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Reaching the City of London from UK

         > How to reach the City of London from Manchester?

         > How to reach the City of London from Brighton?
         > How to reach the City of London from Leeds?

Getting Around in the City of London

         > Navigating your way in the City of London via London Tube
         > Travelling Via Boats
         > Discovering the City by Foot – feeding your Lust for Adventure!

Managing your Stay in the City of London

         > Accommodations near Popular London Stops
         > Hotels near London Airports
         > Hotels near Railway Stations

Accommodations in the City of London

         > Hotels in City of London with Parking
         > Cheap hotels in the City of London
         > 5-star hotels in the City of London
         > Secret Hotels in the City of London

Exploring the City of London like No One Else!

         > Explore Barbican like Never Before  
         > Rush to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral and JUST BE!
         > Hold an Actual Gold Bar at the Bank of England!!!
         > Attend Free Lectures at the Gresham College
         > Visit the Sky Scrapper Corporate Buildings – if you can!
         > Attend the Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London!
         > Shop till you Drop! – Why Not?
         > Pubs, Bars and Eating Joints in the City of London

So, Get Set and Go!

London is one of those rare cities in the world that has struck the right balance between development and culture. And if you are intrigued by either of the three – London’s rich culture, London’s progress, or just London for that matter, there is one small area that encompasses the cream of it all. Welcome to the City of London – one of those rare places that seems to just have it all!

City of London Skyline Main Image

Travellers and even Londoners, often confuse the City of London with the London city, however, there is a difference! While the city of London is what we have today, it is from the City of London that it all started. Romans set up their shops and built that mighty wall here! And even though a lot has changed over the span of 2000 years, the City still flaunts its old boundaries, and still exerts an upper hand on business. Albeit the migrations of the glitz and glitterati towards the west – especially to the City of Westminster and the West End, the City still remains the epicentre of trade in London. Colloquially known as the Square Mile, it comprises London’s greatest trade centres and sky-scrapper buildings, including the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England and the Baltic Shipping Exchange.

Besides, as we mentioned in the very beginning, the City offers the best of culture and contemporary growth. So once you have cracked that million dollar deal, or have landed yourself the dream job, in the square mile, you may want to drawn in the cathartically magnificent St. Paul Cathedral or marvel at the magnificent Barbican Centre, and the likes.

Reaching the City of London from UK

Over the past few years, we have noticed an increasing trend of people travelling from UK to London. Better work opportunities despite the global slump and a rich history of the place are two strong reasons behind the same. If your ambition is not letting you stay put in the premises of your city, and you would really want to hit it big, the City of London is your calling.
While travelling to the City of London, here are some of the options that you may want to explore. London is easily accessible from every popular medium of transportation – one can easily hike a coach or train ride to the capital. Besides, you can also opt for the easiest and the fastest way to reach London, i.e. by booking yourself a flight to London. And if you are coming from the near neighbourhood, you may take on the roads and travel in the comforts of your car, while exploring the picturesque countryside locales along the way.

Now, if you need any help in arranging a good lodging around any of the popular London locales, you may visit our accommodations in City of London section right now. However, if you are planning your travel from Manchester, Leeds or Brighton, to the City of London, you might just want to hang in there a little bit more. Join us, as we discuss the popular means of transportation bridging the City of London with Manchester, Leeds and Brighton.
How to reach the City of London from Manchester?

From Manchester to City of London

Managing your travel from Manchester to the City is probably the easiest. There is hardly 200 miles separating the two locations, and you may either opt for a flight, train or bus to reach the City gates. We are obviously not including the travel by car – but if in case you do plan to travel by car, we bring for you a lot of good hotels with parking facility, in the City of London. 

Travel options between Manchester and London

1.    Fly – You can easily find a number of flights linking Manchester Airport and London Heathrow. We do suggest that you book well in advance, in order to enjoy amazing discounts on your flight rates. A lot of travellers opt for the British Airways, but feel free to choose your desired flight. One can easily make their way from London Heathrow to the City of London, via several options. We shall discuss about them later.

