Why You Should Attend Chinese New Year 2014 in London

The year 2014 is finally here. This means that it’s not long until London’s annual Chinese New Year celebrations takes you by storm in the West End.
2014 is the ‘Year of Horse’ in Chinese New Year and celebrations in London will take place on 2nd February at Trafalgar Square, Shaftesbury Avenue, Leicester Square, and off course Chinatown.

Chinese New Year or ‘Spring Festival’ is the most traditional celebration in China. This festival starts on the first day of first lunar month (late January or early February) and bids adieu on 15th day of first lunar month (i.e., Lantern Festival).

This event in London is a perfect time for families to be together. In 2014, expect fireworks, annual reunion dinner, lion and dragon dancing, Niu Yangee and New Year greetings in the capital.
Event Details

Event Name: Chinese New Year 2014
Date: 2nd February 2014
Venue: Various Venues
Entry: Free
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

About Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivities in the Chinese communities. It marks the beginning of their New Lunar Year, which is considered the most auspicious day in China.
One of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac represents the Chinese calendar every year. 2014 is the ‘Year of Horse’ and it’s going to be as exciting as 2013. If you are travelling to London for this event, then make sure you book your stay today. Some great accommodation offers are up for grab for Chinese New Year in London.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 at These Luxury Hotels
If you cannot make to Shanghai or Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, then surely visit London and book a stay at these hotels. These opulent hotels in London have special offers waiting just for you:

The Dorchester Hotel
Celebrate the ‘Year of Horse’ with authentic Chinese menu at China Tang Restaurant in London. This unique restaurant inside The Dorchester Hotel is the perfect place to taste some great dishes from China. This eatery has a reputation of serving best Cantonese food like Shanghai Smoked Fish and Peking duck. When you are stuffed with a lot of grills, then head to their stylish China Tang Bar for some classic cocktails. Don’t miss their Xiao Mi Mi (contemporary Asian) and Bombay Sapphire Gin, with some fresh lemon juice, and strawberry liquor. They even serve fresh ginger root, orange and cinnamon syrup, along with a slice of orange with your drinks.

Special Offer – ‘Stay an Extra Night on Us’
You deserve a special treat this New Year, and what’s better than a complimentary night of luxury at Dorchester. Book 3 consecutive nights of stay at this hotel and get the third night as complimentary.

Royal Garden Hotel
The on-site Min Jiang Restaurant at Royal Garden Hotel is situated on the 10th floor, offering a breathtaking view of London’s skyline. This year, expect special Cantonese and Chinese dishes on the menu to celebrate the New Year.

Expect a feast of dishes, such as braised Yi Mian noodles, yellow tail sashimi salad, eight treasure duck, taro black glutinous rice with coconut sago, wind dried pork, and egg white.

Special Offer – ‘Stay 3 or 4 Nights & save 33%’
Book a stay at Royal Garden Hotel for 3 or 4 nights and save 33% on each night of your stay. Get complimentary Wi-Fi access and use their Health Club facilities. This hotel is situated near Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, offering all 5-star luxuries during your London trip.

Chinese New Year 2014 at Trafalgar Square
The 2014 Chinese New Year celebrations in London will transform Trafalgar Square, Shaftesbury Avenue, Leicester Square, and Chinatown into a live party hub. Tourists coming from all round the world will be able to welcome the ‘Year of Horse’ in grand style. Expect Chinese art and entertainment from both native and international artists, along with some delicious food and fireworks.

Festival Highlights:

  • New Year’s Parade at West End will start at 10 am, passing through Chinatown and Shaftesbury Avenue, finally reaching Trafalgar Square at 12 noon.
  • Take part in the official opening ceremony at Trafalgar Square.
  • Watch live performances, music, and dragon dancing on Trafalgar Square from 12 noon to 6 pm.
  • A second stage at Shaftesbury Avenue will host live events and activities from various community and school groups.
  • You can even visit Chinatown to see a parade by Lion dancers and binge on some great Chinese food throughout the day.

Chinese New Year Food in London
The Spring Festival or Chinese New Year is all about having lots of yummy food. It starts with a family get-together for a banquet. Everyone, including office clerks, peasants, workers, and professionals, put their money aside to have a sumptuous meal.

London is no difference. People from Chinese community living in London come together on New Year’s Eve to share a hearty dinner. One of the favourite New Year dish is the whole fish. People from Chinese community serve this fish with its head and tail intact to ensure a good start to the year and avoid any bad luck.

The whole fish is prepared using eight sweet ingredients, each one having a special meaning:

  1. Kumquats – Wealth
  2. Coconut – Togetherness
  3. Lychee nuts – Close family ties
  4. Candid melon – Growth and good health
  5. Red melon seeds – Joy, truth, and happiness
  6. Lotus seeds – fertility
  7. Longans – Good sons
  8. Peanuts – Long life

In addition to this, long, uncut Chinese noodles are served too. People in China believe that cutting these noodles mean, cutting their life short.
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