Tips for Pregnant Women Travelling to London

Travelling with pregnancy is one of the most difficult tasks for women. Nonetheless, it should not be a deterrent for you to travel your favourite destination. With meticulous planning and proper precautions, you can make your trip to London a “stress-free” task:

Consulting your Doctor before Embarking on a Travel:

Before you fly to London consult your doctor about any special arrangements and precautions which you might have to keep while you are travelling to London. Pregnant women have special requirements and often you might need some medicines in order to cope up with the pressure of being in an aircraft with a baby in the belly. Therefore, have a thorough consultation with your doctor.

Booking the Best Hotel:
Book that hotel in London which provides add-on facilities to pregnant women like easily accessible rooms that are quite close to elevators, a dedicated staff that can handle all your pregnancy related needs and so on. Additionally, it would be helpful if you ask the hotel to arrange for a special menu if you have plans to eat in the hotel itself.

Packing the Essential Medicines:
It is of utmost importance that you pack all your necessary medications and prenatal vitamins before embarking on a trip to London. It is always advisable to keep more than ample stock of the medicines, in case there emerges some emergency. In addition to this, make sure that you have prescriptions of all your medications with you. In case, you run out of your medications in London, then you will have prescription with you.

Packing Light:

Do not over pack as it will put an undesirable burden on your shoulders (in case, you are travelling alone). Only bring those items that are extremely important and dispense with other trivialities.

Informing the Airlines:

It is better if you inform the airlines about your pregnant condition. Some airlines have certain rules and regulations regarding the travelling pregnant women. In most of the airlines, women who are over 35 weeks pregnant are not allowed to travel. It would be advisable if you inform the airlines as authentically as possible.

Once you are in flight, do tell the flight attendants about your condition. Then, they can arrange an aisle chair for you so that you remain as comfortable as possible while in the aircraft.

Travelling while pregnant is both exciting and discomforting at the same time. Use these ideas and ease out your discomfort while travelling to London.
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