Small is Beautiful – Top Tiny Bars in London

If you have an insatiable appetite for cocktails, then you may be on a hunt for best cocktail spots in London. Here is a guide for top tiny bars in London, because small is beautiful. Head to these favourite drinking dens to impress someone or relax in with your friends. Do not go by their , they are just perfect to squeeze in and have your favourite vodka or wine.

The Dove
The Dove in Hammersmith has the smallest bar room in the world, says ‘Guinness World Records’. There is a patio and a big room too, but the tiny bar room is full of tasty ales. You can eat some quality sandwiches, pun-grub mains, a house burger, or a slow-roasted pork belly. Most drinkers come to The Dove to relax in the riverside terrace overlooking houseboats or to sit vine-entangled conservatory with a pint.

It is an intimate bar beneath the basement in Aldwych, which is enough for cats to swing. London has this knack for transforming Victorian loos into exciting bars, but CellarDoor is a place that drags queens and alternative performers every night. If you are in search for some late night fun, then this is the place to be. Cabarets and drinks, CellarDoor’s fun list is so seductive and tempting for you that will love to come here again and again.

The Miniscule of Sound
They are the undisputed world-record holder for being smallest nightclub – ‘Guinness World Records’ says so! The Miniscule of Sound has 8’x4’x8’ interior of the flat-pack instant nightclub. Flashing lights, fluffy décor, and a Saturday Night Fever make it an ideal spot to get drink and dance with your friends or partner.

Arts Theatre Club
An intimate, stylish, and discreet drinking den combining low-key grandeur of 1920’s speakeasy. Arts Theatre Club has an outstanding selection of artisan cocktails, served especially in classic china or teapots. This tiny bar in London has every element to dance the night away to some retro songs until wee hours in the morning. This club is also a perfect spot to see prohibition era of London’s in Soho streets.

Big Red
Located within a read double decker bus, it is a vintage cocktail bar and pizza restaurant, with plenty of outdoor space for films and comedy nights in summer. It is one of the quirkiest venues in London, with a wide range of happy hour cocktails, local meantime beer, and fabulous coffees. Come here to enjoy your time, amidst acoustic music, film screening, and several live events. Big Red is surrounded by beautiful terrace and herb garden, offering a traditional Italian touch to your late night experience.

These small London bars are unique and offer something for everyone. If you want to see the unusual side of London, then head to these bars.
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