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No matter where you stay in London, you’ll end up in Westminster at least once during your London trip. It’s the hub of attractions showcasing Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and of course, The Palace of Westminster with its mighty bell, Big Ben. The symbol of British grandeur, the area has to offer a lot more than just historic attractions. Why to waste money on commuting to these touristy places when you can easily book an accommodation close to Westminster.

And booking a hotel in Westminster will never leave a hole in your pocket as we have a myriad of hotels catering diverse budgets and preferences. Whether you want to indulge in the grandeur of a 5
more..star hotel or an intimate family accommodation in Westminster, London never disappoints you. And if you are worried about the prices, we guarantee you the lowest, without having to compromise on quality and services.

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Book Hotel with Us in Westminster

Knowing that Westminster is the seat of royal, you may think that it’s the most expensive area. We at Londonhotels4u ensure that our discerning travellers get to stay at the hottest address in the city that too at a reduced price. Westminster is surrounded by Trafalgar Square in the north, Knightsbridge in the west, and Covent Garden in the east.  Due to major attractions like Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, this area has become a regular haunt for tourists. And it’s best to book your accommodation here if these attractions are in your to-do list. Here we further classify hotels as per the major facilities they offer to make booking even easier for you.

Secret Hotels in Westminster

Booking a secret hotel in Westminster is a golden opportunity to save money if you are visiting London anytime soon. We have a superb mystery hotel located in Westminster where you can indulge in a royal stay and it’s just a short stroll from Big Ben and Palace of Westminster. The hotel boasts 4 star rating so you will not need to compromise on quality for sure. All you need to do is handle a little mystery, as we’ll send you the name of the hotel once you make the booking. The name is not revealed because these luxury hotels are available at extremely reduced prices unlike what they display on their websites and brochures.

Hotels in Westminster with Parking

If luxury is what you crave for, book a room at Intercontinental London Park Lane Hotel. Those driving to London will find convenient and secure parking space onsite which costs GBP 50. Landmark London Hotel situated in Marylebone close to Madame Tussauds and Hyde Park also offers onsite parking and charges GBP 40 per day. The car parking space is located underneath the hotel managed by Britannia Parking.

Hotels in Westminster with Pool

A hotel stay is never complete without diving in a luxurious swimming pool. And we have got some fabulous hotels in Westminster that offer you just that. Myhotel Bloomsbury, a Feng Shui inspired hotel allows access to nearby YMCA club which also includes a swimming pool. The Marylebone Hotel which is a short distance from Oxford Street also boasts an 18m pool at its Third Space Gym.And since the hotel has a Third Space Spa as well, you can expect a very refreshing and relaxing stay.

Hotels in Westminster with Breakfast

A number of hotels in Westminster offer free breakfast to give your morning a fresh start. At Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel, you can enjoy breakfast right in the comfort of your room. Popular for its delicious British cuisine this hotel is a great option for your stay in Westminster. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Melia White House Hotel is a 4 star accommodation that too offers breakfast included in room rates. And you have the option to enjoy breakfast in bed if you wish to.

Hotels in Westminster with Wi-Fi

No matter where you stay in Westminster, you’ll always find a hotel offering Wi-Fi so you can stay connected as most of the hotels in Westminster offer Wi-Fi and some offer it free of charge. Sheraton Belgravia offers Wi-Fi access throughout the premises for GBP 6 per hour. And if you want free Wi-Fi, Washington Mayfair Hotel allows Wi-Fi access in all areas free of charge. Ambassadors Bloomsbury, a luxury hotel popular for its Feng Shui inspired interior also offer free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Owing to its supreme location, those staying in this neighbourhood will be encircled by lots of interesting places to explore in London.

Things to Do in Westminster

To immerse in the elated luxury for which London hotels are popular, why not book your stay at Landmark London. If you have the budget, this 8-stoey atrium is just minutes away from Madame Tussauds, Hyde Park, and Oxford Street, a heaven for luxury shoppers. If you are a sports fanatic, Wembley Stadium and Lord’s Cricket Ground are closeby where most of the sporting action takes place.

Those on a budget will fall in love with St. Athans Hotel, offering all the basic amenities along with proximity to FREE to visit attractions like Trafalgar Square and British Museum. Besides, the hotel itself is among the Grade II Listed Georgian town houses in the area creating a mesmerising and historical backdrop in Westminster.

When in London, it’s hard to avoid luxury, the biggest sin of the city. And if you want all the luxuries but at a discounted price, allow Grange St. Paul’s to arrange your stay in London.  As the name suggests, its room overlook St Paul’s Cathedral, a much-admired religious site in London. Alongside, those staying here can benefit from its proximity to Tate Modern, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and more, not to mention, its luxury features such as spa, gym, pool, and so on.

Other popular hotels in Westminster include Bloomsbury Hotel, Connaught, Park Plaza Victoria London, and chain of Radisson Hotels. Mentioning these luxury hotels doesn’t mean budget travellers are short of choices. Goodwood Hotel, Chester Hotel, and Corbigoe Hotel are a few budgeted choices you have. Simply explore our collection and make a smart choice for your London stay considering your budget, preferences, and requirements.

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