Top 4 Department Stores Close to Best London Hotels to Shop At

The capital city of London is a home to some big-name department stores featuring over 40,000 shops. London has a great fashion sense thus, offers lot of shopping opportunities and fun. This shopping heaven is the speciality of the city that stocks everything ranging from clothing to footwear and accessories. Most of the department stores are located within close proximity to best london hotels and also have on-site restaurants, bars and cafes so you can recharge your batteries whenever you feel like.

Here is an essential guide to some of the best department stores in the capital city for the best of shopping in London:

It stocks immense variety of affordable ranges from popular British designers. Its flagship store on the Oxford Street features cosmetics hall, shoe section and other top beauty brands. This store sells everything starting from kitchenware, furniture, clothes, toiletries and several other accessories.

Fortnum & Mason:
This classic English store sells luggage, food, clothes and the finest of home wares since the year 1707. Fortnum & Mason are the official grocers to the queen. As far as its standard goes, it consists of four restaurants and those searching for the most generous foodstuffs, for them this are the place to visit.

When it comes to popular department stores in the city, how can Harrods be left behind. It was a humble grocery store when established, however today it comprises of everything ranging from clothes, furniture, food etc. along with 20 on-site restaurants. At night, the store exteriors are completely illuminated by 11,500 light bulbs.

John Lewis:
This is a much-loved chain of department stores in London stocking almost half a million products. The store swanks its seven impressive floors, well stocked with beauty, home, fashion and technology products. Discover the new Brasserie and Bistro offering stunning views of the West End.

That’s still not all about shopping in the capital city, as London is a hub for shopaholics; however these are some of the best known stores that are quite popular among tourists.

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