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Top 10 Secret Hotels in London

secret hotel photo Sleek and sophisticated Holborn hotel with luxury health club facilities

This is one of the best kept secret 5-star hotel in London, close to Holborn Tube Station. With its luxury indoor pool, Jacuzzi, spa and sauna facilities, the hotel triumphantly provides a lavish stay. And our secret hotel deal offers you to relish this dream London stay at a marginal cost! Grab it before it’s gone!

From GBP 85.00

secret hotel photo Truly indulgent hotel with deluxe gym, swimming pool and breathtaking views of The Tower of London

Your search for a discounted 5-star London hotel with spectacular views ends here! As an ideal destination for business and leisure travellers, this hotel enables you to enjoy sweeping panoramas of London Thames, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Pay a marginal price for hotel’s posh stay with indoor pool, spa and sauna.

From GBP 90.00

secret hotel photo Located in The City neighbourhood of London close to Tower Bridge

The iconic Tower Bridge and the Tower of London guard this impeccable 5-star hotel, available to you now at cheap prices. Relish the exquisite luxury of this posh city hotel providing pool and spa, and enjoy a discounted break in London’s luxury hub.

From GBP 100.00

secret hotel photo An Intimate London Retreat in the Heart of Bloomsbury

Encompassing the best of Bloomsbury’s sophistication, our next 4-star top secret hotel offers an endearing experience. Stay minutes away from Euston station, British Museum and Russell Square, in the heart of literary Bloomsbury, by booking a “luxury at less” stay at this hotel.

From GBP 65.00

secret hotel photo Delightful boutique hotel minutes from Covent Garden and Bloomsbury.

Enjoy a gallant retreat in Bloomsbury, close to Russell square with our next top 4-star secret hotel. Live at a peaceful destination in London’s West End neighbourhood, Soho and Trafalgar Square while paying hardly a fraction of the total price! Grab the deal now, before it is gone!

From GBP 65.00

secret hotel photo Superior hotel in royal Westminster, minutes away from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Comfortably own a lavish 4-star stay at an expensive London location! If you are excited to stay in Westminster, close to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at highly discounted rates, this is your ultimate chance. Don’t wait any longer! Make the deal yours now!

From GBP 65.00

secret hotel photo Chic hotel with private gardens in tranquil Bloomsbury

Time stands still at this beautiful Georgian Property in Bloomsbury, now available as a mystery hotel. Overlooking British Museum, Oxford Street and Russell Square, this impactful 4-star boutique hotel’s room can be yours for peanuts! Explore our secret saver offer now to relish British Novelty at reduced prices.

From GBP 65.00

secret hotel photo A grand palatial retreat in fashionable South Kensington

There is a brilliant opportunity now to enjoy the best royalty of Kensington and stay minutes away from the posh and chic Knightsbridge area. Enamoured by the magnificent Victoria & Albert Museum and Royal Albert Hall? Grab our exquisite Victorian styled secret hotel and save great bucks on your stay!

From GBP 65.00

secret hotel photo Sophisticated and elegant property in London’s famous West End

Savour the traditional English charms in the heart of London, close to the chic and sophisticated West End. The lavish 4-star stay, close to Oxford Street and Soho can be yours now at great discounts! Grab our secret hotel deal for a rewarding stay!

From GBP 65.00

secret hotel photo Beautifully restored Georgian property close to Piccadilly Circus and Theatre land

This quintessential Georgian styled 3-star boutique property in Bloomsbury provides a good-value stay. Guests enjoy quick access to the British Museum and Covent Garden, while savouring hotel’s luxury at impeccably low prices. This top secret hotel deal is a favourite of budget travellers, desiring luxury at discounted rates.

From GBP 55.00
Secret Hotel Search

Stop! DO NOT BOOK your hotel in London UNTIL you have read this! Want to know a secret? You can enjoy the same lavish comforts of the top-notch luxury 4 and 5 star hotel in London BUT at highly discounted prices! Grab our secret saver hotel deals , and save up to 40% DISCOUNTS on World-Class hotels in and around Central London!!!

What are Secret Hotels?

Secret hotels are a fun way to bring excitement and thrill to your family holiday, romantic getaway, or a business trip to London. Specializing in offering the most impeccable luxury at best reduced prices, these secret hotels are also popularly known as hidden gems and mystery hotels in London.

As a mysterious hidden gem, the name of the hotel is kept under the wraps, until the booking is confirmed. Although you can rely on us for the perfect description of the hotel, you will receive the details of the hotel via email, only after successfully completing the booking process.

Want to enjoy London for less? Book a secret hotel at ravishing London locations and you can savour the same comforts at incredibly reduced prices.

Why is the hotel name a “Secret”?

So you have understood by now that secret hotels are nothing but top-notch luxury hotels in London, offering accommodations at significantly reduced prices. Since a luxury brand has a reputation to maintain, they would not display the same Reduced Prices on their websites or brochures. By offering the same room as a hidden gem, the hotels get to cover their costs, even with negligible profits. It is a win-win situation , as the hotels meet their expenses, and tourists can enjoy the top-class luxury at unbelievably low prices.

The Hotel’s name, along with its other details, is revealed once the booking is confirmed! Hence, there is no risk involved in booking a mysterious hotel for your stay. As a trustworthy hospitality expert, Londonhotels4u.com, established since 2001, has helped over 5000 clients in booking lavish hotel rooms at very low prices in London. Enjoy the unmatched extravagance at discounted prices with our top secret hotels deals.

Take the leap of faith now , and book a secret hotel in your desired location! Go ahead! You will not regret your decision EVER!

Am I compromising on quality?

Absolutely NOT ! We only list the top secret hotel rooms across London and ensure that they do not compromise with the quality of services. We vouch for the luxury 4-star and 5-star experience offered at each of our secret hotels. This is why we call these hotels our hidden gems!

When would I know the “Secret”?

We will tell you the name of the hotel as soon as you confirm your booking. You may utilize our safe and secure website to book your desired secret hotel now. Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you an email comprising booking details, including the hotel name. This intimation reaches you within an hour after you make your hotel reservation. Besides, our earnest customer support team is always eager to help you out. Should you have any doubt after the confirmation, simply contact us , and we will promptly resolve it. For our customers, we are only a call away, always.

Enjoy London for less with our Top Secret Hotel Deals!

From the clear lawns and sophisticated lanes of Bloomsbury to the sleek skyscrapers and Corporate Life in the City of London and the eclectic night life of Soho , you can grab our top secret hotel deals anywhere in London. Whether you wish to enjoy Kensington’s royalty or discover first-hand the exhilaration of living in West End , our secret hotels are tucked safely at every nook and corner of London city. Reserve a secret hotel at any of the popular London location that has enticed your heart, and savour London for less. The British Capital, with its magnificent luxury and bonanza secret hotels deals, awaits your arrival.

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