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Note: This is the first post in our “My London Love” series, a campaign that solicits travel stories from London travellers. An interesting post contributed by one of the travellers, reveals how she visited London to see her niece and discovered an uncanny connection to the place. The intimate personal post tells you all about the traveller’s love for and newfound connection with London.

Story by Shirley Green from  Yuma, Arizona

Shirley Green

I visited London long back to see my niece, but today I am tracing my ancestral roots in England.

I travelled to London long back but the memories of the trip are still fresh. I was actually visiting my niece who was working in Abbott for a few years. The trip was 3 days long but the retrospection was enough for a lifetime.

There was so much to see and do in London. It’s truly a tourists’ heaven. And the people there were quite hospitable. Londoners welcome you with open arms. The rich culture and interesting history were at display in every nook and corner of the city.

The several museums and galleries are the safest bet, if someone wishes to dwell deep into the city’s chronicles. I didn’t get to see any of the museums but would definitely like to go to the Albert and Victoria when I get back!

With not much time to spare, there were only a handful of places that I could explore. These included Stratford - Upon- Avon, the Moors and Plymouth. However, The Tower of London was my favourite of all because of its intriguing history.

The Tower is touted as one of the most haunted places in London. Several accounts of eerie appearances have been recorded there. I found the stories super-exciting and was wondering if I might get to meet Queen Anne or Arbella Stuart

Changing of the Guards

Another enchanting experience was watching the “Changing the Guard Ceremony” at the Buckingham Palace. It is an ultimate display of chivalry and British pomp. Post that, we went to the Green Park for a stroll. On the other side of the park were various merchants selling a variety of things.  One lady was selling beautiful cloth dolls she had made.They were dressed in exquisite period costumes. I am a Doll collector and handmade dolls are my weakness. Of course, I had to purchase one for my collection!

London West End

To while away time I also watched the live performance of "Beauty and the Beast" at a nearby West End theatre. It was awesome! I also loved going to the Westminster Chapel – peaceful and serene. Another amazing experience was riding the double-decker buses!  Such fun!

When I was touring London back then, I felt a certain connection which I couldn’t really decipher. Today, I have cracked the code.  In recent years I’ve started tracing my ancestry and found that my roots go back to England. May be this was the reason that had pulled me towards the beautiful city. Now I’d love to go back there and visit places where my ancestors lived. And another trip to London is something I really don’t mind!

Shirley seems to have found her connection with the beautiful City of London. If it reminded you of your days spent in the British capital, please go ahead and share your experiences with us. You can send your stories to

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