Travelling in London: Some Do’s and Don’ts for Travellers

London is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations of the world attracting over 30 million tourists every year. However, due to its sheer and awe-inspiring diversity, travelling in London may seem like an overwhelming experience to an outsider.
Nonetheless, you need not despair over this fact. Planning remains the most crucial part. Apart from choosing the best place to stay in London for your trip, you should also look into some basic guidelines before you venture out to explore London. Let us call them some do’s and don’ts. They are:


1.    If you want to save money while travelling through the London tube network, invest in an Oyster Card to avail heavy discounts.
2.    Walking tour in London is probably the best way to explore the city. So, bring some comfortable shoes along with you.
3.    If you are travelling through underground, then make sure that you avoid the tube during peak hours i.e. before 9.30 am and between 4.30 to 6.30 pm every weekday.
4.    It is best and advisable to carry a map while taking a walk around London. And if at any point of time you find yourself lost, you can ask someone to direct you.
5.    If you have all the popular destinations of London in your itinerary, then book your tickets for those attractions in advance.
6.    Do check on the opening and closing times of different museums and galleries in advance.
7.    Try to follow these etiquettes that English people follow: 

  • Join the queue everywhere, and wait patiently for your chance. Queue jumping is not London’s trend.
  • Be congenial by bearing a smile ion your face. Come with a warm gesture with this smile.
  • Shake hand for a small duration, when you are first introduced to someone. Extend your right hand to other’s right hand.
  • Open the door for the person following you. This gesture of curtsey is also followed by women.
  • Use curtsies like “thank you”, “your welcome’, “I am sorry” and say ‘please’. It will keep you and others comfortable in London.

1.    Planning trips on the underground without checking on the route closures can be quite disastrous. Sometimes, lines may be closed on weekends for repairs.
2.    If you are travelling well into the night, then it is advisable that you have the access to taxis. Relying on public transportation in London past midnight is not recommended. The underground tube station closes the operations at midnight with the last tube making their routes from 23:30.
3.    Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and other tourist attractions in London are not opened all-round the year. Therefore, make sure that you check on their status while you are booking tickets.
4.    Londoners are not known for their multi-lingual abilities. Therefore, make sure that you firm your grip over the English language before visiting London.
5.    You must have heard how expensive it is to be in London. But it actually depends on you of how much you are willing to spend. You will easily get a meal over here at just 7 EUR. Look for some affordable beer, and you will get a fine beer at just 3 or 4 EUR.
6.    It will not be a great idea to move around the city, uninformed. Know where you are going, and how.
Also, find out if you will get an entry in there. There are entry tickets for most of the places.
7.    London follows curtsies and gestures, and essentially avoids rudeness like these:
  • Don not kiss people you are meeting for the first time. This tradition is followed only with close ones.
  • Do not do list would include “spitting, staring, burping in public”. These are some not-acceptable things in the city.
  • Do not shout in public. It is not acceptable for people.
  • Be casual in your behaviour while dealing with people in general.

These and many other guidelines will help you in having a blissful time in London. Take care of these things while planning your trip to London.
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