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As an integral part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Brompton shares neighbourhood with South Kensington and Sloane Square. A place most preferred by the budding performers and writers, Brompton has been home to a lot of popular personalities. The famous Victoria and Albert museum is at walking distance from Brompton, but that’s not the only highlight of this place. The key attraction comes in the form of two completely contrasting churches, the Italianate strict Roman Catholic Renaissance Church and the Holy Trinity Brompton – the joyous evangelical church. The contrast has often inspired the wonder of a lot of cultural explorers and thinkers of the world. more..r>
Discover the best of this place and remain next door neighbours to South Kensington, by booking your stay in a hotel around Brompton. If you are looking for low priced and luxurious accommodations around Brompton, explore Londonhotels4u.com further to get your hands at the most sought after lodgings. Hurry! Grab our last a minute deals and discounts by booking your stay now!

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Stay where the stars reside! One of the leading London locations, Brompton has been home to a lot of celebrities and artists in the past. Its close proximity to Kensington and Chelsea and other central London locations, make this area an ideal choice for a delightful stay in London. If you are planning a visit to London sometime soon, why not ensure yourself genial times by booking your stay here? At Londonhotels4u.com, we bring to you a wide selection of popular hotels in and around Brompton. We have listed these accommodations at their lowest available prices, and you don’t have to pay any additional charges while making the reservations. Thus, book your stay with us now and enjoy a savings bonanza on your travel.

Hotels in Brompton with Parking

If you wish to stay in an attractive Brompton hotel and park your precious possession in the safe premise of a private parking, you’d have to pay for the same. Since Brompton is one of the many rich and flashy London locations, parking doesn’t come free down here. However, at Londonhotels4u.com, we have shortlisted 2 hotels providing parking facilities at highly reduced prices. The Dabubius Hotel Regents Park is a 4-star hotel near South Hampstead station offering parking and other facilities. Located close to Madame Tussaud’s and British museum, the hotel charges a mere GBP 28 per day for its secure parking facilities. Furthermore, Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel is a 4-star hotel near Madame Tussaud’s offering parking.  In addition to providing an easy access to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the hotel offers a convenient stay, with easy accessibility to the London Victoria and Paddington stations. Park your priced vehicle at the safe public premise of the hotel, for a meagre cost of GBP 24 each day, and enjoy staying at a safe and secure location.

Hotels in Brompton with Wi-Fi

Understanding how important a speedy internet connection is to every one of us, certain hotels in London offer Wi-Fi free of cost. The Hanover Hotel Victoria, situated near Buckingham Place offers free Wi-Fi access in each of its rooms. The hotel is also close to the Houses of Parliament and other popular Westminster locations. Alternatively, one may also enjoy free Wi-Fi access at the Days Hotel Waterloo Hotel. The phenomenal Sea Life London Aquarium and London Eye are some of the many attractions close to the hotel. Thus, enjoy the best of London, along with free internet access, by booking your stay in either one of these hotels.

Hotels in Brompton with Pool

Luxury comes alive at any of the central London hotels with pool, spa and more. If you wish to indulge in luxury and panache, do consider booking your stay in any of the Brompton hotels with Pool. To begin with, Grange Holborn Hotel is a luxurious 5-star accommodation offering pool in Central London. Located close to Trafalgar Square and British museum, the hotel offers a delightful time with its pool, sauna, spa, and various wellness and fitness facilities. Additionally, you may also enjoy the perks of indoor pool at the Marylebone Hotel, close to British Museum. Situated on the Welbeck Street, the hotel offers the best of comforts and convenience to its guests.

Hotels in Brompton with Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you are in a city like London and plan to be up and about the whole day. Realizing this, certain hotels make sure to splurge you with a hearty and nutritious meal in the starting of the day. Citadines Apart’ Hotel, near the City Thameslink offers free breakfast with stay. And once your hunger is subsided, you can easily hop around and explore various parts of central London including Trafalgar square and more, which are located near the hotel itself. Besides, Radisson Blu Portman Hotel near the Euston Station includes breakfast in the stay. Located close to the Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussaud’s museum, the hotel is a favourite for many budget travellers.

Things to Do in Brompton

Located in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Brompton often is frequented by a lot of star-struck visitors. Having West Kensington, Chelsea, Earl’s Court and Fulham Broadway as neighbours, the area is largely residential in nature. The highlight of this location probably is the Brompton Cemetery, which is duly managed by the Royal Parks and is one of the Magnificent Seven. Visitors should definitely visit the cemetery, since it is seven of the biggest ones in London and hence carries cultural and historical significance.

One can reach Brompton via its railway and tube stations. The area around the tube stations experiences a lot of bustle and nice, and hence gives an interesting purview into the culture of London. Besides, do visit the Finborough Theatre in Brompton – it might be tiny, but we are sure you are going to love it there. Lastly, Troubadour is a charming Bohemian themed restaurant that offers delightful cuisines and a live music venue.

Besides, when you book your stay in Brompton, you get to easily visit the world renowned London attractions, including the Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium, Palace of Westminster and more. Enjoy London at its best by choosing to stay in Brompton. Thus, choose from our wide range of cheap, luxurious, boutique and bed and breakfast accommodations and confirm your preferred stay now!

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