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January to March

January to March

London is the greatest city in the world for hosting a wide range of theatres, sports, events, concerts, business and other special interest events. The capital city is always flourishing with volley of events taking place throughout the year thus attracting thousands of tourists from all across the globe. Therefore, if you are planning to visit to London at any time of the year, you will surely get to witness an amazing range of events.

Travelling to London during the beginning of the year that is from January to March diverts your attention to some of the breathtaking proceedings. 

This is the best time to come to this amazing destination as you get to witness some great events which are held at variety of different locations. At the start of every year a New Year’s Parade takes place which is a charity event. Moreover, if you are coming to London during this part of the year, you can witness several events that are hosted from business as well as from leisure point of view. Some of these are:
•    London Asia Expo
•    National Wedding show
•    Chinese New Year
•    London Fashion Week
•    Move It London
•    St. Patricks Day

Each of these events held in London reveal their own motive and culture that can be looked at by exploring the events. So, whether you are coming here from business or from a holiday aspect, these are some of the proceedings you must enjoy. Some of these also include special activities for kids if travelling with your family. 

Shopping Near Piccadilly Circus:
The capital city is quiet a famous shopping destination ablaze with plenty of advertisements, noise and of course shops to shop around. Piccadilly Circus, Kensington Olympia, Canary Wharf are some of the amazing areas to shop around in the city of London. Piccadilly Circus is a famous public space in London’s West End and is particularly known for its neon signs and a great shopping hub.  
•    Godiva
Here you will find Belgian chocolates at its best and is a heaven for chocolate lovers as you will get the Belgium’s finest export. In London alone there are eight Godiva branches now. 
•    Jermyn Street
Visit this store to get the best of gentleman’s outfits, specifically shirts. Those who are quiet choosy can get their dress shirts tailor made. Moreover, the street is known for its old fashioned shops as well.