Themed Restaurants in London for Kids

London is quite popular for its incredible themed restaurants. Whether your kids are into sports, movies, or witty cartoons, you will definitely find that special restaurant to make your kid’s trip to London more special. However, always check hours, place, and menu before going to any restaurant. Here is a list of best themed restaurants in London, which will entice kids for sure:

Rainforest Cafe

Justifying its name, this kid-friendly restaurant is uniquely designed highlighting features of a rainforest, like waterfalls, plant growth, and animatronic figures of animals. To enhance this theme, the staff members of Rainforest Cafe have names as per the safari theme. Waiters are safari guides, hosts are tour guides, and chefs are Trailblazers. In addition, the menu includes mouth-watering Tex-Mex and American food to satisfy your appetite. Rainforest Cafe also has a gift shop, where you can buy themed souvenirs for children as well as adults.


The friendly and popular Giraffe restaurants are emerging all over London – there are over twenty around town getting a lot of public attention for offering unusual dining experience. The restaurant offers outside seating area too, however once inside you will experience African safari decor, royal wooden furniture, and a wholehearted welcome. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere positively glares with friendliness and joyfulness so it is no revelation that this restaurant really attracts kids.

Planet Hollywood

A heaven for kids and a delight for parents, Planet Hollywood was opened with the backing of action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. This restaurant has conspicuous Hollywood paraphernalia along with strikingly themed food, from the audacious Terminator menu to authentic American, Asian and Italian à la carte options. With its distinctive theme and ideal West End location, this themed restaurant is an apt choice for families on a trip to London.

Margarita Loca

One of the London’s unique themed restaurants, Margarita Loca offers a vibrant atmosphere and a menu of exotic cuisine. Kids will love the opulently vivid Mexican decor and multi-coloured sombreros. Not only the eatery is uniquely designed but it also serves free food for children before 7pm on Monday to Thursday. Enjoy a rich taste of authentic Mexican food in a lively, playful environment. In addition, restaurant plays buoyant mamba, hip-hop, rumba, and salsa music to make your feet tap. If you are planning to make your kid feel like a royal baby, it is worth calling ahead to book a table.

Consider one of the above themed restaurants, next time, when you are planning an eat-out in London with your kids.
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