World’s Top 5 Marathons All Runners Should Try

Back in January, a lot of people may have made a new year’s resolution to remain fit or to reduce the unwanted belly fat. Moving forward a couple of weeks, however, the possibilities are that initial motivation is starting to be irresolute as the appeal of the high fat foods and other social promises begin to take hold.

Setting a big goal like running a marathon is one of the perfect ways to put off the unhealthy habits drifting back in to your daily routine. It’s always fun and exciting to run a marathon in a city that you have never visited. But, running 26.2 miles is not an easy task for some people, even runners as well. That’s the reason; this long-distance running race is the ultimate test of your will and endurance.

With a large fleet of brass band players and cheering crowds, these running races are certainly worth attending even if you’re not joining in this activity. To assist you pick the best one, here’s a list of world’s top five marathon locations along with some suggestions for accommodations.

Virgin Money London Marathon
With picture perfect scenery that can distract any runner for a while, London Marathon is a treat for every runner. Fantastic costumes, excited crowds, and party atmosphere attract the first-timers, while the flat course and perfect management continue to lure the attention of seasoned marathon experts. The course gives runners a glimpse of the city’s popular sites, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the London Eye. This long-distance running race starts at Greenwich Park and goes through the city’s streets until they come to the finish line at Buckingham Palace.

Race day: April 13, 2014
Where to Stay: London has a perfect transit system so it really doesn’t matter whether you choose a 
hotel near the Greenwich (starting point), Westminster (ending point) or somewhere in-between.

Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
Of course, you are going to run a marathon – but this city will also offer you an excuse to travel around the heart of the City of Light. The race route starts from the world’s most famous street Champs-Élysées and passes some of the city’s popular attractions like Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. With over 40,000 runners, this race course attracts a large field, enthusiastic fans and a rising purse to attract the sport’s privileged athletes. The route offers a fantastic tour through the city that you’d never think to travel as a sightseer. The registration of Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is closed now, though some dedicated travel agents are still providing packages that involve race admission.

Race day: April 6, 2014
Where to Stay: Champs Elysées is not only home to cinemas, cafés, and luxury specialty shops but it is also the starting point of the city’s marathon. Booking a stay near Champs Elysées will surely make your Parisian stay an enchanting break.

Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon is the king of the castle when it comes to marathon. This trek boasts a top-class elite field and an amazingly speedy point-to-point course. The sad thing about this long-distance running race is its strict qualifying standards where a number of runners fail to meet them. This event begins outside the Hopkinton and winds through eight towns until it finishes in the city’s elegant and well-known Back Bay by Copley Square. Once you have overcome the legendary Heartbreak Hill, it is all plain sailing from there. So, why not get ready to run a marathon in Boston where thousands of viewers will be cheering you on the entire 26.2 miles.

Race day: April 21, 2014
Where to Stay: Some runners prefer to stay close to Hopkinton (starting point), while some prefer book an accommodation near the ending end. The better decision is, obviously, the ending point as they won’t need to travel far-flung to reach the hotel for a well earned stay after the race.

BMO Vancouver Marathon
Despite being a new entrant in the world of marathon, BMO Vancouver Marathon has grown in fits and spurts. This point-to-point course makes the most of the picturesque city sites, including lush green parks and broad seawall. The race course, limited to 5,000 runners, starts in Queen Elizabeth Park, passes through more than a few attractions and ends at Vancouver’s downtown. One of the best things about Vancouver Marathon is that a runner will pass through 12 different spots of the city, and 70 percent of the race route exhibits beach views.
Race day: May 4, 2014
Where to Stay: To add extra flair to your Vancouver break experience, the city offers you Oceanfront hotels that guarantee you a luxury rest.

Great Wall Marathon, Tianjin, China
If your bucket list includes a visit to Great Wall of China and you are a sports enthusiast, then this long-distance running race is meant for you. Unlike other race routes, this course has many slopes and descents due to its unique structure and landmark status. It begins next to the village of Huangyaguan, passes through northeast of Beijing, and goes directly to the Wall. While running the ascents and descents of the millennia-old structure, you are sure to enjoy panoramic views of China’s countryside.

Race day: May 17, 2014
Where to Stay: The best way to book an accommodation (unless you are a citizen of China) is to take the help of a travel agent. There are plenty of tour and travel companies that offer you a reasonable package, including accommodation, breakfast, and transportation.

No matter which destination you choose to run a marathon, this guide includes all the information you need, including date, accommodation, and the official website.
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