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Flying from Australia to London? But, confused what to expect in a foreign land. London is a home away from home to many Australians. It is probably because the language is same, it is easy to get visa, and it is not hard to get a job here. This city is a great base to explore Europe and has a lot of fun things to do during your holidays.

Steeped deep into history, the capital has evolved as a multicultural society on par with anywhere in the world. This city offers something to suit tastes of every Aussie, be it nightlife, music, cuisine, art, museums, culture, shopping, or sports.

The best way to see such a vast city is to randomly stop locals and ask them what you can do. But, if you want to experiment on your own, then use this guide. Here is some detailed information about everything Aussie in London from a local. You can dig into a lot of things including nightlife, culture, restaurants, and Australian festivals in the capital.


A trip to London needs some specialist skills. So, here are few important things to do before you leave Australia. In-depth advice and tips from locals do not leave home without it!

Visa Requirements for Aussies in UK
An Australian citizen, legally residing in Australia does not need to apply for a tourist visa to enter UK. You can get a short-term visa, usually up to 6 months on your entry in Britain. You need to present your passport and satisfy the immigration officer that the purpose of your visit meets UK Immigration Rules. Aussies get free visas on their entry into the country.

Embassy Information

Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla, Canberra 2600
Tel: +61-2-6270-6666
Fax: +61-2-6270-6666

Australia House, Strand, London WC2B 4LA
Tel: 020 7379 4334
Fax: 020 7240 5333
Nearest Tube: Temple

Best Time to Travel to London
Timing of your visit to London is often important. Every season in the capital has something unique to offer. So, there isn’t a bad time to visit London. Start arriving in January or February, as it is the time to celebrate Australia Day in London. Sip in some tasty Australian beers and take part in lively events at this festival in London. You can even save a lot of money by taking a summer break in London by June. It is the perfect time to catch up with some spring festivities and activities in the city.

Flights from Australia to London

There is no direct flight from Australia to London. Flights from Australia usually take 24 to 36 hours to reach London because of 9 to 13 hour time difference. You can choose travelling en route to London, while stopping at Thailand, as plenty of flights fly to the capital through Bangkok. Shop around for best online fares, keeping in mind a variety of factors. Ask your travel agent or book directly online at skyscanner to avail best flight deals.

London is connected through four major airports, namely Heathrow, City, Gatwick, and Stansted. If you are travelling from Australia to London, you can get down at these airports.

London City Airport Ideally located for those travelling in the heart of the capital, London City Airport connects is preferred by both business and family travellers. It lies just 22 minutes away from Bank tube station, allowing you to travel to the central part of the City. Get high-class facilities and services at this airport, including number of eating and drinking joints, shopping, and transportation.

Flights landing at London City from Australia:

  1. KLM Connects Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane
  2. JetstarConnects Darwin
  3. QantasConnects Perth and Gold Coast

Heathrow Airport Shop, eat, and relax at London’s major international airport, serving the whole of England and UK. The busiest airport in the UK, Heathrow is a primary hub of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Spread across five major terminals, Heathrow features plenty of shops, restaurants, information counters, accommodation desk, and foreign exchange facilities for travellers.

Flights from Australia to Heathrow:

  1. Virgin AustraliaConnects Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Townsville
  2. QantasConnects Darwin, Gold Coast, Port Macquarie, Sunshine Coast, Gladstone, Armidale, Canberra, Ballina, Townsville, Devonport, Mount Hotham, and Hamilton Island
  3. Virgin AtlanticConnects Adelaide, Gold Coast, Cairns, Hobart, Launceston, and Canberra
  4. Air New ZealandConnects Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, and Norfolk Island
  5. Qatar AirwaysConnects Melbourne and Perth
  6. EmiratesConnects Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide
  7. JetstarConnects Darwin and Launceston

Gatwick AirportThe second largest international airport in the city, Gatwick has two terminals catering to over 35 million passengers every year. This airport provides a wide range of facilities, especially for business, disabled and family travellers. Holiday or business travellers from Australia will find number of hotels near Gatwick Airport to unpack and travel to the heart of the City.

Flights flying from Australia to Gatwick:

  1. Air ChinaConnects Melbourne and Sydney
  2. Garuda IndonesiaConnects Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne
  3. QantasConnects Melbourne, Sydney, Launceston, Gold Coast, Canberra, Gladstone, Devonport, and Coffs Harbour
  4. EmiratesConnects Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth

Stansted AirportA passenger airport in Essex, Stansted is a base for number of low-cost air carriers in Europe. It has one main passenger terminal, catering to over 24 million passengers each year.

Flights from Australia to Stansted:

  1. Air BerlinConnects Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

Landing in London

In a fast-paced city like London, you need to be organised, it is a basic survival necessity. Here is what you must know once you land in this historic city. When you get down at the airport, you will go through the passport control:

  • It is important to fill out the landing card with the address where you will be staying in the city.
  • Make sure your passport expires at least six months after you planned departure from the capital.
  • Have you previous bank statements and other important documents necessary for your visit
  • Keep a copy of your travel plans and important numbers
  • Be polite and answer to questions concerning your destinations, purpose of travel, and expected departure.

