Tips for Solo Women Travelling to London

A solo trip to London can be extremely exciting and extraordinary for you as a woman. Travelling with no restrictions and an incredible sense of self-dependence and freedom which comes from travelling alone to a mega city like London is absolutely flattering. However, accompanying these goodies are challenges and risks that may come up while you are travelling alone.

Even though London city is quite safe for solo women travellers, yet there are certain things which you should keep in mind while you are travelling alone in London.

Exercising Safety at hotel
While you are checking in at a London hotel, make sure that you ask for a hotel room that is quite close to elevators. It will save you the trouble of venturing through staircases. Additionally, do not let other people have even the slightest hint that you are a solo traveller.

Along with this, it would be advisable if you arrive at the hotel during day time. Even the most crowded places in the London city may seem deserted at times during night.

Travelling Alone

While you are in London, never board on unlicensed taxicabs of the city, especially at night. No matter how lucrative and cheap prices they are offering, do not take a ride in those cabs. Instead, call down a mini cab as they are far safer to travel around the city.

Keeping Documents Safe
Keep all your necessary documents bolted and do not carry them with you while you are travelling around London. If you are using a money belt, do not use it as a purse. Keep your passport and other valuable documents secured in the hotel safe. And, if you need them while you are travelling, it would be better if you have duplicate copies of those items.

Be Confident
It can be quite difficult sometimes to bear loneliness when you are travelling alone. However, do not let this loneliness glaring extensively on your face. Do not look confused and lost in the crowd. Maintain a pleasing disposition that exudes confidence and self-dependence. Enjoy your time in the city as London has plenty to offer. Make certain that you have planned an itinerary and sticking to it. Do not try to deviate from your itinerary as it can cause discomfort for you as a solo traveller.

Keep your Wits at Hand!

While you are in flea markets in London, see to it that you have safely put cash into your money belt. Keeping your wallet either in a backpack or in your back pockets will be a blunder as pick pockets will take no time in sweeping your cash away!

Travelling solo to London is all about keeping your wits at their sharpest and enjoying your time in the city. Follow these tips and have a memorable and safe trip to London.
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