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Budget Hotels London

London is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world especially for a holiday, however the concept of budget London hotels have made it easier for travellers. Suitability depends upon one’s planned activities, interests and of course budget. Those travelling under a budget constraint can hire hotel rooms at discounted deals. Although, the hotels are known to be budget, they provide a convenient accommodation base for tourists without compromising on comfort and quality standards. Most of these accommodations are lying at superior locations near to famous London landmarks. Londonhotels4u.com brings an array of well accepted budget hotels at attractive deals and t more..hese are sure to serve all kinds of travellers whether business or leisure. less..

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Hotel Name Distance ( Mi.)Guest
Starting From(GBP)
Lambeth0.682GBP 30.00
Westminster0.663GBP 40.00
Westminster0.582GBP 64.00
Newham0.763GBP 49.95
East End0.572GBP 35.00
Westminster0.73GBP 45.00
Lambeth0.723GBP 79.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.63GBP 49.00
Westminster0.572GBP 29.00
0.763GBP 57.00
0.652GBP 34.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.623GBP 40.00
Westminster0.683GBP 55.00
Westminster0.613GBP 37.00
Westminster0.693GBP 79.00
Westminster0.543GBP 29.00
Westminster0.573GBP 44.00
Westminster0.663GBP 52.00
Camden0.772GBP 77.00
Westminster0.763GBP 72.00
Bloomsbury0.813GBP 76.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.743GBP 54.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.693GBP 58.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.532GBP 49.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.663GBP 75.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.773GBP 59.00
Westminster0.643GBP 51.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.643GBP 55.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.663GBP 67.50
Westminster0.763GBP 39.00
Brent0.783GBP 60.00