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Tourist Information

You will find the solutions for all your queries regarding your travel to London with this guide. Visitors will also discover here all the right resources for cherishing a lifetime journey in enchanting London city. Be it about the transport facilities that you can use for reaching London in best possible time with least effort, or visa formalities and currency of London for a hassle free sojourn, you can always turn to this guide. Travellers can also save money by availing information on London Pass through which they can visit over 55 must visit tourist attractions in London. Finest modes of transportation inside the fabulous capital city like tube stations, trains and buses will take you to your ideal destination in a just a short span of time. While travel tips for London will make your sojourn a smooth one with no hitches whatsoever.

How to Reach London?

All those enthusiasts who yearn to trace the pathways of London can do that at ease, in best possible time and comfort. Airways, railways, euro stars, buses and ferry are some of the finest means of transportation which you avail for a fabulous sojourn in the capital city. Choose any mode of transport that best suits your discretion and convenience. Here is a comprehensive list of these transport facilities for reaching the vivacious London city:

Getting Around London

Offering some finest and well managed modes of transportation, it is a treat to travel around splendid London city. Visitors will find the capital to be a lot thrilling and exhilarating with a range of transportation facilities at their disposal. Travellers on their first visit to London can look at this guide to help them through their vacations. Here is a comprehensive list of these transport facilities for getting around London:

British Currency

The currency of London is Pound Sterling, popularly known as Pounds. Its symbol is £. Get your currency exchanged for Pounds if you are about to go for vacationing in the capital city. The denominations for Pound in coins are £1, £2, 1 Pence, 2 Pence, 5 Pence and 10 Pence. And those of notes are £5, £10, £20, £50.Scottish bank notes are also legal and being used in London. Amazing exchange rates can be collected from the various exchange outlets and agencies present throughout the city for the comfort of its visitors. Have a look at these following sources making your visit in London a pleasurable one:

London Pass

London is one place on the world map which is famous for its charm and sheer splendour, drawing visitors from all walks of life. Leisure as well as business visitors are invited in the city with open arms. This country offers all the wonderful reasons to keep coming over here. The cost you incur for your travel in London will be quite cheap owing to the presence of fabulous London Pass.

Travel Tips

A vibrant city like London has something in store for everyone who comes in touch with it. Attracting droves of people from all over the world, this capital city is one of its kinds. A little planning and hands on knowledge of the place will surely prove worthwhile and a lot more useful for your itinerary, making your visit a grand success. Listed here are those details regarding sightseeing, places to visit with your family, safety, hotels in London, tips to save those extra pennies, and a lot more. Let’s have a look at the following:

Visa Formalities

Travellers planning to visit a foreign destination need to comply with some formalities beforehand.Once you are done with these formalities, you can conveniently chart the rest of your journey. A visit to London city will also require the compliance of these visa formalities. You need to pay a visit to a UK Embassy in your own country or visa application centre to get your visa permission. Here is a look at all the significant documents and papers that you need to file to approve your UK visa for a lavish visit in beautiful London city: