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Placed at a key location in the City of London, Barbican is the paradise for anyone enthusiastic about performing talent and art. Its Barbican Centre is dedicated solely to performing arts, and is the largest establishment of its kind in the entire Europe. Its strategic location within the City of London makes Barbican a key place to stay for a lot of business travellers and otherwise. Quite naturally then, the Barbican Hotels are quite popular amongst various global visitors and enthusiasts.

We at Londonhotels4u.com have enlisted several fitting accommodations around Barbican. These lodgings are located at a convenient distance from the Barbican Centre, and also are
more.. surrounded by various popular central London locations. You may search for your preferred stay from our exhaustive list of boutiques, B&B, budgeted hotels to luxury hotels with multiple stars ratings. Book your stay now, and enjoy making huge savings on your stay.

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Book Hotels near London Barbican

Barbican is an important location in the City of London. It’s Barbican Centre is a marvellous establishment. If you wish to stay moments away from this distinguished establishment, we at Londonhotels4u.com have got good news for you. We have painstakingly shortlisted a number of accommodations around the Barbican for you to choose from. Besides, each of these lodgings is listed at their lowest available prices. You may browse through the list of stay options below and select your preferred accommodation. Book your stay with us now, and you wouldn’t even have to pay any booking charges.

Hotels in Barbican with Parking

If parking is an important factor for you to consider while booking your accommodation near Barbican Centre, we have got several hotels listed with us offering parking. However, the parking is chargeable as per the policies of the hotel management. Crowne Plaza London – Shoreditch offers valet parking facilities, along with ravishing meals at Globe Restaurant at the top floor. You may unwind completely and enjoy breathtaking views of the city, by confirming your stay in this hotel. Further, you may also opt for the luxury hotel Hilton London Islington, which offers private parking on site, at GBP 40.80 per day.

Hotels in Barbican with Wi-Fi

With the rampant technological advancements, Wi-Fi has undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. Certain hotels around Barbican go out of the mile to ensure you never go out of touch. If you require uninterrupted internet access, you can opt for the budgeted Montana Excel hotel, located near Trafalgar Square, in the Argyle Square. Along with its close vicinity to the mainline tube and train stations, the hotel also offers a chic and fashionable stay. Additionally, you may also go for the Clarendon boutique hotel in Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Situated close to Trafalgar Square and British Museum, this beautiful boutique themed hotel also offers free internet access.

Hotels in Barbican with Breakfast

It is a luxury in itself to stay at an amazing hotel in London and get served with breakfast in the room. There are various accommodations in London that ensure you enjoy a hearty breakfast. The Waverley House Hotel near Russell Square and British Museum offers scrumptious breakfast right in your room. Visitors can easily relax in the tranquil luxurious environment in the heart of London and enjoy the view of private gardens while enjoying their meals. Alternatively, one can also opt for the reasonably priced Premier Inn London County Hall Hotel near South Bank, on the Belvedere Road. Hotel guests may select from a wide selection of breakfast, including the vegetarian sausages, and delightful continental cuisines. Besides, 2 children, when accompanied by 2 adults, get to enjoy breakfast for free.

Hotels in Barbican with Pool

There are various luxurious hotels near Barbican Centre offering an overly indulging stay. If you would like to relish a luxury pool, along with spa, sauna, gym and more, opt for the Grange Holborn Hotel, located in the Southampton Row. The hotel shares neighbourhood with key central London locations like Trafalgar Square, Russell square and the Barbican Centre. Owing to its lavish facilities and central location, the hotel is a favourite of many business and family travellers. Besides, if you would like to explore your options, we have got another luxurious counterpart for you. Located a stone’s throw away from the St. Paul Cathedral, Grange St Paul Hotel enriches your stay with pool, spa, massage, fitness facilities and more. The guests also enjoy an easy access to the Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Tate Modern. You may reserve either one of these hotels to enjoy the highest standards of magnificence and panache.

Things to Do near Barbican

Barbican Centre is located in the heart of the City of London, and hence shares neighbourhood with every major tourist site in central London. From enjoying an evening at the Trafalgar Square, to visiting the beautiful Palace of Westminster and London Eye towards the evening, there’s never a dull moment in Barbican. Besides, if you intend to relish your senses with some mind-boggling performances, book the tickets for the show at the Barbican Centre. Moreover, do boo your stay near Barbican Centre and visit the popular St. Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of London and Royal Albert Hall.

If you would like to stay near the King’s Cross Railway Station, opt for Hotel Meridiana, located in the Argyle Square. Along with offering a warm and comfortable stay, the accommodation offers easy accessibility to several charming central London attractions. Visitors often relish visiting British Museum, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square and more, while staying in the hotel.

However, if you expect higher standards of opulence from your stay, we provide you with an interesting option. As a new Hyatt Brand, Andaz Liverpool Street London Hotel offers the most luxurious stay with free Wi-Fi access and landline calls. Located on Liverpool Street, close to Tower of London and London Dungeons, the hotel offers sauna, spa and other fitness services. Each of the rooms contains Eames chair and ergonomic work stations, hence offering the most comfortable stay to guests.

And if ever you feel like losing yourself in the lap of nature, we have a charming beautiful accommodation for you. Reserve your stay near Covent Garden and Bloomsbury at the Grange Blooms Hotel and relish the quiet sophistication of the neighbourhood. Situated at a short distance away from the Russell Square station, a stay in this hotel is quintessentially charming.

You may further discover several other attractive hotels and deals around the Barbican Centre. Book your preferred stay with us now, and enjoy attractive deals and savings while visiting the British capital.

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1.650.723GBP 60.00
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1.290.834GBP 117.50
1.260.915GBP 100.00
1.130.813GBP 76.00
1.140.84GBP 76.00
1.320.84GBP 76.00
1.150.814GBP 102.35
1.010.743GBP 65.00
0.680.915GBP 143.75
1.170.754GBP 79.35
1.220.680GBP 15.00
1.880.784GBP 76.00
1.030.815GBP 100.00
1.190.734GBP 76.00
0.520.835GBP 100.00
1.940.794GBP 76.00
1.110.734GBP 76.00
1.120.824GBP 76.00
1.130.845GBP 100.00
1.190.814GBP 76.00
1.410.683GBP 65.00
1.280.70GBP 75.00
1.070.633GBP 55.55
1.170.763GBP 72.00
1.150.730GBP 49.00
1.530.765GBP 155.00
1.740.724GBP 70.50
1.470.772GBP 77.00
1.160.714GBP 82.25
0.500.653GBP 79.70
1.440.814GBP 89.00
1.600.673GBP 95.80
1.790.664GBP 67.85
1.380.734GBP 102.35
1.080.834GBP 55.00
1.480.720GBP 39.00
1.580.783GBP 87.75
1.500.895GBP 144.10
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