London Travel Guide



Airports in London are frequently travelled by tourists as well as business travellers, with an aim to get along with the entertainment and a blooming business of the city. If you are among the travellers, following such a quest in the city, you can find out the most well serving airport with transportation links to the city, and get down in a London area that suits your expedition. A few airports are more famous than the rest, and they owe their popularity to some reason. Find them and look forward to a more decided trip in the city. 

London Gatwick Airport
While booking a flight to London, Gatwick Airport is going to come as a straight choice with its immense popularity among the travellers. It can be spotted on a distance of 48Km from the south of London. This airport has a beatific interior designed with the state of art facilities serving the tourists. Besides, this airport shall be very convenient for the tourists with its luggage facilities, shops, and bureaux de change. If you have to travel within the airport, you can reach from North terminal to the South Terminal within 3 minutes.

London City Airport
London City Airport will bring you on a distance of 9.5km from east central London. A short distance from Canary Wharf, it is very conveniently for a frequent shuttle form New York to Europe. Located close to central part of London, this airport can be easily reached. Your wait over here shall be supported by a lot of facilities like luggage facilities, food outlets, beverage outlets, and a few other support shops. It is very convenient for the travellers to get down over here, and reach out the heart of the city. 

London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport is located on a distance of 32km from the western Central London. With some brilliant transport links available with it to connect you to the city, it is a great support for the tourists. If you are out with a business purpose, then you have a great chance of booking with its flight, as it is among the top important business airports of the world, frequented by about 65.7 million people every year. Visitors will get all the tourist information at the information desk of its terminals, along a lot of facilities to support their short stay at the airport. Besides, this airport has 5 terminals, which gives a fair idea of its expanse. 

London Stansted Airport
At London Stansted Airport shall take you around the globe, being an international flight.  It covers about 100 destinations from all around the world, and is among the third busiest airports of United Kingdom, counted after Gatwick and Heathrow Airport. Find all the facilities of an international airport like luggage facilities, bureaux de change, internet access, besides, visitors will get 60 shops, cafes, restaurants and lounges to spend your time at. Visitors will find enough transportation links connecting to the city.