The Langham London Hotel Gets Ready for Halloween

London is not just good at giving goose bumps when it’s cold but also when it’s creepy. With spookiest events, a rich bloody history, creepy dungeons, and haunted mansions, there is no better place for a Halloween break quite like London. And with these creepy things happening around, how can you have a sound sleep.  The Langham London hotel will not let you. If you are looking for a fiendish yet fun stay in London, keep reading. You may not be aware of the fact that the hotel we’re talking about is not just famed as a “grand hotel” opened in 1865 but also as a “haunted” one. It has an intriguing past as one of England’s most haunted hotels. But fear not as there hasn’t any ghost sighting been reported since long. But who knows you might bump into a visitor from the other world.

Before you get goose bumps, let’s come to the point. Other than a haunted hotel, Langham is the epitome of sumptuousness and poise, making it a sublime choice for travellers. And fortunately, those looking to visit London during Halloween have the chance to book a special Halloween package at this hotel.

The package includes overnight accommodation for two persons. But before we reveal all the details of the package, let’s talk about the price. The package costs £333 which is in fact the number of the most haunted room at the hotel too. Why not book your stay at room number 333, if you dare. But you’ll have to make your request well ahead of time as booking is subject to availability. This package is bookable throughout October.

What’s Included

Ghoulish stories that will make your blood run cool, Tarantula cocktails to delight your taste buds, and a Jack the Ripper walking tour to send chills down your spine, this package has it all. What spookier way to celebrate Halloween than this. The “Halloween Getaway” includes:

•    Overnight accommodation for two
•    A Tarantula Cocktail for two in Artesian
•    A Complimentary History book, not a usual one but one complete with ghost stories, especially of the Langham.
•    A Jack the Ripper Walking tour
•    Children age-appropriate amenities

Alongside staying at this haunted hotel, there are a lot more spooky things and events that London has in store for you.  We’ll soon reveal them within next few days.
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