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Located in the London borough of Lambeth, Waterloo is a key defining location in London. The Waterloo station is the busiest train station in Britain observing the maximum user activity.  Owing to its easy connectivity to the South Bank and the Bankside, Waterloo is a strategic place to spend your time in the capital. Staying in Waterloo puts you right in the vicinity of the Florence Nightingale Museum, Sea Life London Aquarium, the Southbank centre, London Dungeons, and a lot of other key places.

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Being home to the busiest station in London, Waterloo observes a lot of visitor activity on a daily basis. The bevy of hotels and accommodations around the Waterloo comes in handy, when you are planning an eventful stay in London. As one of the leading hotel booking websites in London, we bring to you a wide range of contemporary hotels, boutiques and bed and breakfast accommodations in Waterloo. Explore our list of lowest priced lodgings and select your preferred option now. With a herd of last minute deals and no booking charges whatsoever, you may proceed to book your stay now and enjoy whooping discounts!

Hotels in Waterloo with Parking

Parking is often a problem since the entire area of Waterloo is bustling with so much activity. However, if you intend to keep you priced possession in safe premises, there are various hotels that you can opt for, which offers free parking facility. The Days Hotel Waterloo accommodation at the Kensington Road offers parking at a mere price of GBP 20 per day. Stay near the Sea Life London Aquarium and London Eye, by choosing to stay near this hotel. Besides, you may also consider the Citadines Apart Holborn / Covent Garden hotel close to Piccadilly Circus providing parking at GBP 25 per day. The hotel is situated closely to several central London attractions like Covent Garden and the West End and hence offers a truly delightful stay.

Hotels in Waterloo with Wi-Fi

If you wish to enjoy free internet services while staying at a luxurious place in London, we bring to you quite interesting options. The Clarendon Hotel located in Bedford Place offers free internet access in all of its areas. Visitors choosing to stay in this hotel also enjoy an easy access to the British Museum and Trafalgar Square, along with staying at an amazingly luxurious lodging. Besides, one may also book the 5-star Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel near London Victoria offering free Wi-Fi, and stay with panache. The hotel also offers easy connectivity to the London Knightsbridge area, and the Buckingham Palace.

Hotels in Waterloo with Breakfast

A hearty meal in the morning shall prepare you for the long day of touring London. That is why, certain Waterloo Hotels, in their attempt to serve you the best way possible, provide complimentary breakfast with the stay. If that sounds exciting, we recommend you book the Hanover Hotel Victoria near Westminster Abbey offering free breakfast. Its finest customer service and close proximity to the Palace of Westminster are surely going to win your heart. Alternatively, you can also enjoy All English breakfast at Apollo Hotel and stay near the London Eye. Enjoy the cost savings and other benefits that these hotels offer, by booking your stay in either one of them.

Hotels in Waterloo with Pool

Promising exceptional luxury and service quality are the various hotels in Waterloo with pool. If you desire to gain the maximum out of your stay in London, do consider booking any one of the Waterloo hotels with indoor pool. The 5-star Grange Holborn Hotel near Southampton, Central London offers a brilliant indoor pool for you unwind and relax. Besides, the hotel also offers various other wellness facilities like spa, sauna and more. Furthermore, one can also select the luxurious Marylebone Hotel with pool located in the Welbeck Street. Along with its beautiful 16 meters huge pool, this lavish hotel is the perfect place to stay and enjoy all the comforts in central London.

Things to do in Waterloo

Often touted as the tourist hub of London, Waterloo still has a lot more fun and frolics to offer. In fact, any London visitor can easily enjoy their entire stay, without having to step out of the area of Waterloo – Bankside and Southbank. This area around the river Thames is star-studded with several heart-warming and historical London attractions.

On your way to the river from the London Waterloo, you can easily find the Florence Nightingale Museum and the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Furthermore, the London Eye, the London Dungeons, the BFI max and the Southbank Centre are also located on the way. And if you are an avid theatre lover, take down south and visit the Old Vic, the Young Vic – plausibly the heaven for any theatregoer.

When you are to the east of the Blackfriars Bridge, that area is known as the Bankside. As one of the oldest areas of the British capital, it sees the maximum number of artists, entrepreneurs and offers an eclectic blend of culture, attractions, delightful food and architecture. One of the world’s finest art galleries, Tate Modern is located here, and so is the Shakespeare’s Globe.

Thus, explore the best of London sightseeing and other destinations. Book your accommodation near the London Waterloo, and enjoy the comforts of staying at a popular and easily accessible prominent London location.

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1.950.744GBP 93.00
1.430.863GBP 90.00
1.260.730GBP 49.00
1.530.772GBP 77.00
1.930.835GBP 229.00
1.840.734GBP 69.00
0.970.84GBP 79.35
0.410.723GBP 79.00
1.550.743GBP 49.00
1.460.794GBP 73.60
1.390.592GBP 23.00
1.320.582GBP 64.00
0.590.784GBP 125.35
1.290.593GBP 49.00
1.500.543GBP 29.00
1.130.733GBP 49.00
1.960.732GBP 69.00
1.720.610GBP 35.00
1.830.723GBP 60.00
1.400.642GBP 60.00
1.340.723GBP 61.00
1.530.733GBP 89.00
1.980.84GBP 148.50
1.310.633GBP 55.55
1.290.813GBP 76.00
1.060.64GBP 32.25
1.280.84GBP 76.00
1.280.824GBP 76.00
1.910.915GBP 100.00
1.280.743GBP 65.00
1.320.673GBP 49.00
1.240.734GBP 76.00
1.300.683GBP 55.00
1.100.84GBP 76.00
1.630.784GBP 76.00
1.290.734GBP 76.00
0.920.835GBP 100.00
1.220.815GBP 100.00
1.300.814GBP 76.00
1.290.84GBP 76.00
1.820.794GBP 76.00
1.720.845GBP 100.00
1.410.530GBP 34.00
1.710.693GBP 79.00
1.570.894GBP 109.00
1.430.634GBP 71.65
1.680.680GBP 15.00
0.870.823GBP 80.75
1.760.844GBP 112.70
0.600.720GBP 39.00
1.510.572GBP 29.00
1.290.945GBP 241.00
1.880.653GBP 79.70
1.750.734GBP 102.35
1.330.664GBP 113.85
0.900.673GBP 95.80
1.500.754GBP 86.09
1.650.835GBP 293.25
1.140.814GBP 102.35
0.810.783GBP 87.75
0.470.895GBP 144.10
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