2.    Trains – A 2 hour long and comfortable train journey connects Manchester to London Euston. Virgin Trains is one such services, connecting Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston. You can easily plan your weekend getaways to London via this option. From London Euston, reaching the City of London is fairly simple. We shall discuss more about that in our Getting Around the City of London section. However, if you wish to enjoy great discounts on your train tickets, keep following the charts 90 days in advance.

3.    London Coaches / Buses – coaches are nothing but buses meant for London routes. You may also book a coach from Manchester coach station, which would easily lead you to Victoria Coach Station in London. It is definitely the cheapest of the travel options here, and also the slowest; hence make your decision wisely.

How to reach the City of London from Brighton?

From Brighton to the City of London

If you are travelling from Brighton to London, there are two very nice options available to you. To begin with, you may hatch a bus ride, which will drop you to the Victoria Coach Station. From Victoria station, which is in Westminster, it is very easy for you to reach the city of London – either via public transports, or a private taxi hire. If you are looking for the lowest pricing means of transport, do book your coach journey from Brighton Coach Station. Tickets are also available online.

Alternatively, you may also hop on to a train ride to reach the British Capital. There are several options available for you to restfully reach London. First Capital Connect, Southern, Southeastern etc, every railway network have the trains planned out between Brighton and London.

Besides, the Southern railway is another nice option to reach London Victoria Station. Even Thameslink connects passengers to the Bedford – London St. Pancras International Station. Lastly, if you hop on to Southeastern, you would reach London Cannon Street.

Also, if you need to plan your stay around any of these stations, please refer our Managing your Stay in the City of London section.

How to reach the City of London from Leeds?

From Leeds to City of London

Planning your travel from Leeds to London is again, quite easy. Travellers have the option of Coaches, Trains and Flights available to them. With only 194 miles separating Leeds from London, one can also plan a car journey. However, if you are coming by car, you might want to check into any of the luxury hotel with Spa in London, so as to unwind and relax from the strenuous drive.

If you do not want to spend much time in reaching London, book yourself a flight. Leeds Bradford International Airport will fly you down to London in a jiffy, and you would be able to get down to business right away.

You can also opt for the East Coast train from Leeds station towards London Kings Cross. The train journey wouldn’t be as fast as the plane, obviously, but is a preferred option if you wish to save on money and time both.

Lastly, we have the coaches running from Leeds Coach Station towards London Victoria Coach Station. Although the journey takes the maximum time, it is often the cheapest, comprising several countryside scenic locations on the way.

Lastly, you can find amazingly discounted stay options near popular stations. Explore our Accommodations section for more.

Getting Around in the City of London

City of London Map

City of London exists in the central part of the British Capital. Naturally, it enjoys a well-designed transportation channel. You may reach the City premises via tube, train and boats – yes, we actually mean boats!

The City of London is only a few minutes’ drive away from the London City Airport. Even if your flight is scheduled at other airports, you would easily find the connecting routes via London Underground, buses and private taxis.

Since most of the flights to London from UK are scheduled at the Heathrow Airport, one can hop on to the tube ride and reach the City. Heathrow Airport has three tube stations, one for terminal 1, 2 and 3 and 1 each for terminals 4 and 5. Each of these stations would lead you to the different tube stations of the City, as discussed below.

Navigating your way in the City of London via London Tube

City of London Tube Stations Including Barbican, Liverpool Street, St Pauls and Bank Station

Several tube stations in the vicinity of the City of London make it quite easy for everyone to reach here. To begin with, The Bank Station is one of the easily accessible London Underground station enabling visitors to reach the City. The station functions on the Waterloo, City Central and Northern lines and the DLR. The station is further linked to the Monument Station via an underground walkway. Furthermore, the Monument Station functions on the Circle and the District Lines.

Another station clearing way to the City of London is the Barbican Centre. This station is ideal if you are travelling via Circle, Metropolitan, City or Hammersmith lines. Besides, even Moorgate provides an access to the City, and is accessible via Circle, City, Hammersmith, Northern and Metropolitan lines. However, if you opt for the Liverpool Street Station, you may get a lot of shopping done, and yet remain walking distance away from the City of London. One may reach this station via Central, Hammersmith, Circle, City and the Metropolitan Lines. Moreover, it is the closest tube link available to the central London. One can easily find a number of taxis and buses going towards the central parts of London.

