Tips for Couples Travelling to London

Your anniversary is approaching nearer and you want to surprise your beloved spouse with a romantic sojourn to the capital city of UK! Stop for a moment and think ‘have I planned the visit or not’? Planning a London visit with your spouse is no easy task as travelling with partner brings unexpected challenges. Right from sightseeing to travel planning to meals, differences arise between couples on various aspects of the tour itinerary to the city.

However, a sensible approach, scrupulous travel planning and some little tips can help in forming an itinerary that is acceptable to both you and your spouse. Here are some of the things which you should definitely keep in mind while you are planning a trip to London:

Find your Niche
While planning the travel find areas where you excel in planning and stick to them. For example, you may be good at packing the essential, making a list and figuring out the best restaurants in London whereas your partner might be excellent at scheduling the itinerary and planning the travel part. Adhere to your positives and do not try to interfere in your other half’s planning. This will reduce unnecessary confrontations.

The Right Place to Stay

Have a consensus on where you would be staying while you are in London. The last thing you would want is an intense argument on the hotel facilities once you have checked in. Choose the most appropriate hotel and consult with your partner before booking the hotel.

In fact, it would be even better if you choose hotels that are offering special packages to couples. There are websites like, travel that have hotels offering attractive packages to visiting couples. Not only will this be an additional benefit but this will cut down your accommodation costs as well.

Find your ‘me’ Time
Travelling to London does not mean that you have to be with each other all the time. Take out some time for exploring something on your own. For example, you may head towards Thames whereas your spouse is busy in exploring the castles of the city. This will allow both of you a sense of freedom and individuality. In addition to this, boredom will not set in too.

Travel as a Team

Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it if you take this in conjunction with the tip given above? However, travelling as a team implies that whenever you are sightseeing in the city as a couple; make sure that old issues are not cropping up. Drown the previous tiffs between you and start afresh. Remember, it is you two versus the world at that point. Therefore, enjoy the company and the beauty of London without any grudges.

No Talks about Work
It will unnecessarily stress you if you both start complaining about your nasty boss and hostile co-workers. Vacation is an opportunity to divert your mind from such trivialities. Forget everything about your office and just remain in a ‘happy’ zone.

Travelling with your partner should not be a constant cumbersome affair. Rather it should be the time to renew your relationship bonds. Follow these tips and plan a romantic break with your spouse in the capital city of UK.
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