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Cheap  Hotels London

A wide range of cheap hotels in London can be traced despite of the fact that London is one of the most expensive cities on the globe. Many people travelling to the capital city for a holiday, prefer to cut down on their accommodation costs rather than cutting down on fun. Therefore, they choose from a huge collection of cheap hotel deals which include descent rooms at best rates. The popularity of these kinds of hotels in UK has increased over the years. If you are looking out for a short family stay, Londonhotels4u offers the cheapest hotels in the city. There are many hostels in London too which cater to such requirements without any compromise in the quality of services more.. offered. less..

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Hotel Name Distance ( Mi.)Guest
Starting From(GBP)
Lambeth0.682GBP 30.00
Westminster0.582GBP 64.00
Brent0.71GBP 34.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.590GBP 54.00
Westminster0.572GBP 29.00
0.790GBP 45.00
00GBP 60.00
0.30GBP 50.00
0.652GBP 34.00
Camden0.70GBP 75.00
Hammersmith and Fulham0.71GBP 29.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.631GBP 39.00
Westminster0.530GBP 34.00
Camden0.772GBP 77.00
Camden0.710GBP 35.00
East End0.572GBP 35.00
Kensington and Chelsea0.532GBP 49.00
Westminster0.620GBP 50.00