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Piccadilly Circus Hotels

Located in the heart of West End, Piccadilly Circus is an important locale in London. Along with being a significant establishment, Piccadilly Circus also stands at the intersection of the Regent Street, Haymarket, Piccadilly Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. Thus, it is one of the busiest spots in London, and definitely carries the entire essence of the British Capital. Adding different feathers to its cap are the flashy neon lights hoardings, statue of Eros standing over the Shaftesbury Memorial fountain, and the enormous underground Criterion theatre which can comprise 600 spectators. To enjoy the best of London’s unadulterated and enthusiastic entertainment, do consider bo more..oking your stay near the Piccadilly Circus.

At Londonhotels4u.com, we bring to you a wide range of befitting cheap, luxury and 5-star hotels and other accommodations. You may browse through our list of exquisite lodgings located right in the vicinity of this astounding location and select your preferred choice! Utilize our last minute deals and Pay-Zero booking facilities to book your stay now and enjoy a well discounted time in London’s Piccadilly.

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As one amongst the most sought after destinations in London, Piccadilly charms and allures travellers from all around the globe. At Londonhotels4u.com, we have taken it upon us to provide the most budgeted and discounted stay to various visitors around popular London locales. Consequently, we bring to you a wide range of hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations and boutiques etc to choose from and confirm your stay around Piccadilly Circus. All of these lodgings come equipped with contemporary facilities and features! Explore our list of accommodations to the left, and select your preferred lodgings! As one of the leading hotel booking websites, we guarantee lowest available prices. Besides, with our No Booking Fees, you can easily book your stay now and enjoy a well discounted and vivid stay around Piccadilly Circus!

Secret Hotels in Piccadilly Circus

Do you wish to enjoy a rather luxurious stay, but do not have enough resources for the same? Don’t worry anymore, as we bring to you an amazing secret hotel near the Piccadilly Circus. Secret hotels are basically luxurious multiple-starred top-notch hotels offering explosive discounts on room bookings. Since they cannot advertise such low prices on the website, they often advertise under the category of hidden gems and mystery hotels! This one hidden gem in particular, is a beautiful Georgian property, located close to Covent Garden, Oxford circus and in the very heart of Bloomsbury. Book this secret hotel in West London near Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street right now, and experience luxury at unimaginably low prices!

Hotels in Piccadilly Circus with Parking

Hotels around Piccadilly Circus does offer parking facilities, but mostly such services cost a lot. We have shortlisted some fine hotels that offer parking at very cheap and economical prices. Redland House Hotel, located near Madame Tussaud’s offers parking at a mere GBP 25 per day. The hotel also offers internet facilities and a small business centre, and hence is an optimum option for Business travellers. Besides, located close to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel provides parking at GBP 24 per day. It’s instant proximity to the Paddington tube station, along with a comfortable stay, are two of its strongest features.

Hotels in Piccadilly Circus with Free Internet

If you are one of those internet savvy travellers who would need to stay connected no matter what, we have got an interesting choice of accommodations for you. Some of the hotels and inns around Piccadilly offer free internet services. Thus, you can stay in a luxurious and chic lodging, and yet enjoy free Wi-Fi connections. The Bloomsbury Hotel located in the Great Russell Street offers free internet, along with finest, high-end luxury! Its close proximity to the West End, National Gallery and other Central London locations is another key feature in its favour. Besides, the family run Hotel Meridiana offers an economical stay with free Wi-Fi in central London. Located in Argyle Square, the hotel offers a warm and friendly stay.

Hotels in Piccadilly Circus with Breakfast

If you plan to be up and about London all the day, you are going to love various accommodations that provide you with complimentary breakfast. The Mermaid Suite hotel, offers family rooms with breakfast close to Oxford Street each morning. Besides, the hotel puts you right across London’s fashionable West End area, hence ensuring delightful times. Alternatively, you may also opt for the Hanover Hotel Victoria near Victoria Station providing parking and breakfast facilities. Besides, this hotel also flaunts Buckingham Palace and Victoria and Alert museum in its vicinity. Confirm any one of these accommodations for your stay, and enjoy a scrumptious morning meal!

Hotels in Piccadilly Circus with Pool

If you wish to have a luxurious and intoxicating time in the British Capital, consider booking a hotel with an indoor pool. The Grange St. Paul’s Hotel is a 5-star accommodation near Piccadilly Circus providing pool, spa, sauna and massage facilities. After a long day of travel, work or exploration, you would simply live to drawn in the nonchalant aura of this place. Additionally, you may also opt for the 5-star Marylebone Hotel with pool near Oxford Street. It flaunts an amazing 16-metre pool, along with gymnasium, spa and steam room, and is located major London Underground stations. Come and indulge in beautiful luxury near the Piccadilly Circus in London, by booking any of these lavish hotels.

Things to Do in Piccadilly Circus

If you have had enough of shopping on the Oxford Street, come and watch the world pass you by at the Piccadilly Circus. Situated strategically t the junction of 5 busiest streets in London, Piccadilly does offer the best of purviews into the lives of Londoners. The iconic advertising building, the neon coloured flash lights and more awaits your arrival. And so does the statue of Eros.

The nearby Palace Theatre and Queen’s Theatre are keen to entertain you, and so is the epic Criterion Theatre – the popular underground theatre with a capacity of over 600 spectators. Also, located in the close vicinity are the Lyric Shaftesbury Avenue, Apollo Piccadilly, and other key West End places.

Besides, with its quick proximity to Soho, there is no end to nightlife, clubbing and networking when you stay around the Piccadilly Circus! Book your stay now, and confirm yourself one phenomenal time in London!

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