Travelling Solo to London: The Perfect Itinerary

Travelling solo to London can be extremely exciting and rewarding. Travelling alone gives you the freedom of exploring the quirky, hidden treasures of the city which you might miss while you are travelling with a group. There are plenty of places in London which are ideal for solo travellers seeking sojourn in the city. Given below is the sample itinerary for travellers who want to discover this mega city alone.

Have a Pint at London’s Classic Pubs and Bars
What better way to celebrate your loneliness than indulging into a heart-warming drink at London’s best bars and pubs. London is renowned for its pub culture and being alone is truly a great opportunity for you to discern the vivacity of the pub scene in the city. Some of the pubs where you can truly have a wondrous time are:

Bar at the Connaught
If you happen to stay at a hotel in Mayfair London, then do not forget to visit the Connaught bar at the Connaught. Located in the luxurious Connaught, this bar is ranked among the top ten bars of the world. Superbly stylish decor and a heady concoction of drinks here will enchant you. Serving the best whiskies in the world like Lagavulin 1995, Balevin Sherry Oak, Dalmore Castle Leod Vintage 1995 and Johnny Walker Platinum, this bar has one of the best combinations of cocktails. Another added feature of this bar is the Whiskey Chocolate pairing where your chosen whiskey would be served with three homemade chocolates.

If you want to indulge your senses into a heady cocktail of drinks and entertainment, then Nightjar is the place for you. A diverse range of cocktails categorised into eerie sections like pre-prohibition, post prohibition, post war and Nightjar signatures awaits you here. However, the main draw at this bar remains The Millionaire (a heavenly combination of Grand Marnier, Nightjar Grenadine, duck egg white, limejuice, nutmeg, absinthe and Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon).

In addition to lip-smacking cocktails, you will be greeted with some dazzling live performances by Jazz artistes.

Taste the Global Culture of London

Travelling alone means that you can eat whatever you want without any restrictions. And what better place to get the global taste than London? It is often considered as one of the most multicultural cities of the world. Taste that multicultural vibrancy of this city with these eateries:

Want to experience the divinity of Indian food combined with enthralling Indian music? Mehfil restaurant at the Mehfil hotel is your destination. Serving exquisite, authentic Indian food, this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in London for having Indian food. At Mehfil, you will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Delicacies like Karahi chicken, King Prawn Curry, Prawn Biryani, Karahi Paneer will surely charm you like nothing else. In addition to this, this restaurant also hosts musical nights from Wednesday to Sundays every week.

IL Baretto
Meaning “little bar” in English, IL Baretto is renowned for dishing out outstanding Italian delicacies. Snugly located in the heart of Marylebone, this eatery is particularly renowned for its wood oven cooked pizza and mouth watering Carpaccio. Apart from this speciality dish, this restaurant-cum-bar serves dishes like Chianina beef brasaloa with lemon and Parmesan, Parma Ham, Chacuterie board and other such dishes. And, accompanying these dishes would be the finest selection of wines like Red, White, Rose ones and Champagne and Bollicine and Sommelier’s selection.

Gift yourself a Pampering at Spas
Feeling a bit weary after your “solo-expedition” in this mega city and searching for a calm retreat amidst the chaos of London! Then, head towards the numerous spas that abound in the city. A pampering treatment at spa will rejuvenate your tired mind and body.

Elemis Day Spa

Situated in the heart of Mayfair, Elemis Day Spa is one of the prime spas in London. Incorporating the luxurious blend of different cultures to soothe your tired nerves, this spa will pamper you quite divinely. Apart from the numerous therapies (that includes anti-ageing, detox therapy, therapies for pregnant women, skin solutions, skin specifics and other such treatments) both for men and women, this spa boasts facilities like saunas, pool and Jacuzzis.

After Revitalisation, Discover the Rare Side
London is full of places that exude mystery and rarity. You will not find parallels to them anywhere in the world. Be it haunted attractions or quirky places, London will surprise you with its unparalleled combination of mystery and fascination. Being solo means you have the freedom of unravelling the mystery of those places.

The Tower of London

Ghost Mystery

It is one of the most visited but “the scariest attraction in the city” too. Known as the “bloody tower”, this historic building is more famous for its history of ghost sightings. Ghosts of Catherine Howard and Arabella Stuart are the most famous ghosts of this place. Visit this place and see for yourself whether the ghost sightings stories are true or not!

The Doodle Bar, Battersea

Scribble the bar away!

The Doodle Bar at Battersea has reasons to be named as “one of the most weird bars in London”. In the past, this bar was a Victorian dairy and a tile emporium. But, this is not its most weird aspect. At the Doodle bar, you can scribble its walls while you are having a drink. There is a blank, white canvas where you can carve out your masterpieces, that too free of cost!

Travelling Solo to London is a great way to find out the different dimensions of this city. Plan you own “solo” itinerary to the city, taking clue from this one and have the “time of your life” in London.
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