Your Guide Book to Not Annoying Locals When in London

Okay travellers! You might have noticed or not, but there are certain rules to travelling – and that goes much beyond packing your passport! When you are travelling in London (or any place else,) there are certain rules you have got to follow. That is, if you wouldn’t want to appear silly in a foreign land, and would really like to get along well with the locals.

We recently stumbled upon a video online – you know how the stuff goes when you are just surfing, right? So this interesting video, in very light humour briefs upon the stuff that tourists do in England, which really get on the nerves of the locals. Obviously, if you are planning on visiting the land of Shakespeare, the Bronte Sisters and of course, Austen, it might help for you to read this. Let us all be civil and friendly, and pay heed to the local culture while visiting London.

Visiting London: The Rule Book!

We do not mean to sound like Nazis, but if you follow through some of these below mentioned rules, you would have a pretty nice sailing in London. The thoughts are expressed in the video, and we believe belong to the people being interviewed. Just saying, please don’t sue us! We are just your friendly hotel booking partners, providing you with the rather fetching deals on your London stay! Anyway, here comes the rulebook:

1. The Rules while travelling in Train

Buying your Oyster card is one of the most memorable experience while visiting London, we know! When you actually hold that small rectangular plastic card in your hands, it’s a confirmation that you finally are in London now! However, as you commence upon your first memorable train ride in London tube or over ground, please be aware of this one rule!

When on the escalator, stand on the right side. That is because people would walk down the escalator on the Left side. And if somehow you just end up STANDING on the LEFT side, Londoners might just go all “THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!” on you. And obviously, you wouldn’t like that now, would you?

2. Please Don’t Stop! Just please, Keep Moving!

Well, you see, the frustration on the mate’s face is almost tangible. So don’t do that! Yeah, we know Oxford Street and Regent’s Street and Soho (wink wink) are pretty alluring places, and you would want to slow down and have your fill of the shops, but remember to always keep on moving. This holds true, even if you are just exploring the street art of Shoreditch. Ensure that you leave enough space for the crowd to walk by smoothly, even if you have to stop. And keep the polite “pardon me” handy, you might be requiring it more than once while out on the streets.

Another Expert Tip: While you are walking down the road, remember to keep on the right. The left side belongs to the traffic.

And yes, an Obvious Tip: One of the pleasantly appalled local advises tourists to NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. “Why would you do that in the first place?” she asks, while breaking into a laughter spree.

3. Do not go on a clicking spree!

Seriously! Just chill on the photos guys! One of the most annoying habits of the tourists is that they can just not stop clicking photos. Yeah, we know London is a fascinating place, and you are probably out on your own, and you absolutely want a selfie in the Westminster – because well, otherwise how would people know you are in the British capital?! However, if you feel comfortable, and would not want to come across a wannabe or a git, just control your urge for Selfie. And the video throws another expert trip from the locals, to help you tame that clicking binging.

Expert Tip: Dont take photos of literally everything. Just search Google images.

Besides, this would help with your not stopping in the middle sort of a thing.  

4. Know the correct pronunciation of Leicester Square and other stuff!

Leicester Square is one of the most mispronounced words in London. As this one local point out, certain words are said differently than they are said. The point is to get your pronunciation right. We often suggest friends to keep Merriam Webster readily available in their smart-phones, just to know the correct pronunciation and meaning of what you are saying. Besides, use Google if you aren’t sure.

P.S. No, Google is NOT paying us any sort of money for writing this post.  

5. Enough of “Oh is the Queen Home?”

While visiting Buckingham Palace, try not to ask the locals if the Queen is home. Even though she would love for you to visit the Royal Capital, it is a bit hard for her to make herself available each time you decide to drop by. Enjoy the Palace – it is quite exquisite! But the Queen might not be able to make. So, sorry for the disappointment mate!

Besides, you do not have to opt for the lunch and the afternoon tea in the Palace. That is, if you (ahem, your pocket,) does not feel like. You see, that is one of those fancy things that the rich Chelsea people do. The locals no better places to spend less and have more gratification! Hence, decide mate! Your money, your rules!

6. Know your British Dessert

Just as Carrie Bradshaw could tell, a lady was not from New York, owing to a little scrunchie she was wearing, locals have their way of identifying as well. British people eat Sticky Toffee Pudding. Tourists eat Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice-cream! Yeah, it is that easy to differentiate.

However, the same rule applies! Your Pudding, Your Rules! We are literally JUST Saying.

7. Try leaving OTT behind as you gear up for London

Yeah, we know it is exciting to be in London! And yes, we also find British Men total drool-worthy stuff! And of course that British Accent! We know what it does to people...what it does to us. But let’s just calm ourselves and keep our hormones under the generally acceptable levels.

Yes, you can still be over the top! Dress loudly, make all the Ninja moves while talking to someone over the call, go all like “yeah Yeah YEAH!!” as you call your chum back home. You are the ultimate decision maker here. But, like we said in the beginning, if you would like to mingle well with the local crowds; if you want to be friendly and welcoming and polite, these are some of the things you can start taking care of from now on.

For everything else, you can rely on us! Are you visiting London sometime soon? Would you like to stay in a Central London hotel? Or do you have your accommodation figured out? How interested are you in exploring some of the secret saver deals on a luxurious 5-star stay in London? Are you looking for some specific area guides? Is there any other information you require from us? Please feel free to contact us for anything you think we can assist you with. Happy London-ing to you!

P.S. Watch the much talked about video here:

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