Top 5 Turkish Restaurants in London

Most people think of Turkish food as just doner kebab. They also think it is fast, affordable, and far too often not that good. But, Turkey has a great food empire. Sultans from the country enjoyed marvellous dishes made using recipes of high refinement and delicacy.
Following the age-old Ottoman traditions of cooking, Turkish restaurants in London offer a variety of food to the travellers. If you visit the central part of the city, you will find some fine restaurants boasting Armenian, Persian, and Arabian flavours.
Turkey is often known as the diving line between the West and the East. Thus, these London restaurants incorporate elements of cuisines from central Asia, the Middle East, and beyond while retaining their original individual flavours.
If you are looking for warm and friendly atmosphere along with excellent Turkish food and cocktails, visit these restaurants in London:

From an ideal bistro bite to all Turkish feasts, Sofra in Covent Garden offer everything to the travellers. Order lots of different things at this restaurant to get a real taste of Middle Eastern food . The exclusive Turkish menu includes lamb and beef meatballs, special mixed grill, grilled chicken breast, and spicy vegetables. The menu features a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian sandwiches and salads too. Onsite bar has an extensive list of cocktails and wines for the travellers.

Tas Bloomsbury
This is a renowned Turkish food chain in London. Tas restaurant on Bloomsbury Street is an ideal destination to taste some unique Anatolian dishes. You will find a range of group, set, and vegetarian menus at this site. In addition to a range of 40 starters, you can try a never-ending feast of fish, rice, pasta, and seafood too.

Ottoman Palace
London’s Ottoman Palace on Camden High Street reflects the gourmet cuisine from the time of great Ottoman Empire in Turkey. This traditional restaurant celebrates a perfect fusion of food from both East and West. Ottoman Palace chefs focus on preparing complex dishes full of ancient Turkish spices and flavours. Visit this eatery to eat unique dishes like za’atar chicken with green lentils, coban, baby spinach, chestnut stew, and iskender kebab.


This fabulous Turkish restaurant in Pimlico is a great trademark of Ottoman opulence. Its luxurious appeal includes silk cushions, antique lamps, and ornate screens, creating a romantic atmosphere. The classic menu allures visitors with specialities such as seafood stew with bulgur wheat, char-grilled baby Poussin, mashed chickpeas with tahini, and many more. The combination of history and taste gives you a chance to explore a fascinating Ottoman fusion at this place.

If you fancy Baklava and other Turkish sweets, then add Antepliler in your itinerary. This restaurant specialises in very best of Turkish cuisine. The Antep Kitchen in Turkey has a reputation for excellent cooking, and this establishment in London has a lot to live up to. First-rate service and sublime cooking make this restaurant one of the best Turkish eateries in the capital. Familiar Turkish dishes here include grilled aubergines, spiced lentil koftes, tabule, and so on.

Whatever restaurant you pick from these, you are sure to get authentic taste of Turkey in London. These authentic establishments in the city offer a great taste of Mediterranean, Middle East, and Central Asia in the capital.
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