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London Pass

London Pass

London is one place on the world map which is famous for its charm and sheer splendour, drawing visitors from all walks of life. Leisure as well as business visitors are invited in the city with open arms. This country offers all the wonderful reasons to keep coming over here. The cost you incur for your travel in London will be quite cheap owing to the presence of fabulous London Pass.

London Pass is like a prepaid card with a chip of computer inside, which will put your travelling blues at rest. Managing your budgetary constraints while traversing the capital city can be done most conveniently and economically with the aid of this pass. Getting around London will be a lot easier if you hire this pass through which you can avail discounted rates on entrance fees to an astonishing 55 splendid attractions of London city and much more. Listed here are some more benefits and mechanisms for owning these London pass:

Mechanism of London Pass    
London Pass is a complete package in itself. Working like a smart card, travellers can do without carrying cash on their tour of the attractions, which this pass covers. They will even save a lot of time by not standing in long queues waiting for their turn and spending money on tickets. Visitors just need to show this at the time of entry to the requisite authorities to gain entry. The pass will record the details of your visits and its subsequent validity.

For How Long the Pass will Work?
The validity of the pass will depend on you. You need to mention the number of days while purchasing this pass. Upon the calculation of calendar days, a validity of this pass can be known. This will not depend on the time when you purchased this card. It will activate right at the time of your first visit to any of the London attractions, covered under the pass.

Visit London Attractions for Free
You can go on a lavish sightseeing tour to a number of attractions in London covered under the pass. Some of these attractions are Tate Britain, London Canal Museum, London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kensington Palace, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare‘s Gold Museum, Windsor Castle, Kew Gardens, Tower of London,  among many more.

Avoid the Queues
Various exchange agencies will offer the finest deals and exchange rates for travelling around the ravishing capital city to visit its charms. Some of best ones in the business are Thomas Cook and American Express.

Other Benefits 
A 120 page guide book in seven varied languages providing comprehensive information of London can also be accessed along with this pass making your sojourn a memorable one. Also you can add a travel card along with your pass to ride tube stations, London trams and public buses around London and hence save a lot of your valuable time. Travellers can also avail various offers and discounts on the restaurants, cinemas and shopping centres with the help of London Pass.

Helpline Numbers 
In case you are facing any  concern regarding the use, validity or anything related to the pass, you can contact the helpline number within UK which is 0870 242 9988, and any place, other than UK is +44 (0) 1664 485 020.