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Situated in the city of Westminster, in the heart of London, Soho is one of the places with most genuine and intriguing culture and nightlife. While one part holds various Adult Shops, the other parts of Soho comprise the most ancient, traditionally owned shops by the Russians, French, Jewish and Italian families. The place is famous for its theatres, bars, pubs, star studded premier parties and a kaleidoscopic colourful nightlife.  Located close to the Oxford and the Regent Street, Soho is the best place for you to stay and enjoy London’s exhilarating nightlife, shopping sprees, and more.

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Book Hotels in Soho, London

The charming London location, Soho, with its bustling nightlife and coquette history awaits your presence. Feel the rush in your veins again by spending your time in one of the most captivating and thought-provoking places in London. At Londonhotels4u.com, we bring to you a wide range of impressive accommodations around in the Soho region. We have painstakingly listed the lowest available prices of these lodgings. Avail our Pay-Zero booking facility! Book your stay now and enjoy amazing discounts on your stay in London.

Hotels in Soho with Breakfast

If you are going to be up and about London, you would probably require a hearty breakfast in the morning. Thus, the best strategy is to book a hotel serving scrumptious All English or Continental breakfast in the morning. You may opt for the budgeted Apollo Hotel near King’s Cross and Trafalgar Square and enjoy tasty breakfast each morning for free. This central London location also offers you an easy access to popular Westminster attractions. Alternatively, you may also opt for the BnB accommodation – Olympic Victoria providing breakfast. Stay close to London Victoria and Soho, and enjoy a delicious and filling meal each morning.

Hotels in Soho with Wi-Fi

A free and speedy internet is more than an indulgence. In the present time, a sturdy internet connection is a necessity; especially if you are staying miles away from your birth place. Various hotels in London acknowledge this and hence provide free and speedy internet access to various guests. The pocket-friendly Chester Hotel provides a relaxed stay near London Victoria, with free Wi-Fi access. Guests to this hotel can anytime enjoy a relaxed stroll by the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, London Eye and more. Besides, the Carlton Hotel near the Victoria Railway Station also provides free internet access. The accommodations close to popular attractions, also offers TV, Tea and Coffee machines right in the room.

Hotels in Soho with Pool

Providing a scintillating and relaxing environment, are the various London hotels with pool facility. If you would want to have a relaxed and peaceful stay in the British Capital, do consider booking a hotel with pool facility. Grange Holborn is 5-star luxury hotel providing an indoor pool along with spa and other wellness facilities. Its close proximity to Russell and Trafalgar Square and Soho are its other highlights. Moreover, Swissotel the Howard London Hotel offers a luxury pool, spa and fitness experience owing to its Vitality Programme. Explore various possibilities to relax your mind, body and soul, at any of these hotels.

Hotels in Soho with Parking

Since Soho is a part of central London, it is quite difficult to find parking facility for free. However, if you need a secure and private space to park your vehicle, we have shortlisted several hotels providing parking facility at nominal prices. The Days Hotel Waterloo on the Kennington Road offers parking for GBP 20/Day. Its close proximity to the London Eye and Sea Life London Aquarium makes it an ideal place for stay. You may also opt for the luxurious Intercontinental London Park Lane Hotel close to Buckingham Palace offering parking. Providing an easy access to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the hotel charges GBP 50 per day.

Things to do in Soho

There is hardly any other place in London, which is as dynamic and reverberating as Soho. A lot of visitors often frequent the Soho district, along with its southern counterpart, Chinatown. Whether you are flocking down to catch a show at the West End theatres, or are planning a long night out with your chums, or would like to sample some of the most scrumptious delicacies around London, Soho is your answer.

Popularized as the sleazy heat of London’s Theatre-land, Soho flaunts the best of comedy bars, pubs, restaurants and bars. The Leicester Square still hosts roughly three glitzy star-studded movie premiers each month. And the Chinatown district is a home to exotic sounds, smells and sights. Besides, one can easily catch glimpse of their favourite celebrities dressed shabbily, trying to avoid the paparazzi and the preying eyes.

Although certain Londoners still attach Soho with sex, sleaze and everything notorious, the fact remains that the district has really come of age. Yes, there are adult shops with flashy neon lights and more, but the area also boasts of some of the most traditionally owned shops by Jews, Russians and French. Besides, with a number of gay-friendly and progressive nightclubs and bars, the area does show an enormous amount of tolerance and acceptance. And yes, this area of the city of Westminster does have a genuine round the clock nightlife.

Why don’t you go ahead and book your stay near Soho now, and discover the magic that we are talking about!

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