Uncover the Ghoulish Mystery of London City on Your Next Visit

London has long been considered as one of the most haunted cities of the world. There are numerous places in the city, which are haunted. Be it famous landmarks, hotels, pubs and even an airport, London city is full of awe-invoking places. In fact, some of the most famous landmarks of the city are reportedly haunted. These ghost-sightings illuminate and reinforce the dark corners of this mystery city.

If you are a fan of ghost stories, then visit London as soon as possible. Plan your itinerary, book accommodation (either luxury London hotels or cheap hotels in London, whatever suits your needs and budget the most) and plunge into the intriguing history of this city. London is reported to have more ghost sightings per square mile than any other city on the planet. Therefore, you will not be disappointed once you step into this city.

Landing into Mystery Land

You are going to visit one of the most mysterious cities of the world. It would be befitting for you, then, to land into an airport that has the history of ghost-sightings. Heathrow is not only one of the busiest airports in the world but also one of the most haunted ones. The most famous highwayman in the history of Britain, Dick Turpin haunts this mega airport.

The most notorious robber of his time, Dick Turpin carried out many murders and robberies in the early 18th century London. He was arrested and sentenced to death on 7th April 1739. Since that day, reports of his ghost making rounds in and around the city are in circulations, most notably around Heathrow.

Sightings of his ghost have been reported on the A1 Motorway in particular. Those who work at the terminal have repeatedly described about a short highwayman shouting loudly. When they try to go close to that man, he vanishes.

Another sighting has been of a man wearing a hat haunting the VIP Lounge and the runway of the airport. The man, dressed in grey, is reported to haunt the busy runway enquiring the passengers about his lost briefcase and when the passengers turn around to ask more about his briefcase, he disappears.


Even the Ghosts Pay Visit to them

London is one of the most visited cities of the world. The city is full of tourist attractions some even visited by ghosts themselves! On your London visit this time, include a trip to these places and come face-to-face with the visitors from the past!

The Tower of London
Out of all the scariest tourist attractions in London, this iconic building has to be on the top. Nicknamed “Bloody Tower” (as it was the place for carrying out execution of prisoners in the past), the Tower of London is said to be visited by numerous ghosts, the prominent one being the spirit of Ann Boleyn.

The most celebrated of the wives of Henry VIII; Ann Boleyn was beheaded on the false charges of incest in 1536. Since that day, sightings of queen, sometimes, carrying her own head is spotted by many tourists.

Probably one of the most macabre ghost story is that of the death of the Countess of Salisbury. The Countess was sentenced to death in 1541 after her alleged involvement in criminal activities came to the surface. The charges were false and in order to save herself, the Countess ran from the block. Executioners pursued her with axes in their hands and hacked her to pieces. Until this date, spirits re-enact the gruesome incident at the Tower Green.

If the ghost stories above have ignited the fire of curiosity in you and want to know more about the ghostly past of the tower, go to the website hrp.org.uk.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace is one of the most imposing palaces of London and haunted too. Many people visiting this palace have described ghost-sightings at two places in particular.
Screaming Lady in the Palace Gallery
Many tourists visiting the gallery frequently hear screaming of Catherine Howard. Accused of committing adultery to her husband, Catherine Howard was put under house arrest in 1541. She tried to run away from the palace pleading with her husband, but she was dragged to the room and then executed afterwards in the Tower of London. Tourists visiting the palace often complain about feeling certain uneasiness while they are in the gallery.

A Phantom Bear
Sightings of a huge Grizzly bear have also made rounds in the past. Guards have stated sudden appearance of a huge bear advancing in the Martin Tower section of the palace.


With History of Ghost Sightings
London is home to some iconic buildings and structures that are aesthetically carved and beautifully furnished. Besides, these historic buildings have a shared history of ghost stories and paranormal activities. Paying a visit to these celebrated buildings would be a surreal experience for you.

50 Berkeley House
It is one of the most haunted historic places in London. This regal 18th century Georgian structure has a rich history of haunting. Sounds of eerie screams, lights flashing on and off in the windows and an unusual dragging sound of a body are heard in this building. In fact, the ghost here reportedly murdered one man who stayed at this property for a night.

Tourists visiting this antiquarian property sense the presence of a ghoulish aura behind them that vanishes as soon as they turn backwards!

The Bank of England
The Bank of England in London is among the most famous celebration venues in London. In addition to being a party venue, this place is also known for its ghost-sightings stories. Named “The Bank Nun”, the ghost appears as a waft of air and evaporates quite dramatically. “The Bank Nun” is the ghost of a woman that appears and asks visitors about the whereabouts of her brother who was employed in this bank.

