London Travel Guide

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

A vibrant city like London has something in store for everyone who comes in touch with it. Attracting droves of people from all over the world, this capital city is one of its kinds. A little planning and hands on knowledge of the place will surely prove worthwhile and a lot more useful for your itinerary, making your visit a grand success. Listed here are those details regarding sightseeing, places to visit with your family, safety, hotels in London, tips to save those extra pennies, and a lot more. Let’s have a look at the following:

Tips for Sightseeing in London
With a range of museums, galleries, theatres, castles, for sightseeing and trendy restaurants, pubs and bars for eating and boozing out, travellers are definitely spoilt for choice. Here is a look at the few:

• London city has a lot to offer for your kids. Your children will gather knowledge while playing around. Some of these must visit attractions are London Zoo, The Science Museum, Paddington Bear, The London Aquarium,  among many more.
• Oxford Street and Regent Street in London is a shopper’s paradise with top of the brands adorning its corners. Travellers can grab some finest deals on their spree. But be careful of the pickpockets especially on Oxford Street.
• Besides these, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Hyde Park, and Regent Park among many more are some tourist spots, explorers to the city can savour.
• London has a great party and night club scene. With venues for party in every corner, travellers will find something or other to indulge in.
• Somerset House in London offers entertainment to all the age groups of people alike throughout the year, in form of wonderful open air concerts in summer and stunning ice rinks in winter.
• Make a point to visit London Dungeon, a unique tourist attraction in London which uses many special effects, and thrills.
• Comedy clubs in London will make you roll with laughter with downright hilarious acts of seasoned actors in milieu of swankiest clubs of London.

Safety tips in London
London is quite a travel friendly city and is quite safe in comparison to other countries. But it is always better to chart your sojourn and take caution in a foreign country. Some safety tips are:

• Avoid late night out while you are all alone. Always take proper lit main roads.
• Always keep a check on your bags and luggage while on your way to sightseeing or eating out in restaurants
• Never accept food items or drink from a stranger
• Behaving like a tourist will make you more vulnerable to thieves. Be like the locals around. 
• Hire legal black cabs for your travel in London
• Mini cabs are illegal, un booked and not safe for moving around the city
• Details regarding marshalled taxi ranks and pick up points are provided by London transport for picking taxis securely by travellers even late at nights.
• Visitors need to take proper precautions while taking out money from ATMs in London
• You can handily and safely drink the clean tap water of London and there is absolutely no need to buy bottled waters.
• Always carry waste bags or bum bags for your requisites
• Headphones can be done away with especially when travelling alone
• Avoid carrying too much cash 
• In case your mobile gets stolen or missing, inform the service provider or the cops as soon as possible

Weather of London
London weather can be unpredictable at times. A shade and an umbrella or a raincoat is all you need while packing your travel bag in London. But even if there is a slight change in program, travellers are deluged with so many thrills both indoors and outdoors that not even a fleeting moment of dullness would be observed. Capital city observes a balmy weather in general. Visitors can plan their vacation any time of the year at ease. The maximum temperature in London can be around 30° C observed during the months of August.

In case there is any serious health problem or contingency of any kind, call the number 999 or 112 for medical ambulance, fire and police. These numbers are toll free. But make a point to call them only in case of emergency and not otherwise.
Travellers can save a lot of money while adhering to these aforementioned tips and enjoy lifetime memories with their trip.