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Visa Formalities

Visa Formalities

Travellers planning to visit a foreign destination need to comply with some formalities beforehand.Once you are done with these formalities, you can conveniently chart the rest of your journey. 

A visit to London city will also require the compliance of these visa formalities. You need to pay a visit to a UK Embassy in your own country or visa application centre to get your visa permission. Here is a look at all the significant documents and papers that you need to file to approve your UK visa for a lavish visit in beautiful London city:

Papers Required for UK Visa
You need to submit an original copy other than a Photostatted copy of the following documents. These papers need to be in English language otherwise a translation is required:
• A self owned property proof 
• If you are a student, a certificate of approval is needed from your educational institute
• In case you are in service or working somewhere, a leave certificate duly confirmed by the company is required
• In case you are self employed, a document stating your financial position and business operations is needed to be submitted

Biometric Data
You need to adhere to the formulation and subsequent deposition to UK embassy of following things:
• Digital full face passport size photograph with no hats (unless for cultural reasons) or shades
• Electronic fingerprints but at the given time, hands should not be smeared in henna or any cosmetic product
• Any wound or marks on the face or hands needs to be healed before this biometric procedure

Visa Requirements in Specific Countries
Countries like Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa follow a different route, and conditions that are to be catered with. You don’t need a visa if you are visiting UK from these particular destinations. However, the residents of these countries need to fulfil the following prerequisites:
• The citizens from these specific places are going to UK for the first time
• They are visiting UK for a vacation
• Their visit in UK is for a period covering less than six months
• Visitors financial conditions needs to be well 
• Travellers are required to make sure that they will not work in the capital city and will not utilise the public funds in any case

However, travellers from the countries of European Union like Romania, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Bulgaria needs to apply for the visa in case they are travelling to London for working concerns.

Extensions for Visa
Visa can get renewed for a period covering six months but in case of certain special circumstances like for special agricultural workers, teacher exchange programs and other exclusive cases, this can be extended up to two years.