Tips for Tech-savvy Travellers in London

Vacations used to be about escaping from the office, friends, and social networking. But now, travellers can’t imagine flying anywhere without their iPhone 5 and other state-of-the-art gadgets. In this tech-boom era, frequent or seasonal flyers have countless gadget options that ensure to better your travel experience.

Fortunately, London is one of the popular cities that happily caters to tech-savvy travellers. The city has no shortage of tech-savvy hotels, restaurants, Smartphone travel apps, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and e-books to make your travel a bit easier. Here are some of the tips for tech-savvy travellers who are visiting London soon.

T-Mobile – To Stay in Touch Overseas
T-Mobile is city’s best cell service especially if you are from the United States. This service provider won’t publicize the fact that you can make free calls to the US just over a Wi-Fi connection. It sounds amazing for every traveller who wants to be in touch with the folks back home.
To add extra flair to your tech-savvy experience, this cell service also allows you to access Wi-Fi on the London Tube. All you need to do is to send a text EEWIFI to 9527 and wait for a password to connect to the service on your device.
London’s Best High-tech Hotels
Every tourist travels for different reasons. London welcomes everyone and offers an extensive range of accommodations based on what you like. For instance, nature lovers can look for eco-friendly options whereas tech-savvy travellers prefer to opt for cutting-edge hotels that deliver the most advanced facilities.
Luckily, the capital has no shortage of high-tech hotels that offer free Wi-Fi access, iPod, mini bar, LED with 3D channels, and cool gadgets. They aren’t cheap, but no other hotel can match the comfort and luxury of these hotels. Motorized beds, bedtime settings, and computer-controlled lighting make these hotels a perfect place for technology lovers.

An App for Everything
Do you have an iPhone or any other Smartphone? Take the full advantage of it by trying out some of the most popular travel apps. This includes everything from restaurant and attraction to currency converter and weather forecast. If you are an addict of social media, then TripnTale is an app for you. This amazing app enables you to upload limitless photos and videos so you can share them with your friends.

For girls who are travelling alone in the capital, TravelSafe Pro is one of the best apps to access emergency service numbers. If you want to use public transport to explore the best of London, then HopStop is a great app that never disappoints.

If you are a technology geek, follow these tips to make your next London trip virtually stress-free.
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