If you would like to reach the north-west parts of the City, the Old Street station, operating on the northern lines, is your friend. The St Paul’s Station would consequently lead you to the west of the city, and also close to one of the most epic and wonderful churches in London, the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Lastly, we cannot emphasise on the importance of an Oyster Travel Card for the tourists in London. A simple travel card available mostly at tourist information centres, tube stations, airports and various popular London attractions, saves a lot of your time and money while travelling. You may earn great rebates on your travel fares, and need not even stand in long queues – and while you are visiting London, that is really something.

Yes, you can travel to City via Boats too!!!

Travelling to City of London by Boats

If you are visiting London for the first time, you should know that the Thames is a beautiful river. The big water body that you must have seen, while navigating through the pictures of the Big Ben and the London Eye, is this river only. Now, there are 2 piers providing regular services to the city via a boat ride over the river Thames. If you are coming from the west, reach the Blackfriars Millennium Pier to find your boat ride leading to the City. Travellers from the east would therefore have to reach the Tower Millennium Pier, and the rest would be taken care of.
Discovering the City by Foot – feeding your Lust for Adventure!

Walking Around the City of London

The City is best discovered on foot. Since it is hardly a square mile in area, you can actually cover a lot of attractions on foot, accompanied probably by your favourite cup of coffee or hot Belgium chocolate. Adventurers and explorers have a fascinating time, being out on the streets of the City of London. The entire area exudes quite a chaotic and medieval plan, and hence one can find a lot of secret passages and narrow ways diverging from the main roads. You might want to buy a detailed map from the tourist information centre and feed your pursuit of adventure in the streets of the square mile, branching out like the roots of a mighty tree.

Managing your Stay in the City of London
One of the biggest worries of any traveller is a feasible place for accommodation. You may or may not have your family living in the City of London. Even if you do have, you might not want to cause them discomfort. People living in big cities have a particular routine and framework. You going and staying with them might just disrupt the living cycle they have grown accustomed to. And if you are worried about the same, do not be! Because we, as one of the most reliable hotel booking experts in London, bring to you a range of comfortable and budget accommodations in and around the City of London.  The first part of this section deals with your stay near various popular stations and stoppages in London – including the airports, train and coach stations. The second part is where we discuss various budget and 5-star hotels in the City of London, along with several deals and discount offers.
Accommodations Near Popular London Stops

Travelling to London might get a bit taxing sometimes, and hence if you would just like to take it easy on yourself, we bring you several stay options near various stops in London. A stay near there popular stops would help you to manage your trip better. Besides, since these stops are well connected with popular means of transport, you can easily take care of your travel in and around the British Capital.
Hotels near London Airports

Cheap and Luxury Hotels Near London Heathrow Airport

If you are travelling via airways, you would want to stay at a hotel near the airports. This way, you can relax and discover London at your own pace. The accommodations come in handy more so, when you have flights scheduled at odd hours. It is always a nice idea to stay at a hotel near to airports for the night, and then perhaps move on to other parts of the city. Arora International Heathrow is a 4-star hotel near Heathrow Terminal tube stations, providing free internet and parking facilities along with a comfortable stay. You may reach the station easily via Heathrow Terminal 1, 2, 3 tube station and Heathrow terminal 4 Tube station. Besides, the hotel is within 2 miles from the West Drayton Railway station. Guests in the hotel may also indulge in a game of billiards or relax with the massage facility here. The hotel charges a mere GBP 12 per day for parking, and also offers a fully equipped fitness centre, hence allowing guests to not miss out on their health regimen.
Furthermore, the Sofitel London Heathrow is a 5-star hotel providing a comfortable stay with sauna, fitness centre and spa facilities. If you are tired after a long flight, you can easily check into this luxury hotel close to various Heathrow terminals, and enjoy a restful stay.

And that’s not all. You can find several cheap, luxurious and 5-star lodgings near London Heathrow here. And if you are travelling via some other airport, find accommodations near popular London airports here!

Hotels near Railway Station

Hotels and accommodations near London Railway Train Stations

Your train journey might get you exhausted. If that is the case and you cannot wait to relax as soon as you reach London, you may opt for a number of hotels, boutiques and other accommodations near popular railway stations. And since most of these stations are in central London, you would not miss much of your sightseeing and other activities. If this sounds pragmatic to you, check our several options near popular railway stations in London.

