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Getting Around London

Getting Around London

Offering some finest and well managed modes of transportation, it is a treat to travel around splendid London city. Visitors will find the capital to be a lot thrilling and exhilarating with a range of transportation facilities at their disposal.  Travellers on their first visit to London can look at this guide to help them through their vacations. Here is a comprehensive list of these transport facilities for getting around London:

Bus Network

With an astounding number of over 17000 bus stops present all over London, buses are one of the most sought after means of transport in London. Running 24 hours a day, they have a slight edge over the tube stations as you can board them even after midnight. But make it a point to notify the driver when you want to board or step down from the bus through ringing its bell, as they stop only on request. All the visitors including the disabled ones and old people can easily embark on their journey on most of these low floor buses of London. You can even carry your pets in these vehicles conveniently. There are flat charges on ticket with further discounts available through oyster cards, bus passes, or prepaid cards. Like tubes, concessions can be availed by children less than 16 years of age, students, aged people and disabled folks.
Tube Stations
The fastest and most economical way to roam around London is through its prestigious tube stations. Also known as the tubes or London underground, they are the most comfortable means of transportation if you don’t mind walking a bit. One of the oldest and most well organised medium, travellers will find them an absolute pleasure for travelling around London. These run every day from 5.30 am throughout the day till midnight from Monday to Saturday, and from 7am in the morning till 11.30 pm on Sunday. Rates are charged based on the zones travelled. Free maps of London underground are available on these tubes with the aid of which you can chart the rest of your journey in London. Children, students, senior citizens and individual suffering from disability can take the benefit of various discounts. 

Local trains can also be used ideally by explorers to roam around the city. Expanding beyond the underground tube stations, they are well connected to the entire London. Using travel and oyster cards is more economical than purchasing tickets on cash. Various cuts and offers are made to individuals travelling on these trains like other mediums of transportations. If you are travelling from Greater London to the city centre, the finest trains to board are First Capital Connect, South Eastern Railway, Silverlink among many more.

Other Medium
Various vehicles can be hired for a lavish visit inside the city like the suave black cabs. They can be accessed anywhere in the streets and can also be located in vicinity to railway stations, buses and tube stations. You can take a ride up to an hour or covering a distance of 12 miles in these classic cabs. You can also reserve these taxis through phone. Travellers can also make the use of smart eco friendly bikes available from various private companies to traverse the roads of London. With the commencement of additional cycle lanes, visitors to the city will discover an easy way of roving in the city and stay fit at the same time. Trams are great public transport for frugal travellers and can be accessed in south London. Services of wonderful riverboats on River Thames can also be taken for a traffic hassle free ride.