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South Kensington Hotels

If there is one place that contains the most famous and popular museums in London, it definitely is South Kensington. As an important part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it is located south to the Royal Parks. The strategic importance of South Kensington is maintained by its close proximity to various important locals like the Kensington High Street, Olympia and Ear’s Court. Besides, with its close proximity to the leading shopping destination, the Knightsbridge area, this location is a perfect choice for your stay in London. Whether you are looking for an enchanting royal experience, or would like to haunt the peaceful royal gardens, or shop till you drop more..and let your hair loss at the end of it, South Kensington is the place where you wish to.

Although a stay around the royal area of South Kensington is pretty expensive, we at Londonhotels4u.com have brought to you a range of cheap, luxurious and 5-star hotels and other accommodations to choose from. We ensure lowest prices on each of these lodgings, and with no booking fees, we provide you with the best deals on your bookings. Explore from our range of options below and select your preferred stay in South Kensington now!

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South Kensington is one area that flaunts spectacular museums on one side and rather glitzy and glamorous shopping centres on the other. Besides, every visitor simply loves the nonchalant regal feel of this royal place. Wouldn’t you want to stay in such an intriguing place and enjoy the best that London has to offer? Book your stay in South Kensington now and enjoy a crème-de-la-crème experience in the British Capital. We at Londonhotels4u.com bring to you a range of hotels, boutiques and bed and breakfast accommodations in South Kensington. Explore from the options below and select your preferred lodgings. You may exploit our lowest price guarantee and Pay-Zero booking fees facilities to book your stay now and enjoy heavy discounts on your travel!

Secret Hotels in South Kensington

Secret hotels in London offer an experience that is truly luxurious and class apart. If you wish to enjoy the best of an affluent stay in London, at incredibly low costs, do consider booking a secret hotel in London. This one secret hotel in particular, offers a rather charming retreat in the locales of South Kensington. Along with offering a comfortable stay, the hotel also flaunts a fine dining restaurant. Book this hidden gem nearest to the Knightsbridge area in South Kensington and enjoy massive discounts on your luxury stay.

Hotels in South Kensington with Parking

Most of the hotels in this area offer the parking facility. However, this service comes at a price range, depending on the exact location and luxury value of the hotel. To start with, the Kensington Court Hotel located close to Earls Court offers parking at GBP 15 per day. Its close proximity to the Victoria and Albert Museum is another factor drawing guests to this hotel. However, if you are looking for a luxurious option, we have got just the right deal for you. The Connaught Carlos Place is a luxurious hotel close to Buckingham Palace providing parking at GBP 50 per day. Besides, the hotel is close to the Bond Street and Green Park tube stations and other London attractions like Madame Tussaud’s and more.

Hotels in South Kensington with Breakfast

Any avid traveller would know the importance of a good hearty breakfast for having a fun-filled energetic day. Various hotels in London understand the same and hence provide you with a good nutritious and filling meal in the very beginning of the day. Berjaya Eden Park Hotel is a fantastic 3-star accommodation near Madame Tussaud’s offering free breakfast each morning.  Stay close to the celebrity wax statue museum, and Victoria and Albert Museum, and enjoy a hearty continental breakfast free of cost. You may also upgrade it to the All English breakfast. Further, the Olympic Victoria Hotel, close to London Victoria offers free breakfast. Its close proximity to Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, make it an ideal stay for a budgeted and economical stay.

Hotels in South Kensington with Wi-Fi

Having a sturdy Wi-Fi connection is almost a necessity right now. If you fear going out of touch, and would really appreciate some free and strong internet services, we suggest you book any one of the South Kensington hotels with Wi-Fi. Located close to the Euston Railway Station and Madame Tussaud’s, the Leonard Hotel and Apartments offers free Wi-Fi access. Existing on the Seymour Street, the hotel offers an access to the Buckingham Palace, along with providing a comfortable and chic stay. Additionally, one may also opt for the Tophams Hotel at the Ebury Street providing free Wi-Fi close to Victoria Station. The hotel is also a few moments away from the Buckingham Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and stay at a key location by booking your stay in any one of these hotels.

Hotels in South Kensington with Pool

Relaxing by the poolside in a posh, high end London location is a luxury in itself. If you have the resources at your disposal, we highly recommend you book a luxurious South Kensington Hotel such as the Marylebone Hotel, with Pool facility. Mostly, these hotels offer a lot of wellness facilities like gymnasium, spa, body massage and more. Wouldn’t you like to relax in the meditative surrounding while enjoying your stay in London? You may also opt for the lavish 5-star Jumeirah Carlton Hotel with pool near Madam Tussaud’s museum. These luxury hotels offer some of the most calming times in London. You may reserve either of these hotels and enjoy a stay close to Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace and other popular London destination.

Things to Do in South Kensington

As part of the royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, South Kensington is one of the leading destinations in London. Often popularized as the land of museums in London, this locale comprises Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Albert Hall, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and more. Besides, owing to the royal parks and gardens of Kensington and Chelsea, this zone casts a characteristic royal and calming charm.

And for the young and the adventurous crowd, we have some of the most amazing and prolific nightclubs and bars, located just around the corner. So whether you intend to let your hair loose, shop till you drop in the Knightsbridge area, or experience the regal British novelty, South Kensington is the place for you. Browse further through our range of compelling hotels and lodgings around the city and select your preferred accommodation today.

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