Why You Should Book a Hostel in London

When travelling on a budget, hostels can be a wonderful way to cut cost on accommodation. Although a majority of holidaymakers think that hostels are only for students and solo travellers, but it’s actually untrue. Quite inexpensive, hostels can offer private accommodations that are quite similar to a hotel.

In London, hostels offer all the modern facilities that make it an ideal base for a city break. If you are open to the idea of sleeping in a hostel, then here are some of the reasons why you should book a hostel in London.


There’s no doubt, hostels offer rooms that suit your budget. Depending on the number of beds you’re sharing in a room, you can end up spending less than £12.00 for a comfortable accommodation in the centre of the world’s most expensive capital. That’s far less than what you would pay in a mid-range hotel. So, why not secure a hostel room to take in the delights of the capital.
Central Hostel and Hostel 639 are some of the affordable options that you can consider for your London trip.

Internet Services

Hostels are no longer being dirty and unclean. Nowadays, most hotels offer internet services and have Wi-Fi facilities in the rooms. Every room also has a satellite TV with hundreds of free movie titles to select from. So, don’t make a judgment on the basis of conventional reviews; just give it a try and you will know how great hostels are.

Friendly Experience

According to backpackers, staying in a hostel will give you a more friendly and relaxed staying experience than you will get in a hotel. There are five star hotels in London that expect you to follow a particular dress code and issue instructions on how you must behave. On the other side, hostels are more comfortable. Staff interaction with guests is much less formal and you’ll often find them guiding the directions and advices on where to go.

Meet Other Travellers

Hostels are quite sociable places; almost all have a shared area where guests get together and share travel tips. It is one of the best places to hook up with travel companions. You may benefit from knowledge of the other travellers that are likely to give you suggestions to what to see and where to go.

Perfect Locations

When you plan a holiday, you should be looking for an accommodation that is tranquil and close to city’s centre attractions. Although travellers don’t have as much hostel options in London, but they can easily find one with a little research. Most hostels are located in the prime locations, ensuring you a tranquil accommodation.

Guest Kitchen

If you are good at cooking, then you possibly will have access to a guest kitchen to prepare simple food. This excellent way is perfect for those who don’t have cash to eat out on expensive bars and restaurants. Whip up something delicious in a guest kitchen and save a bunch of pounds.

Money off Vouchers

There are some hostels that give you money off vouchers for local bars and popular tourist attractions. This means that a traveller can enjoy the best of London on a little budget. It is one of the chief reasons why backpackers have a preference to stay in hostels.

In no doubt, hostels don’t go well with every traveller, but why not give it a try to enjoy the benefits? Have you ever stayed in a hostel? How was your experience? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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