Firstly, King’s Cross and St Pancras International Station share the same neighbourhood. So, if you are travelling by either one of these stations, you may opt for the Lancaster Hotel situated close to British Museum and Trafalgar Square. The hotel offers an easy connectivity to the Russell Square Tube Station, working on the Piccadilly line. Enjoy the best of comforts and stay very close to the City of London and other central London locations, including Bloomsbury and the West End, by reserving your stay in this hotel. You may further find several multiple priced accommodations near the King’s Cross here.
Now, if you are making your way to the British Capital via London Victoria, we bring to you a low costing hotel offering a plethora of services. Olympic Victoria hotel is a budget option near London Victoria, offering free Wi-Fi access and continental breakfast with the stay. Moreover, the hotel is also close to the station offering direct trains to the Gatwick Airport. You would actually save a lot on your budget by opting for this compelling accommodation. We further invite you to check out several other stay options near London Victoria station here.

Lastly, we shall provide you with a nice stay option, if you are travelling via London Euston Station. Providing an overtly comfortable stay, Grange Fitzrovia Hotel is a 4-star accommodation near Madame Tussaud’s and Regent’s Park Tube Station. With British Museum, Trafalgar Square and the City of London being right in the vicinity, this is the ideal point of stay for you. If you would like to explore several other accommodations near London Euston, click here.

Accommodations in the City of London
Now if you are keen on visiting the City providing the delectable cocktail of culture and contemporary growth, we shall provide you with several interesting accommodations in the city of London as well. We have further sorted out these accommodations under several categories, so that you can easily find the stay that you are looking for.
Hotels in City of London with Parking

City of London Hotels with Parking

If you are driving down to the city of London, obviously you need a hotel that provides parking facilities. However, since the City is a centralized area, and flaunts a daily turnovers surmounting to trillions of dollars, it is kind of difficult to find a hotel providing free parking. And yet we have shortlisted several hotels offering the same facility at reduced prices. Firstly, Think Tower Bridge is a cheap hotel in City of London offering free Wi-Fi and parking facilities at GBP 10 per day. However, if you are looking for something lavish and truly spectacular, we have got another option for you. Andaz Liverpool Street London, is 5-star hotel under the Hyatt Brand, providing parking at GBP 40 per day. The hotel, with its near vicinity to the Liverpool Street and Aldgate tube stations, along with London Dungeon and Tower Bridge, is an ideal point for your stay. Luxury comes alive as you step into the Victorian building of this cutting-edge hotel. The rooms are fitted with plasma TVs, organic minibars, iPod docking stations, and ergonomic working chairs, while the modish bathrooms flaunt toiletries from REN. Guests may also indulge in a sauna or massage therapy at the hotel, or visit the fitness centre to keep their health goals in check.  You may settle for either of the two hotels, and enjoy a pleasant time in London.

Cheap hotels in the City of London

City of London Cheap Hotels

If you feel overwhelmed with the costs of stay in the City, we bring you some low-priced options as well. For starters, the Mad Hatter Hotel near Southwark provides a budgeted stay close to the London Eye. You may opt for this hotel, either owing to its interesting name, or its easy connectivity to the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and the London Waterloo Railway Station. The hotel is also walking distance from the St. Paul’s Cathedral, and hence offers a delightful experience in the City of London.
Additionally, London City Hotel is another cheap option close to London Bridge and London Dungeon. Hotel guests may also visit the Tate Modern located close by, and easily access the Borough and London Bridge tube stations.

You may opt for either of these hotels. However, we suggest you wait until reading the Secret Hotel Deals below. Our secret hotel deals would get you a confirmed stay in a luxury hotel, with up to 40% of discounts on the same. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss out on such a promising opportunity.

5-star hotels in the City of London

City of London 5-star Hotel Grange St Paul

When you are in a place that is synonymous with luxury and opulence, you ought to stay in a luxurious hotel. Besides, lavish accommodations in the City of London are actually worth their salt. Providing a stay filled with luxury features, near various popular attractions, these hotels redefine the entire concept for luxury for the guests.

