other than Royal Baby
As royal baby’s due date is expected to be 13th July 2013, the date clashes with Queen’s Coronation Festival, which will take place from 11th July 2013 to 14th July 2013. A mega event, this festival marks the crowning of the monarch. This year the festival celebrates the 60 years of Queen’s Coronation. You can expect following things at the festival this year:

  • Experience the crème de la crème of British style and royalty
  • A gala event on the evenings of 12th 2013 and 13th July 2013 (Ticket costs £90)
  • Free sampling of finest British food and drink

And, if these things do not amuse you, then the venue for this festival, i.e. Buckingham Palace itself is a treat to watch.

The Royal Baby: Some Facts

  • Kate Middleton will give birth to royal baby at St Mary’s Hospital, the same hospital where Prince Williams was born in 1982.
  • For the first time in royal history, the birth announcement will be released on social media as well.
  • Economists are expecting a $400 million boost to British economy with the advent of this baby.
  • The baby will be third in the line to the throne.

The royal baby frenzy has caught the imagination of world like nothing else; everyone wants to be a part of this hysteria. Visit London this July and be a part of history.
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