Why You Need To Be At The London Fireworks Festival 2014?

Has anyone told you about the most vibrant spectacle happening in the skies of London city this Saturday? Witness the best firework display at the Alexandra Palace, while enjoy exotic German Bier, Musical Combats, Street Food, Craft Beer, Ice Skating AND MORE! This is the most perfect family and adult hangout happening on 1 November 2014! Whoa! If this sounds fun, let us tell you all about the event in detail now!

Come autumn and events galore in the festive bouquet of London. We are hardly done celebrating Diwali Celebrations (Belated Happy Diwali, by the way), especially in the Leicester City of England, that it is almost time for the Halloweens. And as you get ready to put your freak on and go “Trick or Treating” this Halloween in London, we have another spectacular event lined up for you.

As the winter chills approaches the city, softly yet steadily, Alexandra Palace in North London prepares itself for the most spectacular Firework Show that the capital has ever seen. Come and watch the city dance to the hues of reds, pinks, greens, golden and others this Saturday, November 1st. And that’s not all! The Alexandra Palace Firework Display promises a complete family and adult entertainment with funfairs, Ice Skating, German Bier Festival, Street Food and Craft Beer Festival, all going on simultaneously at the premises.
Waiting to get dazzled in the British Capital? This event might just be the best opportunity for you. Join us as we cover the event and its unique details for you.

Fireworks at Alexandra Palace North London

The Fireworks Festival

The beautiful grounds of Alexandra Park are all set to be your host for the spectacular evening. On the eve of 1st November, come and witness one of the greatest fireworks in the capital. The fireworks, starting at 7:30, promise to be the most spectacular event in London so far this year. However, if you would like to avoid queues and crowds, it is advisable that you reach the venue a bit early. Besides, the fireworks are not the only highlight of the event. The pomp and show and the razzmatazz start as soon as 3:00 PM and offers a wide assortment of festivities and enjoyment.

Early birds to the event may relish the Craft Beer served by local brewers and exciting Street Food. The event is has two separate zones – one for the families and one for adults. If you would prefer a bit more of space for your family to hang out with, opt for the Family Zone at the event. The area is going to host a funfair, and families may also enjoy Face Painting for FREE! Besides, the local vendors are going to serve Children Sized Portions, so that the entire family can enjoy together as a unit. However, for the adults, the event offers another Adult Fun Fair, with some real white Knuckle Rides. And well, the best part is that all these events are covered in your ticket to the Firework Festival. You would not have to pay any extra amount to attend the fun fairs and the likes. However, the fireworks have its interesting accomplices; namely UK’s Largest German Bier Festival and Discounted Ice Skating at the Alexandra Palace Ice Rink. Continue reading to find out more details about the same.

German Bier Festival At Fireworks Festival in Alexandra Palace

The German Bier Festival

One thing that is attracting all the beer enthusiasts to the Fireworks Festival is the German Bier Festival – the largest that the UK ever witnesses. Lose yourself indulging in the tantalizing flavours of German Bier. This part of the event opens from 3 Pm to 11 PM, and thus, you can join at your own pace and savour the rich and authentic flavours. Besides, in the West Hall of the Festival Village, one can find a delectable assortment of food to go with the Bier. We especially recommend a range of German sausages and pretzels at the event. And that’s not all! To promise never-ending entertainment, the Bier Festival is slated to revive one of the greatest musical rivalries ever witnessed in the 90s. When the legends collide, whose side are you going to be on? Attend the Bier Festival to watch two greatest tribute Bands – Noasis and the Blurb, battle it out on the stage! Get your groove on!

Lastly, if you have procured the tickets to German Bier Festival, you would enjoy an exclusive access to the South Terrace. That means you would be able to enjoy the fireworks more, all thanks to a much better position. 

The Bier Festival is open only for the adults, and hence, children may not join. The organizers shall be running a strict ID Check, and hence any monkey business is strictly ill-advised!

Ice Rink at Alexandra Palace

Ice Skating at the Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

Are you a fan of ice skating? Do you want to enjoy Ice Skating at state-of-the-art contemporary ice rink? Grab a ticket at the Alexandra Palace Ice Rink and you can have all the fun swaying on the ice with your friends, family or partner, and that too at just £5.

Hotels near Alexandra Palace

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