The 5-starred Grange St. Paul Hotel, close to the St Paul Cathedral and St Paul Tube Station, offers a luxurious stay that still remains completely unrivalled by any other hotel. Sharing neighbourhoods with the St Paul Cathedral, the hotel is also pretty close to the Tate Modern, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge. Offering stellar views of the City of London, this hotel excels in transcending a powerful luxurious experience. Going the extra mile in taking care of the guests, the hotel provides high-end fitness and wellness facilities. Guests may indulge in a comforting and meditative spa and sauna experience, or enjoy a high-paced workout, along with an affluent Jacuzzi bath. Besides, one can always relax at the luxury indoor pool, enjoy intoxicating times at the various splendid indoor bars, and taste the mouth-watering delicacies at its Globe or Novello restaurant.
Alternatively, St. Martin’s Lane is another popular 5-star hotel in Central London, minutes away from Covent Garden and Leicester Square Tube station. Close to the London Eye, this opulent hotel offers a compelling stay in the heart of London, flaunting a lot of modish facilities. Guests may utilize the 24-hour available gym, or avail the parking facility priced at GBP 40 per day.

Secret Hotels in the City of London

Secret Hotels in City of London

And finally, we come to a stay option that is going to help you save a lot of your money while enjoying a luxury stay! As your reliable hotel booking experts, we bring to you a myriad of secret hotel deals in London.

Book this 5-star hotel as a hidden gem to enjoy breath taking views of the Tower of London and the St Paul’s Cathedral. Conjuring up a delightful panorama of the London skyline, to be savoured immaculately by the guests, the hotel offers every luxury facility, such as an indoor luxury pool, gymnasium, spa and the likes.
Our next option is another 5-star hotel available at discounted prices in the heart of central London. The hotel is close to British Museum, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, and is famous for its luxury spa and sauna. Moreover, the hotel is just a short walk away from the Holborn tube station, and hence offers an effortless stay. Guests may also savour the expert Japanese cuisines at the hotel, and indulge in a few drinks at the indoor bar.
You may opt for either of these two hotels, and we guarantee you discounts up to 40%. It is virtually impossible to enjoy up to 40% of discounts at a luxury accommodation in London. Hence do not let the name of the hotel hold you back! Book your stay now, and upon confirmation, you would receive each and every detail of the hotel.

Exploring the City of London like No One Else!

If you are looking for things to do in the City of London, the following list is going to help you A LOT! – Seriously! Not bragging! Even if you do have your days planned out in the City, do go through our list anyway. You might want to replace items on your itinerary with the options that we have, so painstakingly, laid out for you below.
Also, note that though we were tempted to include the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London in this list, but technically these attractions are not part of the City. Wondering what all you can do in a Square Mile of a land, here is your complete list.

Explore Barbican like Never Before

Barbican Centre in the City of London

Barbican Centre was a gift by the City of London to the rest of the world. As the leading centre for performing arts, the structure continues to captivate and inspire the spectators. If you would like to unravel this marvel better, book yourself an Architecture tour to this wonder. The tours are intended to appreciate the planning behind this post-war structure. Besides, there is also a Hidden Barbican Tour, covering all the mystery and otherwise hidden spaces in the Barbican. Surely, it would be an afternoon well spent, getting to discover Barbican like that. Nearest tube station to this epic structure is the Barbican, quite obviously.
Rush to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral and JUST BE!

St Pauls Cathedral in City of London

Without dwelling into the depths of existentialism and all of that jazz, you still want to be on top of this magnificent monument. We all know about the catharsis experience guaranteed at this Cathedral. It is also common knowledge that church holds the tombs of Wellington, Nelson and Christopher Wren. However, one is yet to discover the beauty of London skyline from the zenith of the St. Paul’s. And quite frankly, we cannot clad that experience in the mere shreds of our words. Just be up there, and just be! You’ll discover the magic that we talk about here yourself.

Hold an Actual Gold Bar at the Bank of England!!!

Gold Bar in Bank of England

The Bank of England at the Threadneedle Street, although is not as mammoth as the British Museum, but still offers a delightful experience. This museum, however, offers a cosy and educating experience, holding talks about recession and the likes. Besides, you can look at various banknotes – old or new, and yes, get to ACTUALLY hold a gold bar in your hands! Isn’t that just wow? Visit the Bank of England close to the Bank tube station, and you may as well enjoy a laidback, sophisticated date – just saying!

