Travel Guide for Couples Visiting London

It’s no wonder that London is one of the most romantic cities in the world with a cornucopia of getaways and hideaways, all promising a perfect date. As sunsets over London, hundreds of couples take moonlight walk along the Thames, go on-board a cruise for a romantic dinner, or visit the Serpentine. Travelling as a couple for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. But done right, it will be one of the most memorable trips you would have ever had. Here’s what all you can try during your London trip.

A Room for Romance

Before you head out for a romantic tour around London, make sure to pick a romantic spot to stay. A place where you can start off your morning with views of the city, take a bubble bath together, and have a sound sleep. Couples visiting London are blessed with some of the most romantic hotels in London. And cherry on the cake is that most of these hotels offer honeymoons suites and special romance packages too.

Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet!

Sweep your partner off their feet! Literally…you can do this by taking a London Eye flight. Get above the city and see wonderfully romantic views of the capital. But make sure to get a Cupid’s Capsule, as you don’t want screaming children around you. The Cupid’s Capsule includes a bottle of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne too, adding to your romantic experience. The slowly rotating London Eye is a fantastic way to enjoy the magnanimous views of the city with your loved one. Or why not take your beloved to the skies by booking an helicopter tour of the capital.

Boats on the Serpentine
If the weather is sunny, splash out on a rowboat for two on the Serpentine. Hyde Park tends to be favourite amongst couples because of its beautiful lakes, bridges, and swans. Sit on a park bench with your close one and forget for a moment that you are just minutes away from buzzing Baker Street tube station. Afterward, order cappuccino at the Lido Café Bar and watch the word go by.

Skate on the Ice

Warm up your love for each other by taking a whirl on the ice holding hands. Check out the ice rink at Alexandra Palace, which is open all year round. After the exertion, sip an espresso at The Ice Café and watch all the action live from there.

Kew Gardens
Explore Kew Gardens, the lush green space exuding a sense of romance. The vibrant and colourful flora will fill your day with the fragrance of love. Walk hand-in-hand through the treetop walkway and marvel together at the beauty of nature. After watching the delightful water lilies and palms, all you can say is, “Wow”.

A Spa Break

Renew, rejuvenate, and de-stress your body, mind, and soul together by having a spa break. London is heaven for hedonists. A spa break for couples is romantic and relaxing at the same time, a perfect way to rejuvenate after a weary day out. Ajala Spa, The Sanctuary, and Aman Spa are counted amongst the best ones.

Oxo Tower Restaurant
In Oxo Tower Restaurant, couples are treated to some of the unparalleled views of the city, delightful drinks, and live music. This ultimate date restaurant makes couples feels special in every possible way. The breath-taking panorama of the capital rivals the vista from London Eye itself. Expensive but quite a special treat. Select from an impressive 800 strong list of cocktails and relish your favourite drinks together overlooking London’s skyline.

Hillside Picnic

If you are visiting in summer or on those random warm days in winter, don the hillsides with your picnic basket and blanket. Stretch out in the warmth of the short sights of the British sun with an added bonus, being the panoramic vista of the city. Head across the road from Regents Park and you’ll find a spot, Primrose Hill. Or visit Hampstead Heath and Alexandra Palace. All of these offer best views, ample greenery, and plenty of hidden spots where you can escape the crowd.

Escaping the City

Another chic way to escape the busy city, why not hire a canal boat and take a trip down canal that flows through Regents Park and London Zoo. To add more delight, take a boat journey through Little Venice, which is rightly named because of its picturesque setting. Here, you will come across remarkable homes set on the riverside. The on-board electrics allow you to play music, adding more romance to your little adventure.

Going "All the Way"!
If the romantic ambience of London has become so overwhelming that you can’t help but propose you love, head to the jewellery district of London, Hatten Gardens. Choose from the different shops, pick something sparkly for your beloved, and ask the “Big Question.” After all the romance, all she’ll say is ‘yes’.

Some Useful Tips

Travelling with partner is truly a make-or-break experience. So, you need to keep in mind a few tips before planning the trip.
•    You have to realise that you can’t get your way all the time, when travelling together. So, make your travel plans together.
•    Make sure to pack your sense of humour too. Don’t expect to enjoy every single moment of the trip. Get ready to face the challenges. Flights get delayed, hotels lose reservations, luggage gets lost, and even the highly acclaimed bars turn out to be a disappointment.
•    Don’t plan activities for each and every moment. Remember that you are travelling together, so schedule romance too. Whether it’s a moonlit stroll, a picnic, a spa break or anything that you two approve of.
•    Schedule some time alone too, even half an hour morning stroll or a workout session at the hotel gym would work. It would give you something to share during breakfast.
•    Before you make any bookings, make sure to talk budget with your partner. Talk honestly about how much you can afford and how do you plan to divide the costs.

London may not have the reputation of Venice, but it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world. So, consider these London travel tips and ideas to make it the best tour you have ever had.
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