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Hotels near Elephant  and  Castle

The Elephant and Castle railway station sits in the London Borough of Southwark and is operated by First Capital Connect. The station serves in Travelcard 1 and 2 since 1862, and plays a key role in connecting the neighbourhood to Central London. To make travel convenient, tourists can also use the Pay-as-you-Go Oyster Card for all services up to the Elstree and Borehamwood Station. A stay around the station is most suitable for the visitors, who have their eyes set on some good shopping. One of the entrances of the station has direct links to the shopping arcade. Besides, various other sites and attractions surrounding the station further ensure delightful times. We recomm more..end you browse through a range of accommodation choices below, and reserve a stay close to the station.

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Feel wired down with the overwhelming decision making process? Do not fret any more, for we are here to help you out. Read below the popular lodgings near the stations, as recommended by the experts. You can rely on us to provide you with the best information that we have. Looking for a good-value stay? Opt for the Express by Eurotraveller Hotel nearby Elephant and Castle Railway Station offering complimentary Wi-Fi access. Each of the rooms is contemporary and bright, offering modern facilities. A popular lodging in the Southeast London, the accommodation also shares close proximity to the Elephant and Castle Tube Station. Hence, Central London is not that far off anyway. Besides, stay at this hotel and enjoy the biggest night-scene at the Ministry of Sound Club, located close by.

However, if you do not wish to compromise on the set standards of luxury and panache, opt for our next recommendation. Luxury comes alive at the 5-star Grange St. Paul Hotel near Elephant and Castle Railway Station. This flagship hotel of the Grange hotel chain is a shining beacon of unmatched lavishness. Enjoy a compelling stay with luxury pool, spa and sauna facilities by booking any room here. The compelling bars and multi-cuisine restaurants at the hotel are always prepared to serve you the best way possible. Besides, with its close proximity to the St. Paul Cathedral, the hotel offers heart-winning views of the City of London.

Base yourself at either of these two hotels, and ensure a relaxed time in London. With a range of last minute deals and special offers, you would save the maximum on booking with us. Check out our offering of discounted hotels in London to grab suitable stays at winsome bargains! Reserve your stay now and get guaranteed lowest prices without any booking charges!

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Hotel Name Distance ( Mi.)Guest
Starting From(GBP)
4.020.622GBP 60.00
2.940.620GBP 50.00
3.560.814GBP 76.00
4.050.663GBP 67.50
2.490.710GBP 35.00
2.690.624GBP 180.00
3.920.643GBP 55.00
3.630.763GBP 39.00
2.900.774GBP 99.00
4.290.532GBP 49.00
1.320.894GBP 109.00
3.770.623GBP 40.00
2.460.693GBP 79.00
3.670.844GBP 105.00
1.900.572GBP 29.00
4.140.552GBP 31.00
3.910.854GBP 89.00
1.690.844GBP 112.70
2.200.634GBP 89.00
3.650.814GBP 99.00
2.290.854GBP 115.00
2.540.865GBP 165.00
0.500.723GBP 79.00
3.620.743GBP 49.00
3.780.663GBP 40.00
1.630.582GBP 64.00
3.700.590GBP 54.00
2.310.682GBP 30.00
3.770.73GBP 45.00
2.510.835GBP 229.00
3.880.643GBP 51.00
3.740.663GBP 75.00
4.110.773GBP 59.00
3.650.634GBP 65.00
3.910.834GBP 142.00
0.420.733GBP 49.00
1.890.543GBP 29.00
3.440.784GBP 106.92
1.630.915GBP 100.00
1.970.813GBP 76.00
2.000.84GBP 76.00
1.920.734GBP 76.00
1.430.64GBP 32.25
1.800.530GBP 34.00
4.020.743GBP 54.00
3.460.714GBP 76.00
4.250.631GBP 39.00
1.960.824GBP 76.00
1.530.84GBP 76.00
2.380.784GBP 76.00
1.990.734GBP 76.00
1.180.835GBP 100.00
1.880.815GBP 100.00
1.990.814GBP 76.00
1.970.84GBP 76.00
2.570.794GBP 76.00
1.460.845GBP 100.00
1.720.70GBP 75.00
3.870.573GBP 44.00
1.350.763GBP 72.00
3.400.632GBP 50.00
3.770.865GBP 145.00
4.080.613GBP 37.00
3.850.864GBP 96.00
3.580.663GBP 52.00
2.250.772GBP 77.00
3.080.854GBP 100.00
2.920.814GBP 95.00
3.960.693GBP 58.00
2.010.754GBP 86.09
3.900.694GBP 59.00
2.800.714GBP 95.80
4.180.63GBP 49.00
3.870.683GBP 55.00
4.5600GBP 60.00
3.420.714GBP 55.00
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