Airport Transfer

You will find number of ways to get into the main city from airports. Choose your mode of transportation from the information given below:

From London City AirportThis is one of the closest airports to Central London, allowing you to arrive in the capital within no time.

  1. Route 473 covers areas between City Airport, Silvertown, Stratford, North Woolwich, and Prince Regent DLR Station.
  2. Number 474 runs through Canning Town, North Woolwich, and East Beckton.


Silvertown and City train stations are situated near City Airport. Board trains from these stations to travel to north and west London. To travel to the main centre, get down at Islington station and get on the tube.


The Docklands Light Railway is the best and convenient way to reach the City of London from the airport. Get on DLR from City Airport to Canning Town tube, taking around 7 minutes. You will find DLR trains running after every 10 minutes from the airport.

Hop on DLR from the airport and get down at Canning Town tube station, which connects with other important tube lines in the city.

For a more comfortable travel, get on a taxi from the airport. It takes 30 minutes from the airport to the main city, costing you approximately £20 to £40.

From Heathrow Airport Lying around 20 miles to the west of Central London, Heathrow connects all parts of the city. Select the mode of transportation from this information:

  1. Route 105 connects Heathrow Central Bus Station to Craneswater, Sussex Road, Southall, Ash Grove, and Greenford.
  2. Number 111 runs through Heathrow, Oxford Avenue, St Leonard’s Church, Kings Avenue, Hampton Court Palace, and Cromwell Road Bus Station.

Heathrow Connect is a special train service from the airport, connecting Paddington via 5 stations in west London. You will get a train after every 30 minutes, and usually takes 25 minutes from Heathrow to reach Paddington. For a more comfortable travel, board Heathrow Express, running non-stop between the airport and Paddington.

All Heathrow terminals have direct connection with the Piccadilly Line, taking approximately 50 minutes to reach Central London. This service is available from 5 am until 11.40 pm.


It will take around 45-60 minutes from Heathrow to Central London in a taxi and costs somewhere between £45 and £70.

You will get low floor and disabled friendly buses from all airports in London. Gatwick and Stansted airports are easily connected through tubes, trains, and taxis with the main city centre. You can even hire cars from many top car rental companies to explore the architecture and green spaces in the city.

Oyster Cards
Travelling with Oyster Cards is the cheapest way to explore the city. It will help you to easily get around using public transport like buses, DLR, tubes, and trains. Get pay as you go Oyster Card, and stop worrying about your travel costs. For detailed information about this Travelcard, visit

Money Transfer
Once you land in London, you might look for foreign exchange or money transfer. As an Aussie, you will find it easy to transfer money online at lower fees, with maximum clearance time of 3 working days. You get better exchange rates, with no minimum or maximum amount too.

Travel Insurance

Get adequate travel insurance for your holiday, as it will help you reduce the risk of something nasty happening to you while you are away. Choose a good travel insurance policy early and make sure you have the right level of coverage as per your travel needs.

Australian Community Groups in London
When in London, you may search for some native groups or communities that will help you with your travel. In the heart of the capital, you will find many Aussie community groups and associations that welcome people coming from Australia.

The Australian Women’s Club welcomes all Australian women to join their friendly team. The club membership here allows you to engage in several social activities, such as visiting museums, art galleries, and interesting walks to secret places in the city.

If you are travelling to London for business, then contact This is the sole British organisation that brings together companies and professionals from Australia and New Zealand.

Aussie Accommodation in London
With so many Australians travelling to London every year, the city has become a rite of passage. Book your flights to London, and then backpack Europe while staying in the city to explore everything it has to offer. Never-ending parties in London with new friends and some classic jokes about Fosters will surely make your stay memorable.

If you plan to spend an extended stay in London, then begin searching online at places like You will find a variety of hotels, serviced apartments, and budget accommodations as per your requirements. Book a stay online and get best deals and prices on your accommodations in London.

If you do not mind sharing, then hostels are best place to stay in London. They have excellent social atmosphere and range usually from £15 to £25 per night.

Serviced or rental apartments are best value for money if you are planning an extended stay in the capital. Be patient, as searching a good apartment in the city can be time consuming. However, you can click here to book the best online apartment hotels in London. These apartments provide lavish facilities at best affordable prices. From separate kitchenettes to modern day bathrooms, you will get all amenities within your apartment.

Budget Accommodations
London is a city for all types of travellers. The concept of budget hotels has helped many holiday travellers to book their stay in advance and enjoy an affordable vacation. As an Aussie, you will find plenty of budget hotels in London, suitable for your planned activities, interests, and of course budget. Spread all across the city, these accommodations usually charge anywhere between £29 and £60, depending upon the facilities you select.

