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London Entertainment

London is a city that is brimming with tourist charms and fascinations within its premises. It is impossible for a traveller to check out all these attractions at one go. An utter contentment is guaranteed to travellers on their excursion in this charming city. From the sprawling spread of historic theatres, vintage museums and royal treats to the ethnic contrast of contemporary music setting and cinemas in London, travellers will find every reason to stay riveted to the place. Let’s have a look at some of these tourists’ spots in detail:
London city is packed with museums, which provide an illuminating insight into the most interesting and vivid aspects of the human civilisation. British Museum, National Maritime Museum, Victoria Albert Museum, Museum of London, Design Museum London and Cartoon museum in London are some of the museums that presents something unique and awe inspiring to the travellers. An entire day or a two is needed to traverse the lanes of these famous places.

Galleries of London are a heaven for art and cultural lovers. From the works of international seasoned artists to the local ones, there are a multitude of options lying to be explored by the travellers. Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Photographers Gallery and many more are some of the places worth mentioning.

Theatres of London allure veteran artists, playwrights and provide a platform to pools of talent from all over the world. Genres covering all time classics, based on musicals, comedies, tragedies besides contemporary works, grace these places. Iconic ones are Victoria Palace Theatre, Criterion Theatre, and Playhouse Theatre among many more.

With more than 100 cinemas to its credit, visitors are guaranteed to have a field day with their kids in tow. A plethora of festivals, preview of shows, director presentations, IMAX’s special screenings, and fan based events among many others are also on the cards.

London is held in high regards when it comes to the music scene. Music legends like Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and many more, have climbed the ladders of success in capital city. Visitors to the city can grab their tickets and sway their way to a number of trendy musical events like live shows, rock star shows and DJ nights. 

If sports are your thing, London is the right destination for you. The list is endless. With a range of sporting activities like hockey, cricket, polo, rugby, wrestling, basketball, football, tennis, fans of any sport worldwide will have something or the other to savour in. Enthusiasts can also try their hands at adventurous activities like rowing, cycling, and others. Sports venues in London are class apart like Twickenham Stadium, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Wimbledon.