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Regents Park Hotels

Welcome to the archetypical royal park of London, the Regent’s Park. Being easily accessible both from the City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden, the park is one of the rare royal parks of the capital. Located in the inner North West London, the park exists in the close vicinity of the Euston Railway Station. Visitors to this station can easily visit the London Zoo, Regent’s University, Madame Tussauds’s wax museum and more. If you wish to enjoy the delicate nuances of sophisticated London, do consider booking your stay near Regent’s Park.

At Londonhotels4u.com, we are proud to provide you with a range of attractive hotels and accommodation around this
more.. royal park. Ensuring that you have a relaxed and nonchalant time near the heart of the British Capital, our hotels offer more than what one can ask for. Thus, explore below our list of fetching boutiques, bed and breakfast lodgings, cheap, luxury and 5-star hotels near the Regent’s park. You may utilize our Pay-Zero booking facility to book your stay now and enjoy a well discounted stay in the royal neighbourhood of Regent’s Park.

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Book Hotels in Regent’s Park

How much would you like staying at a calm and peaceful location in London? Ensuring you have a gorgeous and captivating time in London are our hotels in the Regent’s Park. The royal garden is a scintillating place for anyone to be, and at Londonhotels4u.com, we provide you with enough scope to make it your home, albeit temporarily. Browse through our list of cheap, discounted, luxury and 5-star hotels and accommodations around the Regent’s Park and select your preferred stay now. We have listed these lodgings at their lowest available prices and hence you can be rest assured of your cost of staying in London. Besides, with our zero booking fees and a lot of last minute deals, you should actually book your stay now and enjoy a plethora of discounts on your travel.

Book Secret Hotel near Regent’s Street

Enjoy the luxury of a multi-starred hotel at very ordinary prices, by booking yourself a secret hotel near Regent’s Street. Although the name of the hidden gem is kept hidden, you can comfortably expect the best of luxury and high-end treatment at these mystery lodgings. Book a discounted secret hotel near Regent’s Street here, and enjoy an enormously discounted and luxurious stay near the heart of London.

Hotels in Regent’s Park with Parking

If you require parking your car in the safe premise of the hotel, you can book hotels near Regent’s Park that offer parking. Since it is a rather popular and regal location of London, it is quite difficult to find accommodations around it that offers parking free of cost. However, you can enjoy your stay in central London with parking by booking the Hyatt Regency London. The luxury hotel charges GBP 34 each day for providing secure private parking. But since you’d be staying in the central area, with minutes’ walk away from the Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussauds, the costs are pretty much worth it. Additionally, the budgeted Marble Arch Inn, a 2-star Hotel near Hyde Park and Oxford Street, offers parking at merely GBP 15 per day. You can enjoy a cost-effective and comfortable trip to London by choosing to stay in this hotel.

Hotels in Regent’s Park with Breakfast

And when you are out travelling and exploring different places in the British Capital, you’re going to love the daily dose of a hearty breakfast. There are various hotels that understand the importance of a breakfast, and hence provide the same free of cost. Asrofa hotel provides a breakfast-included stay close to British Museum in its 200 year old Georgian Townhouse Building. By confirming your stay here, you get to enjoy all the comforts of staying in a central London. Alternatively, you may also opt for the breakfast included rooms at the Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel near Oxford Street and Regent’s Street. Explore the most expansive shopping street of London, and stay moments away from the Regent’s Park while enjoying free breakfast by booking this hotel.

Hotels in Regent’s Park with Wi-Fi

If you fear going out of connectivity, we have got a range of hotels in London offering free Wi-Fi. When you are spending your stay near Regent’s Park, you are going to need a sturdy internet supply, either to keep your family posted, or for your work and more. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi access with your stay at the Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel. Situated on the Tottenham Court Road, the hotel also provides stellar views of the Regent’s Park from the blinds. Its comfortable decors and proximity to British Museum and Madame Tussaud’s are some of the other factors in its favour. Besides, the Montana Excel hotel also provides free Wi-Fi connection in central London. Stay near Russell Square and Trafalgar square and enjoy the amazing hospitality by confirming your accommodation in this hotel.

Hotels in Regent’s Park with Pool

Offering a perfectly luxurious and tranquil environment around the Regent’s Park are our London hotels with pool. Mostly, luxury hotels offer an amazing indoor pool, along with other facilities like spa, Jacuzzi, body massages and fitness centre. After a long day of touring around London, the guests can easily come and relax at the peaceful environment of these luxury hotels. Jumeirah Carlton Tower is a prestigious 5-star hotel offering an amazing indoor pool with other affluent services. Minutes away from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Knightsbridge shopping centres, the hotel is a favourite lodgings for the young and fashionable. Besides, Grange Holborn is another central London hotel flaunting a unique Greco-Roman pool.  Situated closely to the King’s Cross, Trafalgar Square and Russell Square, the hotel guarantees a delightful and chic stay.

Things to do in the Regent’s Park

The beautiful surroundings of the Regent’s Park continues to charm and attract all and sundry. The park, with its 166 hectares of area, offers a delightful experience to locals and tourists alike. Designed in 1811 by the famous architect, John Nash, the park is a magnanimous attraction in itself. Various sports enthusiasts love flocking down to the park, owing to its football, softball and rugby playing areas, along with a cricket pitch. Besides, one can also feast themselves with boating in the boating lake, or gaze at the vivid species of wild birds and waterfowl in the area.

Furthermore, the park also hosts the London Zoo, and an eclectic mix of Open Air Theatre performances. The performances end from May to early September, and guarantees a pleasant and calming time. There are also a number of cafes and bars in the park, all ensuring that you have a pleasant time.

It hardly comes as a surprise when visitors often choose to stay near Regent’s Park. Besides, when you book your accommodation near the park, you can easily visit the famous wax statue museum, Madame Tussaud’s. Bakers Street, the popular street hosting Sherlock Holmes is also locate round the corner from Regent’s Park. You may visit the Sherlock Holmes museum, or even better, book your stay in the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes London.

Thus, Regent’s Park thus ensures a pleasant and captivating time. We recommend our users to make the most of their stay in the British capital by booking their accommodations around the Regent’s Park.

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