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Hotels near Stamford Hill

Situated in the London Borough of Hackney and operating in the Travelcard Zone 3, this station is an important connecting link to the East London. Perched close to several strategic attractions, the station allows an easy access to the Stoke Newington International Airport, Park Theatre, and Hackney Dawn Studios. Besides, the place sees the maximum concentration of Haredi Jews community. If you are planning a visit to London soon, why not book your stay near Stamford Hill Station instead? Enjoy the easy accessibility of staying next to railway station, and find interesting stay options below.

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At Londonhotels4u.com, we help you streamline your travel plans by bringing a heart warming range of hotel deals and stay options. Let us now discuss some of the popular accommodations near the station, and hence simplify the decision making process for you. Opt for the Athena Palace Hotel near Stamford Hill Station and enjoy free parking, continental breakfast, heating services and an indoor restaurant bar. Besides, since the Turnpike Lane and Wood Green Underground stations are just off the corner from the hotel, guests may easily access several touristy places in London. Fascinated with the Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the British Museum? Either book a room at Athena Palace Hotel, or explore our 4 and 5-star top secret hotels in Central London at discounted prices.

Besides, Grange Holborn Hotel is another luxurious 5-star accommodation close to Stamford Hill Railways, in the heart of London. The stay in this hotel allows you an easy access to every Central London attractions, like the British Museum, West End and Trafalgar Square. Besides, you can easily unwind and enjoy a luxury stay at this hotel with indoor pool, sauna, spa, and other fitness and well-being facilities. Thus, make use of our lowest price guaranteed feature to reserve the stay now and enjoy an opulent break in the London City.

You may further browse through different options mentioned below and reserve your preferred stay. With our zero booking fees and a frenzy of last minute deals, you get to enjoy huge discounts and benefits. Book your stay with us now and you may pay later upon arriving!

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Hotel Name Distance ( Mi.)Guest
Starting From(GBP)
3.810.84GBP 104.00
4.750.693GBP 79.00
3.690.690GBP 50.00
3.730.712GBP 37.00
3.640.612GBP 45.00
3.990.844GBP 112.70
3.160.793GBP 49.00
4.480.894GBP 109.00
4.810.823GBP 80.75
3.700.663GBP 40.00
4.880.814GBP 89.00
3.880.834GBP 99.00
4.840.814GBP 89.00
4.160.914GBP 99.99
4.910.774GBP 99.00
4.120.732GBP 69.00
3.860.794GBP 105.00
3.720.710GBP 35.00
3.410.511GBP 26.95
2.610.61GBP 45.95
4.330.84GBP 79.35
4.300.794GBP 73.60
4.340.733GBP 88.00
2.650.552GBP 32.00
3.710.682GBP 45.00
3.760.783GBP 92.00
3.910.814GBP 95.00
4.950.572GBP 35.00
4.050.753GBP 64.00
4.730.763GBP 45.00
1.020.62GBP 62.00
4.630.783GBP 45.00
3.670.682GBP 40.00
3.750.734GBP 69.00
4.210.723GBP 60.00
3.390.854GBP 115.00
4.400.854GBP 89.00
4.370.915GBP 100.00
4.310.734GBP 76.00
4.460.84GBP 76.00
4.280.813GBP 76.00
4.620.723GBP 59.50
4.090.664GBP 67.85
3.370.653GBP 79.70
4.200.743GBP 65.00
4.190.915GBP 143.75
4.760.784GBP 76.00
4.270.815GBP 100.00
4.330.734GBP 76.00
4.390.835GBP 100.00
4.620.794GBP 76.00
4.280.824GBP 76.00
4.290.84GBP 76.00
4.410.845GBP 100.00
4.330.814GBP 76.00
4.360.772GBP 77.00
4.400.714GBP 82.25
4.660.70GBP 75.00
4.330.730GBP 49.00
4.330.724GBP 70.50
3.500.853GBP 82.00
3.970.793GBP 72.00
4.530.834GBP 117.50
4.720.783GBP 81.00
4.430.814GBP 102.35
4.150.754GBP 79.35
4.690.734GBP 102.35
4.730.853GBP 75.00
3.950.680GBP 15.00
4.790.763GBP 72.00
4.580.683GBP 65.00
4.230.834GBP 55.00
4.210.633GBP 55.55
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