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Upcoming Events

London observes many events, and a few of them are celebrated annually. These events involve all Londoners and tourists in the city, driving the madness on street parades, cultural celebrations, fairs, fashion shows and baby shows. London has every flavour in its celebrations, touching upon every segment of society. With so many celebrations, there are events which make various individuals feel special. There is baby show, fashion show, London Asia Expo and Chinese New Year celebration. Find more about these events, to plan a vacation in London, at a time when you can also be a part of these events. There are events in every month. Find out which event beckons you the most.

January to March

London is the greatest city in the world for hosting a wide range of theatres, sports, events, concerts, business and other special interest events. The capital city is always flourishing with volley of events taking place throughout the year thus attracting thousands of tourists from all across the globe. Therefore, if you are planning to visit to London at any time of the year, you will surely get to witness an amazing range of events.

April to June

April is the time of the year when the temperatures in London start getting warmer; however there is often a risk of heavy showers. Moreover, this is again a good time to enjoy the best of London events and it also attracts a large number of tourists from all around the globe. This is the time when some of the most enjoyable events are being held and thus, if you are travelling for a holiday purpose you can shop around and of course witness some unique and vibrant events.

July to September

London is a leading global city with diverse range of cultures, religions and people thus celebrating each and every event with great pomp and show all throughout the year. The city has been a major settlement for two millennia now featuring a temperate marine climate and rarely sees extreme high or low temperatures. During the month of July to September, the temperature is moderate and you can hope to wear shorts, however do get prepared for heavy rain showers at any time of the day.

October to December

This is the best time to travel to London not from the weather point of view, but because of wide range of events to take place from October till December as the time of celebrations is on for Christmas and New Year too. London is quiet a fascinating city with volley of events taking place and people enjoy with great music and fun. During this time, probably the time to wear shorts is over by then as chill is about to start.