The Great Gatsby London - Places to Look Out For

The Great Gatsby is the flavour of the season, everyone wants a tinge of it, and for this, there is none better place on Earth than London. Considered one of the most fashionable cities of the world, the capital city of UK is filled with places that evoke the aura of Great Gatsby. From speakeasies to extravagantly lavish buildings, this city is the perfect place to smell and feel the extravagance of this iconic novel.

If you are a Gatsby fan and want to relive the opulent charm of the novel, then make a visit to London. There are ample places in the city where you will feel that you are in the Great Gatsby era.

Luxury Hotels of the City
Well, you cannot probably have a lavish mansion house like Jay Gatsby in London to experience the luxuries. However, you can do the same at the luxury hotels of the city. Most of the 5 star hotels of the city have facilities that compare well with the opulence of Great Gatsby’s mansion house. The astounding luxuriousness, the heavenly facilities and above all the smooth service at these hotels will make you feel like Jay Gatsby.

For securing a regal Gatsby lifestyle while you are in the city, book online here. We offer an enviable range of luxury hotels in London as per your requirements. Pick the best hotel and live like the Great Gatsby.

London Bars
Booze had a prominent role in the novel as Jay Gatsby made huge fortunes by selling illicit liquor. In addition to this, prolific cocktail parties come up as a recurrent feature in the novel. It is only natural, then, to hit London bars to invent the Gatsby in you. Here are some of the best bars in the city where you can drink like this memorable character himself.

Decorated with low-slung ceilings, glimmering candle lights, speakeasy booths and elegantly furnished walls, Nightjar will literally transport you to the fictional era of this classic novel. It is one of the best cocktail bars in the city with drinks menu having the most delicious concoctions. In fact, there is an exclusive selection of pre-prohibition, prohibition and vintage drinks to amplify your ‘Gatsby’ experience even more.

If you have plans to visit this bar while in London, booking is strongly recommended as the bar usually overflows with visitors.

The Fumoir@Claridge’s
Snugly located in the luxury hotel Claridge’s in Mayfair, The Fumoir is an all-out 30s themed bar. This sensuously dark bar is located behind a secret door, giving it an authentic ‘speakeasy’ ambience. The drinks here are served in a Lalique glass, making you feel like royalty. A delectable range of cognacs, Armagnac, rums, tequilas and cocktails awaits you in this bar. In addition to this, an exclusive cigar lounge, high ceilings and innovative garnishes on drinks and you have a great combination of opulent ambience and delicious drinks.

Buildings and Architecture
The iconic novel has multiple references to beautifully carved mansion houses and farm houses all along the plot. Glorious art decor adorned architectural buildings have a strong presence in the novel and the capital city is not behind in that aspect too.

Eltham Palace
Built by the Coultard family, Eltham Palace is among the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in London. The exquisite architecture of the palace reflects the opulence of 30s era. Be it enchanting entrance hall, aesthetically panelled dining room or the stunning Medieval Hall, this regal palace is all about unparalleled historic charm. And, if you get bored by the palace, then the spacious gardens are the perfect place to refresh yourself.

In addition to this palace, there are number of places in the city where you can witness the grandeur of 30s era (i.e. Great Gatsby era). Prominent among them are Daily Telegraph Building on Fleet Street, St Olaf House on Tooley Street and Ibex House in Minories.

This classic novel is all about excessive luxury and unending revelry. Visit these places the next time you are in this city and relive the Gatsby experience in real life.
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