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When Praveena, our latest contributor to the “My London Love” series, decided to take a work trip to London, she didn’t expect the upcoming life-altering experiences. Amidst her exploring the capital, she fell so much in love with the city that now she plans on expanding her business there. Explore the odyssey of this indie traveller as she indulgingly shares the first-hand experiences on exploring the city, especially the weekend escapades and the best pubs around.

       Story by Praveena Muthuswamy from India

Praveena “Fell in love with London when I went there for work. And now, I plan to make the city an integral part of my life.”

As a young girl, I was always fascinated with the royalty of London; and also the fact that a woman monarch ruled it. So when an opportunity came at work to travel to the British capital, I was the first one to jump-grab it. And for once, when my trip to London got confirmed, I felt elated.
I still remember the flight experience – which was quite amusing. My kind uncle had graciously moved my Economy Class ticket to a Business one, although I was new to its fine hospitality. So when they served me salmon and wine, I found drinking wine in a flight quite strange and skipped it. However now that I think about it, all I can do is laugh out loud! * Note to self – Next time, do enjoy a few drinks! *

Since my work required me to be in Peterborough, I decided to book my accommodation near King’s Cross. One of the first things that attracted me towards London was its fast pace. Although Peterborough was simple and at times mundane, things always seemed to gain pace as I’d reach London.

Since I had gone there for work, there was only so much of exploration that I could do over the weekdays. Hence, I completely dedicated weekends towards travelling around and having an amazing time with food, dance, and more.

My friends helped me a lot in planning the various outings. We had a gala time walking through the streets of London. Being awe-struck with the British monarchy, I made it a point to visit Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and Tower of London. I also explored every major museum like the British museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. Besides, I particularly enjoyed spending time around the Leicester square. As far as the food and the nightclubs go, I particularly loved visiting the Abacus pub, KoKo, O’neils and Slug & Lettuce. And then, I fell in love with the Quarter Pound Burger. It’s heavenly yummy, especially with the mustard sauce! A must-have for any foodie out there!

I know London has the reputation for being a marvellous shopping hub. However, I am not much of a shopaholic, and quite frankly, I found it more meaningful to spend mostly on travel, food, pubs and weekend escapades. Although if I were earning more, I’d definitely indulge in buying some of those enviable dresses, cool accessories, antiques and other such items.

The city touched me so much that now I plan on to taking my business to London, so that I can visit this enchanting city ever so often. Also, the next time I hope to visit the Buckingham Palace and take the famous ride on Thames.

To anybody planning a trip to the British capital, I have one piece of advice to share – just let go completely! Do not restrict yourself from enjoying in any way! Londoners are very cool people and you’d have a time of your life, once you shed your perceptions and just go with the flow. 


It’s been a while since I returned from that “dream come true” trip and yet time and again I think about my London experience, especially the time spent with my flatmates. I am completely in love with the city for its enchanting beauty. It still remains close to my heart and my soul.

Alas! Another fine journey comes to an end. We are sure you must have enjoyed going through the experiences of Praveena. If this post initiated a trip down the memory lane, do share with us your experiences of visiting London. You may reach us via comments, or write to us at, especially if you’d like us to feature your story. You may read various other travel stories on My London Love here. Keep following our page, as we come up with various heart-warming London experiences and guides for exploring the city to the fullest.
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