Say “Cheers” with Ghosts

Pubs have existed for a long time in London. It comes as a no surprise, then, that they have a history of haunting too! Many people have lost their lives whether in a pub brawl or after ‘having too much’ drinks; In fact, Jack the Ripper targeted many people while they were in a drunken state. It seems like many spirits are unwilling to part away from their booze even after their death! The following haunted pubs prove this.

The Ten Bells at Shoreditch
The ghost of Annie Chapman haunts this pub frequently. Considered as one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, her ghost is rumoured to haunt the pub and the Hanbury Street (next to Ten Bells). Her ghost, however, is not that spooky, only a gust of wind and slight presence is felt.

Rising Sun at Cloth Fair
Visitors here feel a spine-chilling presence that seems to watch and touch them. In the late nineties, two barmaids here testified reports of an unseen presence snatching their sheets while they were sleeping. Besides, in the past sometimes visitors have felt an icy cold hand touching them while they were in the pub.


Praying with Ghosts!

Many churches in London are buildings of great magnificence with a long, intriguing history behind them. Some of these churches are thought to be occupied by paranormal activities and spirits. Prominent among them are:

Westminster Abbey

You will not encounter a “royal” or “famous” ghost here even if the place is the burial site for many famous men in history. The two ghosts that have made substantial appearance in the past are of a monk and an unknown soldier.

The monk named ‘Father Benedictus’ was killed in the abbey during the reign of Henry VIII. His ghost has a tall, lean appearance that appears at around five or six in the evening in the cloisters.

Another ghost that has made its appearance in the recent times is that of an unknown soldier. The man in the uniform of a World War infantryman normally appears beside the grave of the Unknown Warrior.

St Magnus the Martyr

Rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren, this haunted church in London houses the ghost of a figure with black hair and wearing a serge cassock with a cowl. Historical evidence suggests that it is the ghost of Miles Coverdale, the rector of the original church before it was burnt down in the great London fire of 1666. Visitors have told about an unexplained feeling of gloom when they are close to his tomb.

St Bartholomew the Great

The ghost of Rahere, the founder of the Church haunts the second oldest church in London, St Bartholomew. He was buried in an ornate tomb inside the church, most probably against his will. Many see this reason behind the sightings of his ghost at this church. Most of the times, his ghost is experienced near the altar of the church.


Your ghost sighting experience in London would be void without indulging into the Jack the Ripper ghost tour. The most infamous serial killer of Britain, Jack the Ripper killed people in the most brutal manner. The spirits of many of his victims are still thought to haunt the places where they were murdered. The most famous sightings are:

Ghost of Mary Kelly

The last known victim of Jack the Ripper, Mary Kelly left the Ten Bells Pub in the early hours of 9th November 1888. The next day her brutally murdered body was found in Miller Court of Dorset Street.  The building was demolished and renovated. Even after that, many people have claimed to have seen a ghostlike figure dressed in black entering the building. After that, a pale face would appear on the window of the room where Mary Kelly was murdered.

Ghost of Annie Chapman

The body of Annie Chapman was found in the Hanbury Street on the 8th September 1888. The area around Hanbury Street is rumoured to have supernatural activities. Many people in the area have heard terrifying moans and screams. Some have also confirmed the presence of a ghoulish figure sitting on the wall with its head resting upon the shoulder.


The Perfect Stop to your Ghost Tour

Built in 1909, this lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Thames River. Though its splendid red brick building with mansard roof and granite detailing are quite alluring by itself, the major attraction-gathering point of this lighthouse is the ghost of “Ernie”.

Ernie was the keeper at this lighthouse who allegedly jumped off the lighthouse after learning that his wife ran off with the captain of the Block Island Ferry in 1936. Since then, his ghost has been haunting the place. Visitors have experienced that someone opens and closes the door. In addition to this, crew have reported that the lights and fog signal sometimes operate without any assistance.

Besides, the crewmembers on duty earlier informed about the frequent knocking at the doors, the television being turned off and on repeatedly and the bed covers pulled off by someone. These instances, however, now have decreased sharply as the lighthouse now is in the automated mode. Nonetheless, sometimes loud whispering sound can be heard even now.

London is one of the most haunted cities of the world and the above list aptly reinforces this fact. Discovering this dark, mysterious side of this metropolis will be an “experience of a lifetime”. Book an accommodation in London at once and get ready to immerse yourself into the maze of allure and eeriness.
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