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Blackfriars Hotels

Encompassing the perfect charm and delight of the London city is its Blackfriars area. One amongst the leading crowd pullers, this area carries the perfect charm and grace of the Victorian styled settings. A key location for shooting modern day TV series or movies that are set in the Victorian Times, Blackfriars has been creatively used in various productions like Copperfield and Sherlock Holmes. You can revisit the archetype vintage charms of Victorian London by booking your stay at any one of these Blackfriars hotels.

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more..se from. Stay moments away from the culturally rich and royal Westminster and watch the time standstill in the Victorian themes streets and houses, by booking your London stay in Blackfriars. Utilize our lowest price guarantee and Pay-Zero booking fees facility to book your stay now and enjoy smart discounts on your travel.

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Book Hotels near Blackfriars

A relaxed and eventful time in London demands your stay to be near the Blackfriars area. If you are an explorer, or a visitor who has a thing for beauty, you would love your stay in the Blackfriars. Besides, at Londonhotels4u.com, we bring to you a range of cheap, luxury and 5-star hotels, boutiques and bed and breakfast accommodations near the Blackfriars area. We have listed the lowest available prices of each of these lodgings. With our Pay-Zero booking fees facility, you can book any of the preferred hotels in Blackfriars, and enjoy a highly reduced stay in the regal British capital.

Hotels in Blackfriars with Parking

Getting a hotel in Blackfriars with parking facility is often a hard task. There are various hotels that offer parking, but since it is a central London area, it is quite difficult for visitors to find parking for free. You may reserve your stay in the luxurious Athenaeum hotel, and benefit from secure private parking. While paying GBP 38 each day for parking, hotel guests may also indulge in various facilities like spa, Jacuzzi, Turkish Steam Bath and massage facilities. Furthermore, Club Quarters, Trafalgar Square also offers parking in central London, at GBP 2.50 per hour.

Hotels in Blackfriars with Wi-Fi

Internet has undoubtedly become an indispensible part of our lives these days. If you would rather not compromise on the sturdy internet accessibility, we have got just the right set of hotels for you. One can easily find different hotels in Blackfriars with free Wi-Fi connection. For your convenience, The Mabledon Court Hotel in Bloomsbury offers free Wi-Fi access. Along with free internet, hotel guests also enjoy an easy access to various popular London locales like Euston Square, Russell Square and more. Furthermore, enjoy a luxurious stay with free internet by booking the Melia White House Hotel at Albany Street. Flaunting Madame Tussaud’s and Regent’s Park in the neighbourhood, the hotel offers the best of comforts and convenience.

Hotels in Blackfriars with Pool

A lot of travellers like to relax in the tranquil aura of a beautiful clean pool. Providing a great indoor swimming pool is London’s MyHotel Bloomsbury. Their partnership with the YMCA has resulted in a great fitness centre and amazing swimming pool. Guests can unwind completely and indulge in the luxurious facilities available at this hotel. Additionally, Grange City Hotel offers a luxurious stay with pool and more near London Dungeons and Tower Bridge. Located in Cooper’s Row, the hotel is laced with every contemporary facility. Book any of these hotels to enjoy the perfect affluence and luxury that the British Capital has in its store for you.

Hotels in Blackfriars with Breakfast

When in London, a hearty continental or All English breakfast is all that you need to get started in the day. There are various accommodations that make breakfast an integral part of their stay. Opt for the breakfast included stay at Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel and wake up to scrumptious delicacies each morning. Offering an easy access to the Bond Street and Oxford Street, the hotel is just a few moments’ away from National Gallery, Madame Tussaud’s and others. Besides, if you wish to savour continental breakfast each morning book the budgeted Goodwood Hotel. Located close to the St Pancras International, Russell Square and British Museum, the hotel offers you the best value for money.

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1.040.894GBP 109.00
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1.780.693GBP 79.00
1.330.612GBP 45.00
1.940.945GBP 241.00
1.660.723GBP 60.00
1.090.723GBP 79.00
1.060.844GBP 112.70
1.530.733GBP 49.00
1.110.765GBP 155.00
1.180.84GBP 76.00
1.810.64GBP 32.25
1.050.824GBP 76.00
1.060.84GBP 76.00
1.360.915GBP 100.00
1.330.680GBP 15.00
0.970.743GBP 65.00
1.060.813GBP 76.00
0.980.814GBP 102.35
1.850.84GBP 76.00
1.700.784GBP 76.00
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0.950.815GBP 100.00
1.100.814GBP 76.00
1.010.734GBP 76.00
1.820.794GBP 76.00
1.170.845GBP 100.00
0.820.915GBP 143.75
1.030.633GBP 55.55
0.720.763GBP 72.00
1.220.834GBP 55.00
0.880.720GBP 39.00
1.220.683GBP 65.00
1.400.772GBP 77.00
1.010.714GBP 82.25
1.000.70GBP 75.00
1.050.730GBP 49.00
1.870.664GBP 67.85
1.130.653GBP 79.70
1.990.664GBP 113.85
1.190.673GBP 95.80
1.040.814GBP 89.00
1.140.783GBP 87.75
0.960.895GBP 144.10
1.320.734GBP 102.35
1.450.823GBP 105.00
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