Attend Free Lectures at the Gresham College

Okay, if you think you are too old for lectures, better just hang out at the pubs and bars, or go take a hike at the Soho neighbourhood of the city of London. However, if you would like to listen to wonderful speakers sharing their beautiful insights on a wide spectrum of topics, this is a thing for you to do. Right off the Chancery Lance tube station, Gresham College holds free public lectures each week during the term time. You may ring at +44 20 7831 0575 for more details.

Visit the Sky Scrapper Corporate Buildings – if you can!

City of London Sky-scrapper buildings

The Lloyds of London, the Gherkin and the Willis Building, are all part of the tall sky-scrappers in the City of London. Gherkin is what you get to see each time any movie or TV series shows London skyline. And although there are times when the buildings are open for visiting, do consider yourself lucky if you just get in there – especially if you do not have an appointment. The security is pretty tight around these places, so do abide by the security provisions.

Attend the Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London!

Lord Mayor

Attend the Lord Mayor’s Show, usually in the month of November, and witness a procession like never before. Celebrations are held to acknowledge the appointment of a new Lord Mayor to the City of London, the annual procession is simply breath-taking – with all the vibrant colours, high adrenaline energy, and the pomp and show characteristic to the City of London.

Shop till you Drop! – why not?

When it comes to shopping in London, Oxford Street and Regent’s Street bag the crown hands down. However, there are several refreshing shopping streets in the City of London, famous for their deals and bargains.

City of London Shopping

To begin with, it is a completely new experience in itself when you visit the Leadenhall Market in the City of London. It is perhaps the most beautiful market place carrying the reminiscence of the Victorian Era. Besides, this is the same market that was used as the Diagon Alley and entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in the Harry Potter movie series.  Fascinating right? Visit this magical market place, right off the Monument Tube Station and ready to get enchanted with the sheer charm of the place.

And for all of your contemporary shopping needs, we have got the One New Change shopping centre for you. Just off the St. Paul’s tube station, this shopping place is situated right next to the mighty St. Paul’s Cathedral. You can get most of your daily utility and gift and souvenirs stuff from here, without much of a strain.
Besides, if you can, just go a little off the City and Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street Station will let you grab some of the most envious bargains.

However, we do have one suggestion for all the shopping enthusiasts engaging in retail therapy in the City of London. Please resist your shopping impulses during lunch hours, as that is the time where most of the working professionals get out shopping vociferously.

Pubs, Bars and Eating Joints in the City of London

Vertigo 42 Bar in City of London

Although it is quite easy to find pubs and bars and cafes while walking along the lanes of the City, there are several places that have caught the fancy of the many. If you are looking for the perfect bar, and do not mind splurging the money that it warrants, visit the Vertigo 42 at the Old Broad Street. Yes, the prices out there can make a weary heart cry, but then, when it comes to the scintillating views of the London skyline, every penny is completely worth it. If while being in the City of London, you want nothing but the best, this is the place where you are ought to be!

And well, since you would not want to visit the same place time and again, there are several other pubs and joints that you may haunt. Anthologist, for instance, is an edgy and metropolitan bar with comfortable cocktail lounges, restaurant bar, wine shops and rustic delis.

Besides, one may also visit the Counting House sometime. Although the pub was once a bank, it is today a grand joint, with smashingly huge mirrors and ornate railings and whatnot! Lastly, the Seven Stars pub, just besides the Royal Courts Justice is our personal favourite. It is quite easy on pocket, and delivers a nice and friendly experience.

So, Get Set and Go!

Visit London

That is the best of the City of London. However, if you have a weekend trip or a long holiday, you might want to get out of here for a while and explore other neighbourhoods as well. Go west towards Trafalgar Square, Soho and the West End, and you can party and shop till you drop! Besides, do gift yourself a selfie at various London attractions in the Westminster. You need to get a picture at least with the London Eye or Big Ben in the background! And if you have any queries regarding your travel or stay in and around City of London, do not forget to write to us.

Do share your opinions about this travel guide with us in the comments section below! Until next time, adieus!
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