Top 3 Markets to Lose Your Money in London

London markets are unarguably one of the finest ways to soak you up in city’s true atmosphere. If you are travelling to London on a leisure trip, then exploring top markets in the city will be perfect idea. They are like a melting pot, where exotic and local goods blend to create a majestic experience for visitors. Seasons bring changes in the availability of local produce, thus giving you an opportunity to explore more. But, have you ever heard about markets where you can really lose your money in London. You will find plenty of them in London where you can buy anything you desire. Do not leave the city without making at least one unforgettable purchase.

Here are few best markets in London where you can spend money on your vacations:

Covent Garden Market

One of the well-known markets in Central London, Covent Garden is a great place to lose your afternoon buying items you had on your list. This place features dozens of stalls and shops, where you can purchase everything new on fashion, music, and beauty. There are unique gift shops and some rate sweet treats to give you a wonderful shopping experience in the city. Find almost everything in its neighbourhood, including opera houses, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and top hotels in Central London.

Portobello Road Market

Came into fame after the film ‘Notting Hill’, Portobello Road Market is one of the popular tourist spots in London. It extends to about 2 miles and is the best marketplace in the city to get some great bargains. The main trading day here is Saturday, when you can pop in from 8.30 am to buy antiques, clothes, fruits, vegetables, and so on. If you plan to visit after midday, be prepared to a part of massive crowd that start to wind down here after 4 pm.  

Camden Market

Camden Market is quite different from traditional London markets. It offers a mixture of stalls that are open on all 7 days of a week. Sundays are a bit laid back, stalls opening at around 10, but open until 6 pm. If you have enough money to spend then do check out some unusual fashion trends at this place. It is great place to find one quirky outfit for you that no one else has.

Explore these top markets on your leisure trip to London. There are number of items available at these markets, which you can buy as per your budget.

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