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Parks and Gardens in London

Parks and Gardens in London

A gush of serenity will seize you once you put your foot in the green sprawling parks of London. Exquisite flora and flora, plants in their full bloom, wild trees gazing the sky, gurgling brooks are some of the sights that will greet you at these parks. A rare view of beatific birds tweaking in the air can also be relished at these parks. Taking you closer to the nature, these green expanses of land are wrapped in the most picturesque locations of capital city. Have a look at some of the lavish parks and gardens of London:
The Regent’s Park
Dated back to the year 1811, this ancient royal park was built by architect John Nash. Open air theatre, sport grounds, lake, beautiful rose garden, waterfowl, boating area can be savoured at the place by one and all.  Kids can make merry in the playground, in this park. Regents Park is a walker’s paradise with 166 hectares of land under cover.

Hyde Park
This 142 hectares of expanse is enclosed with lavish Diana Memorial Fountain, Serpentine Lido, Ratten Row and a magical sight of Weeping Beech which is an upside down tree. A gift from King James to London city, Hyde Park is one of the largest gardens in England.  Your off springs can also enjoy the view of beautiful ducks swimming in the pristine waters or a ride on the horses. This park will also be etched in your mind for hosting an array of popular rock concerts for music fans around the globe.

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens was a part of Hyde Park before. William IV detached this garden from Hyde Park to make it a ground for Kensington Palace. A round pond and a sunken garden can be viewed by the travellers. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground provides the kids with lot of thrilling and fun times.

Primrose Hill
Get ready to bask on this 62 acre of hills in central London with greenery abound. A stroll at the north of Regents Park will take you to this spot. Take a good sweeping view of central London from this hill. 

Brompton Cemetery
Touted as one of the finest Victorian cemeteries in London, visitors will discover a lot of history tucked in this place, with over 35,000 monuments within its premises. Find this park in South West London, coming under the purview of The Royal Parks.

Chelsea Physic Garden
This is a botanic garden formed in the year 1673 by Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London. Created initially to study the role of plants for use in medicines, visitants to the park will find a soothing feel with the divine panorama around. Delight your senses to a sight of exclusive living museum in the place. 

St James Park
Overlooking the St James Palace, this park in Westminster provides a royal feel to its visitants.  Buckingham Palace can be traced on the western side while Horse Guards on the eastern one. St James Park Lake within the premises is covered with two islands namely Duck Island and West Island. Visitors can also regale in various fun activities at this place.

Bushy Park
Travellers can view many roaming deer at these parks in Teddington and Hampton. The park which is the second largest in London among the royal parks also has an artificial river flowing in it. Sports freaks will find this park a preferred location owing to the access of many sports facilities.

Richmond Park
This park covers an astounding 2500 acres of land, and is the largest royal park in London. The work of this got started by George I in the year 1657. An oak forest beautifies the whole place while Badgers, Fallow Deer, and foxes can also be sighted. White Lodge, constructed for George II and now home of Royal Ballet School is placed at the heart of the park. Isabella Plantation finds its share of fame for being a man made forest with panorama around.