Luxury Hotels
Ranging from 4-star to 5-star, luxury hotels in the city cater to travellers who can spend money on their stay. These accommodations have some exclusive features that will redefine your luxury vacations. From swimming pools to spas and in-house bars, you can expect everything during your holidays. An average night stay at these hotels will cost you somewhere between £60 and £250, all depending upon your bookings and availability of rooms.


When travelling to London, you can engage in plenty of fun things to do with your friends and family. From historic attractions to adventure activities and nightlife, you will get lot of time to explore the city. As an Aussie, you can take part in number of native as well as British festivities and London events during your Trip. From Australia Day Celebrations to London Australian Film Festival, there is a wide range of events waiting for you in London.

Take a glimpse of what you can do and enjoy in the city while travelling from Australia:

Australian Hotspots in London
The capital city of London is full of Aussies, especially towards the south-west region. Here are few top hotspots in the city that you can visit during your holidays:

  • Fulham: Fulham has a young, appealing Australian crowd, welcoming a large number of Aussies every year. Street markets in Fulham offer a slice of everything Australian. If you take a stroll towards Fulham Broadway, you will find some great bars, packed for thirsty antipodeans.
  • Clapham: A trendy Aussie hub, Clapham has no shortage of places for a pint. There is an excellent entertainment factor here, with lots of bars and restaurants welcoming everyone from Australia. Head to Clapham Common, and you will find a huge expanse of space, packed with locals jogging, meeting friends, holding hands, and walking their dogs.
  • Shoreditch: It is an alternative Aussie hotspot, with growing population from Australia. Shoreditch is a grimy and edgy place that usually is mobbed during the weekend. Hip little bars and an underground clubbing scene, you can expect all here.

Eating Out at Aussie Restaurants

The capital city features some of the best restaurants of the world, and its list of top-Aussie eateries is simply impressive. So, if you are looking for some Aussie ribs from down under or want to binge on a yummy steak, look no further than here:

The Outback
The Outback is a great British restaurant with an original taste of Australia. It provides the taste what Aussies get back at home. Step into this eatery and relish some great native food, such as chicken quesadillas, ribs on the Barbie, and gold coast coconut shrimps. Outback specialities include sizzling steaks, rumps, homemade burgers, and rooster combos.

Canal 125
Set upon Regents Canal and a short walk away from Kings Cross, Canal 125 is a stunning bar and restaurant in Central London. Great music, award winning food, and a chilled out atmosphere defines the mood at Canal 125. This Aussie restaurant is a great place to drink and offers lovely views of water. In summer, eat al fresco from their choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and special Sunday lunch menus.

Barossa Kitchen & Bar
Barossa Kitchen & Bar is a superb Australian restaurant in Fulham. Get an amazing fare from Down Under, including usual brunch dishes and tempting Australian cuisine. Relax and enjoy a glass of Australian wine or eat their freshly made cakes and pastries. Advance bookings required on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Nightlife in London
London nightlife and music scene is a major drawcard, especially for people travelling from Australia. Aussies love their nightlife. And, what’s better than spending your nights at these bars, nightclubs, and pubs in London. From teetering along the streets in West End to hitting up one of the trendiest sports, Aussies have plenty of things to do in the capital.

Aussie Sports Bars
From normal drinking den to modern sports bars, you will find them all in the city. Check out these fun drinking spots, where you can spend some quality nights with your friends:

The Elk Bar
A great sports bar in the heart of Fulham, The Elk offers a wide selection of cocktails to travellers. Get 2 on 1 at this bar from 5-8 pm everyday. You can even try their delicious milkshake martinis, sweet shop shooters, and some amazing cocktails.

Best Night – “We Love Mojitos” every Thursday

The Larrik Inn
Watch all major sports like cricket, rugby, and hockey at The Larrik Inn in Fulham. This place is famous for showing 4 different channels at a time. So, whatever is your mainstream sport, head to The Larrik Inn. After sports, get on with their live music and drinks.

Best Night - "Bra Friday" where you can donate your bra for 5 homemade shots

The Slug @ Wimbledon
One of the best sports bars in the world, The Slug @ Wimbledon features 8 giant screens and 5 plasma TVs. It is a favourite hangout bar for Australian travellers in the city. There is a special function room, with leather sofas and contemporary sound system to party all night long.

Best Night – “Phuza Thursday” all drinks at £1.95

Shopping in London
The Aussie essentials in London are available both in and out the main city centre. From bottles of Crown Lager and Foster Beer to packets of Arnotts Shapes and Tim Tam, markets in London offer everything to travellers from Australia. London shopping includes a range of Australian souvenirs, clothing, beauty and health products, such as designer fashion, handbags, cosmetics, and others. Children toys, gifts, and a wide range of alcohol are available too in markets. Bond Street, Oxford Street and Covent Garden welcome hordes of travellers every year to a variety of items at varied prices.

From Australia to London, use this local guide to spend some quality vacation time in the capital. Pack your bags, book a London hotel, and get on the streets to catch some non-stop Aussie action. The capital city features everything Aussie, giving you a feel at home.
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